Tier 6 Buildings and Troops Leaked, Coming to Rise of Kingdoms

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Last year, Lilith Games said they would release Tier 6 troops and buildings because they think it’s way too easy for the players to obtain Tier 5 troops. Though, it turns out they weren’t serious about it, and some players took their statement seriously.

Lilith Games appears to be working on something new this time, which leads to potential Tier 6 buildings and troops coming to Rise of Kingdoms soon than anticipated. A beta tester on the test server captured a screenshot of a player’s headquarters, which appears to be a City Hall at Level 30.

Rise of Kingdoms Tier 6

Currently, how long it will take to upgrade your City Hall to level 30 and how much resources you will have to spend is unknown.

However, suppose Lilith Games were to roll out City Hall level 30 with the possibility of Tier 6 troops as the final form. In that case, they will have to do some re-balance specifically with time to train the troops, researching technology, and upgrading the buildings.

A few days ago, a leaked video of Mulan as possibly the new epic commander was spotted and appeared to be exclusive to the Chinese version of Rise of Kingdoms. However, we do not know if the Headquarters will be exclusive to the Chinese version of the game or become available to the global version.

Lilith Games seems to be ramping up its efforts to introduce a series of new commanders, buildings, and events. Unfortunately, there are no new civilizations on the horizon, but we have a wishlist of what we hope for Lilith Games to include in the next game update.

New Age, New Tier 6 Troops are Coming

Indeed, a beta tester spotted a new Tier 6 troop on a test server. For some reason, it is currently using France‘s unique unit as a placeholder at this moment. As you can see, the Tier 6 troops will feature a red background that differentiates from Tier 5 troops, perhaps to indicate the Ascendant quality. 

Rise of Kingdoms Tier 6 Troops

The official name for the new age still has to be announced yet. But in the direction that Lilith Games is taking Rise of Kingdoms, we are guessing the next era will be the Imperial Age based on the simplicity and age pattern they took.

So, what does that mean for Tier 6 buildings, technologies, and troops? For starters, we think Lilith Games might plan to introduce gunpowder technology so that we can train forces with rifles and some new armor that protects against incoming arrows, and bullets.

As of right now, Lilith Games hasn’t confirmed the release date for Tier 6 troops, upgrades, and technologies. However, the beta tester captured the images on the Rise of Kingdoms test version with placeholder images and stats. 

What do you think of Tier 6 troops, Level 30 city hall, and upgrades as potential content to Rise of Kingdoms? Are you excited about Tier 6 that will have a chance to be added to the game, or do you prefer to keep things as they are? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

Tier 6 Buildings and Troops Leaked, Coming to Rise of Kingdoms
Tier 6 Buildings and Troops Leaked, Coming to Rise of Kingdoms
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