Mulan Leaked, New Epic Commander Coming to Rise of Kingdoms

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A short clip of the new commander appears to be similar to the legendary Chinese female warrior named Mulan. The pin depicts a female warrior that swings her sword as she performs some combat movement before lunging the blade forward and sheathing behind her back.

According to some insider rumors, it is believed this commander has an epic rarity attached to it. The commander specializes in infantry with a combination of either garrison/versatility and defense/skill.

Some players believed that Mulan got added simultaneously when Attila and Takeda came to Rise of Kingdoms. But Mulan was held off for some unknown reasons, perhaps to create her as an exclusive commander.

That being said, the possibility of Mulan being the next epic commander is enough to get a lot of us excited. All legendary commanders are historical figures, rulers, emperors, and even high-ranked generals. It’s unlikely Mulan will be ranked as a legendary commander because she is a simple and average soldier. She is also based on Chinese folklore, which is an action drama movie.

From what we know, Mulan seems to be exclusive to players playing the Chinese Version of Rise of Kingdoms — in fact, it’s an independent player base apart from the global version of Rise of Kingdoms that is not connected at all.

The Chinese version of Rise of Kingdoms is heavily catered to the Chinese players. It includes several game changes such as the absence of the Ottoman Empire due to political reasons, different Wheel of Fortune and magic cycles. Plus, they have more bundles and Cao Cao in VIP bundles.

Currently, the Chinese Version of Rise of Kingdoms is in beta and is due to launch on September 23rd. So it’s hard to tell if Mulan will be exclusive to the Chinese version of Rise of Kingdoms or become available to the global version.

What do you think of Mulan as possibly the next epic commander? Are you excited and hoping that Rise of Kingdoms will include it in the global version? Let us know what you think of the recently leaked information about this epic commander in the comment section below.

Mulan Leaked, New Epic Commander Coming to Rise of Kingdoms
Mulan Leaked, New Epic Commander Coming to Rise of Kingdoms
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    Allaboutfootball23 August 5, 2020 at 9:56 pm

    Only to China servers. You have it covered in the article but, I am pretty disappointed.

    • Sadly, but I am hoping that in the future Mulan will be introduced to the global version of Rise of Kingdoms in the future. We will see.

  2. Really hope she’s only on Chinese servers or just be an elite. The thought of Mulan being a legendary is just not really bad. I don’t care about her as long as she’s out of the way. She can not exist for all I care.

    • Personally, I would prefer to have new round of epic commanders than legendary or elite commanders. Mulan is highly likely to be exclusive to the Chinese servers but knowing Lilith Games, anything can change.

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