ROK Patch Notes 1.0.48: March of the Ages

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Welcome Governors, Lilith Games will be updating Rise of Kingdoms to the latest patch 1.0.48: March of the Ages at 00:00:00 UTC 07/06/2021. Before the game update, you can download date in advance to earn rewards.

We apologize for any inconvenience that you may experience during the game update and will be rewarding all Governors with a compensation reward once the Rise of Kingdoms servers goes live.

ROK March of the Ages

“The Lost Kingdom: March of the Ages”

Important Note: This will go live within 2 weeks after the update.

In age of conflict and war against the barbarians and civilizations. Governors will now fight to recover the ancestor’s legacy from the barbarians. But do know that wisdom, deception and trickery comes with advanced civilizations. Therefore, Governors must exercise with utmost caution in all afiars.

We only can hope on the Ancient Pagodas now and the coming dawn. The question is: when that moment comes, will we all meet the morning sun or arrows at dawn. Only the time will tell us.

Kingdoms that participates in the Season of Conquest will now have the opportunity to experience a brand new story: March of the Ages. Governors will no longer be able to move wherever they want to in this new mode. Instead, they must trek to victory by strategically planning their base and expand their sphere of influence as well as building an army to seize the momentum!

  1. Super Large Maps: March of the Ages are twice the size of story maps!
  2. Ancient Pagodas: Governors can’t their cities and must establish a foundation stone around an Ancient Pagoda under their control to move cities.
  3. Forward Camps: Governors can establish forward camps to support important structures and heal troops as well as supplying reinforcements.
  4. Supply Radius: The supply radius is centered a governor’s city or forward camps and impacts your troops’ ability to deal damage.
  5. Derelict Passes: With abandoned passes scattered around the map, making it impossible to control or traverse. Governors must proactively plan to overcome challenges.

“Champions of Olympia” Improvements

Champions of Olympia was a very popular event with many Governors and we got a lot of great suggestions. We looked at the feedback and made the following improvements to Champion of Olympia in this update:

  1. Colors of the Governor’s troops have been modified.
  2. Governors now can tap to like & befriend other Governors from the results screen.
  3. Spawn Zones now have shorter recovery times vs. Replenishment Points.
  4. Governors now can tap and hold an empty space on the battlefield to command their troops to march over there.
  5. Governors now can tap on the map in the top right corner to issue orders.
  6. The power of damaging skills on the battlefield now changes to match the strength of casting troops.

Other Optimizations

And finally, the Rise of Kingdoms Patch 1.0.48 notes also introduce a number of optimizations. Check them out below:

  1. Certain ratio of troops that got killed during the Lost Kingdom event prior to Season of Conquest will be returned at the end of the vent.
  2. Alliance Log feature has been added to make it easy to check Alliance Events, members, battle information and more.
  3. VIP 18 is now official in the game with new exclusive buffs and VIP special bundles.
  4. Osiris League grand finals format has been modified: 4 teams that enters the finals with victory in the Semifinals will be decided by a single match by a best of three.
  5. Caps have been imposed on Governors’ ability to use Beginner’s Teleport to foster better player experience and ecosystem in the Kingdoms.
  6. Harald Sigurdsson‘s Stamford Bridge has been fixed (its combat strength remains same).
  7. Improved readability of Bastion Quest rules and description.
  8. King Skill: Exile is a new skill that forces a city with an active Peace Shield to teleport randomly. If they do not have Peace Shield, then they take 5% increased damage for 30 minutes.

We hope you find these changes and optimizations exciting. Let us know what you think of the latest ROK patch 1.0.48 notes in the comment section below. Happy ruling, Governors!

ROK Patch Notes 1.0.48: March of the Ages
ROK Patch Notes 1.0.48: March of the Ages

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