ROK Patch Notes 1.0.42: Happy Spring Festival

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Welcome back Governors, Lilith Games will be updating Rise of Kingdoms to Patch 1.0.42 on January 25, 2021. This update is called “Happy Spring Festival,” at 06:00 UTC.

During this this time, all the Rise of Kingdoms servers will be down temporarily to allow the latest game update to take effect.

As always, before the update you can download data in advance to earn quick rewards. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will send you a compensation reward once the update is complete.

Summarized Changes of ROK Patch Notes 1.0.42

Here’s a summarized changes of the latest Rise of Kingdoms patch notes 1.0.42 that all the governors should expect once it goes live on the servers:

Good Changes

  • Ark of Osiris no longer limits to top 20 alliances. Any alliance can partake in the event.
  • Number of teleports increased from 5 to 8 after capturing Obelisk for the first time.
  • Kingdom ranked in fourth place gets 15% gathering speed bonus instead of 5% during the Eve of the Crusade event.
  • More spring events and rewards that keeps on giving back to the players.
  • Secondary password has been added for Governors who wants to improve their account security.
  • Rate of wounded units to healed has been improved.
  • Private chat notification has been added.
  • Ton of optimization to improve gameplay experience.

Bad Changes

  • Alliances can no longer gain energy points after suffering heavy troops losses during Ark of Osiris event.
  • There’s a cooldown for donating gems during the Past Glory event.
  • 7-Day Limited Supply Wagon is no longer available.
Rise of Kingdoms Patch Notes 1.0.42 Happy Spring Festival

1. “Happy Spring Festival” Events

Important Note: The latest game update will go live on the Rise of Kingdoms servers approximately in three weeks after it takes effect.

The sound of firecrackers sends off a year gone past, while the gleam of lanterns welcomes the year to come. The Spring Festival is fast approaching, and you can feel it in the air! We have prepared some fantastic Spring Festival events, a limited-edition theme, and other great rewards!

  • Happy Year of the Ox: 7 days of questing for great rewards!
  • Lanterns of Togetherness: Decorate a Flower Lantern to celebrate the Spring Festival! Win great prizes like a limited-edition city theme and decorations!
  • Spring Festival Gifts: Collect Colored Papers to use in the “Lanterns of Togetherness” event.
  • Arms Training: Challenge an Armsmaster Lohar who gets stronger with each battle! How long can you last?
  • Strange Incidents: The village is on fire?!? As you help the villagers, you may find things are not as simple as they seem…

See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule.

2. “Ark of Osiris” Optimizations

To ensure the Rise of Kingdoms Governors can experience the battle of their dreams. We made several optimizations to bring the fun of Ark of Osiris to even more Governors across the kingdoms. Below is a list of changes:

  • Alliances that are not in top 20 in their kingdom now can partake in Ark of Osiris and is grouped with other alliances with similar power levels.
  • Increased the number of teleports earned from the first occupation of Obelisk from 5 to 8.
  • Removed the Divine Aid skill and adjusted the effects of other skills.
  • Adjusted the rules of occupying buildings. The first building will take 3 minutes and further occupation now take 2 minutes.
  • Adjusted the rules for gaining energy points. Alliances now no longer gain energy points boost after suffering heavy troop losses.
  • Optimized the Ark of Osiris map display.
  • Increased the rate at which severely wounded units are healed.
  • Reduced alliance score earned from caravan visits, but individual score will not be affected.
ROK 1.0.42 Ark of Osiris

3. “Lost Kingdom” Optimizations

Furthermore, the Lost of Kingdom events received much needed optimizations to improve the gameplay for a better and fluid performance:

All Seasons:

  • During the Eve of the Crusade event, the gathering speed bonus awarded to 4th place kingdom has been increased from 5% to 15%.
  • When a kingdom enters the Eve of the Crusade for Season 1, the Resource Reserves bundle will be replaced with Bumper Harvest bundle.
  • During the Stage 1 of the Past Glory event, there will be a cooldown for donating gems.

Season 2 only:

  • The Lost Kingdom preparation event will be divided into a Preparation Stage and a Matchmaking Stage.
  • During the matchmaking stage, Governors will be unable to immigrate to kingdoms.

Season of Conquest only:

  • Optimized the logic for refreshing Bastion quests.
  • Optimized the Bastion window display to include the Bastion’s level.
  • Lowered the power of Kahar the Hidden.
  • Reduced the upgrade time of Crystal Mine and Crystal Research Center and some technologies.
  • Whenever an alliance joins or leaves a coalition, any ongoing rallies launched by alliance members will be automatically cancelled.
ROK 1.0.42 Daily Special Commander Offer

4. Other Optimizations

Lastly, we made several other optimizations across the Rise of Kingdoms servers. These optimizations are mainly focused to improve gameplay experience. Below is a list of changes not mentioned above:

  • Added a Commander Choice function to the Daily Special offer page.
  • Adjusted the time at which certain commanders can become usable.
  • Optimized the battle log display to be easier to read the information.
  • Fixed an issue where Passport Pages could be still used to immigrate to a Nascent kingdom.
  • Optimized the alliance building construction window display to show individual credits earned.
  • Optimized the disband alliance function.
  • In the Ceroli Crisis event, General Keira will be replaced by a new General, Wafura for a while. Afterwards, the event will include both Keira and Wafura.
  • Added a secondary password function to settings.
  • Optimized troop march operations. Governors now can command troops’ movement at any level of view.
  • 7-Day Limited Supply Wagon are no longer available.
  • Optimized the operation experience of decorative buildings. Demolish has been replaced to Recycle.
  • Adjusted the immigration function. Kingdom can accept one immigrant per minute.
  • Added a private chat notification function.
  • Fixed power display errors that affected certain commanders after using skills.
  • Optimized Cyrus the Great‘s The Cyrus Cylinder skill.
  • Added Polish localization.

Thank you all for supporting Rise of Kingdoms. Let us know your thoughts on the recent RoK patch notes 1.0.42 by commenting in the comment section below.

ROK Patch Notes 1.0.42: Happy Spring Festival
ROK Patch Notes 1.0.42: Happy Spring Festival

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