New Rise of Kingdoms Civilization: The Vikings

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A new civilization is coming soon to Rise of Kingdoms. For a while, Rise of Kingdoms have stuck to 11 civilizations which consisted of Rome, France, Japan, Korea, Byzantium, Spain, Ottoman, China, Arabia, Germany, and Britain.

Now that a new Rise of Kingdoms civilization called The Vikings is coming. This creates a new opportunity for the Governors who wants to make the switch to this all new and powerful infantry-based civilization.

Rise of Kingdoms The Vikings Civilizaiton
Rise of Kingdoms The Vikings

The Vikings Civilization

Bjorn Ironside Rise of Kingdoms The Vikings

Meet Bjorn Ironside, he is the starting commander for The Vikings. He is one of the most powerful epic commanders who specializes in rallying infantry troops to the victory. Whenever you need a solid commander that can take control of the battle, Bjorn Ironside makes the perfect pick thanks to his amazing skills that deals damage against multiple targets. He works extremely well with commanders like Sun Tzu and Guan Yu.

The Vikings Perks

Below is a list of perks that The Vikings civilization comes with:

Infantry Attack +5%

The first perk is awesome for any governors who wants to play an infantry-based civilization and plans to stick to commanders that excels at commanding infantry troops. If you are that type of governor, then The Vikings makes a great pick thanks to special units and main attack debuff. Which makes this civilization the perfect attacker.

Counterattack Damage +3%

The Vikings embodies war and destruction. All the troops deals 3% more counterattack damage which makes this civilization an ideal pick for PvP battles. Counterattack is a very Player vs Player focused because it is one of the highest amount of damage that any opposing armies can take during the combat. Majority of legendary commanders has it.

Troop Load +10%

Troop Load is usually used to help carry more resources from the defeated governors and to mainly gather resources on the map. If you want to play as The Vikings for the previous perks, the additional Troop Load is a very nice perk to have because you will always need to be able to farm more in order to support yourself and alliances during the wars. In Rise of Kingdoms, there are plenty of great gathering commanders that have the talents specialized for farming.

The Vikings’ Commanders

Interested in changing your civilization to The Vikings? You can learn more about The Vikings commanders and skills that they bring to the table! Click on each commander to learn more about them!

The Vikings’ Special Units

And finally, The Vikings have special units for both Tier 4 and Tier 5. They are called Berserker and Elite Berserker. These special units are among the hardest hitter infantry-based troops in Rise of Kingdoms. Scroll below to learn more about them:

T4 Unit

The Vikings Berserker Rise of Kingdoms

T5 Unit

The Vikings Elite Berserker Rise of Kingdoms

Conclusion of The Vikings

We are very excited that Lilith Games is introducing a new civilization to Rise of Kingdoms. The introduction of a brand new civilization to the game will mark as one of the biggest update in the history.

The Vikings is already looking to be a very strong civilization for any governors who wants to play offensively. It has the potential to change the way meta is played, seriously. And finally, we shared a cinematic trailer of The Vikings that are coming to Rise of Kingdoms!

New Rise of Kingdoms Civilization: The Vikings
New Rise of Kingdoms Civilization: The Vikings

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