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We are looking for passionate writers to contribute to House of Kingdoms. Currently, we are looking for:

  • Guides
  • Introduction to [Topic] Posts
  • Questions & Response Posts
  • How-to & Instructional Posts
  • Curated Posts & Resources Pages
  • Other Formats as approved

If you are interested, please read the contributor guidelines below. Then send an email to support@houseofkingdoms.com

Contributor Guidelines

Our contributor guidelines is split in two different categories: unpaid & paid.

Option 1: Write for Us (Paid)

For writers that are not promoting products or business, we offer a $25 bounty for accepted blog posts. We have a limited number of slots for ongoing writers that we pay on monthly basis and usually are reserved for those that we have worked in the past.

Option 2: Write for Us (Unpaid)

If you are looking to write a guest post for us, and don’t want to be paid. But instead, you want to include links to something you are promoting. We have a very high quality standards for these type of work.

This generally applies to all writers that:

  • owns / works for a company and are blogging to promote it.
  • runs a blog that sells games, services, products, or any revenue than banner ads.
  • works with a marketing agency and are promoting a client.

To be clear, the quality of writing should be better than the stuff we normally produce for our readers. Your biases and conflicts of interest needs to be disclosed as well.

What makes a Great Post on House of Kingdoms

Please read guidelines on quality guest posting to get an idea of what makes a great post. In general, we would want to see the following from guest posts:

  • 2,000 to 3,000 words or longer.
  • Make it educational, don’t pitch your product.
  • Make it practical and applicable — relevant for our readers and include a lot of useful tips.
  • Show, don’t tell — Include custom images that haven’t been used anywhere else.
  • Write clearly.
  • Prove it (use cited and helpful resources, including House of Kingdoms)
  • Relevant to your expertise.

Ready to Write for Us?

If you think you got the game for this, send us an email message with subject titled “Writer Application” to support@houseofkingdoms.com. Once we review your application and determine you are a good fit, we will respond to you.

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