ROK Patch Notes 1.0.41: Snowy Christmas

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Welcome back Governors, Lilith Games will be updating Rise of Kingdoms to Patch 1.0.41 on December 16, 2020. This update is called “Snowy Christmas,” at 06:00 UTC.

During this this time, all the Rise of Kingdoms servers will be down temporarily to allow the latest game update to take effect.

As always, before the update you can download data in advance to earn quick rewards. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will send you a compensation reward once the update is complete.

Summarized Changes of ROK Patch Notes 1.0.41

Here’s a summarized changes of the latest Rise of Kingdoms patch notes 1.0.41 that all the governors should expect once it goes live on the servers:

Good Changes

  1. Action Points (AP) have been increased from 1000 to 1500.
  2. Barbarians now drops equipment material.
  3. Heroic Anthem quest is now fixed.
  4. Introduced Simplified mode to lag less.
  5. Alliance now can have two-timer big motherlodes.
  6. Scouts now sit for 5 minutes after clearing the fog before returning to the base.
  7. Zenith of Power now includes an infantry skin.
  8. Structures (Fortress / Flag) now burn faster to make it easier to break into Zone 4 to capture structures.
  9. Up to two alliance skills can be used often thanks to reduced timer.

Bad Changes

  1. Eve of Crusade now last shorter.
  2. Marauders received a minor speedup boost.
  3. Barbarians now give healing speedups, which lowered the chance of universal speedups.
  4. Gap period between KvK events is reduced, therefore less time to recover.
  5. Generation 4 commanders isn’t locked behind timer and works as Generation 3 commanders.
  6. Governors can no longer purchase AP for gems before running out of potions.


  1. Various bug fixes across the game.
  2. MGE now have sixth stage.
  3. New holiday event for May.
  4. Timers for the first and second KvK events has been lowered to 49 days.

1. “Snowy Christmas” Events

Important Note: All Rise of Kingdoms servers will go live within 1 week after the update.

The distant jingle of reindeer bells and a coating of powdery snow mean Christmas is coming! Participate in Christmas events to get a limited-edition city theme and other great rewards!

  • Christmas Miracle: I found what looks like a Treasure Map fragment in my stocking. Could it be…?
  • Ice and Snow: 7 days of questing for great rewards!
  • Christmas Journey: Earn present points to unlock great rewards together with your allies!
  • Winter Story: Collect Icy Snowflakes to use in the “Christmas Journey” event.
  • Memories of the Journey: Exchange for a wide variety of prizes, including a new city theme!
  • Treasure Hunt: Collect Treasure Map fragments and hunt for treasure!
  • Race Against Time: Who can eliminate the most barbarians in a short period of time?
  • Zenith of Power: Gain power as much as you can to earn a place at the top!
  • Christmas Friendship: Channel your inner Santa Claus by giving Christmas gifts to your friends! See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule.
Rise of Kingdoms Christmas Journey

2. “Lost Kingdom” System Optimizations

In order to help newer Governors experience later-game content as soon as possible, we have quickened the pace of “Lost Kingdom” events.

At the same time, equipment-related rewards have been added to help Governors get equipment for their commanders faster.

  1. Adjusted the duration of the first two seasons of “Lost Kingdom” to 49 days each.
  2. Lowered the requirements of some “Crusader Achievements”, and added equipment-related rewards.
  3. Decreased the duration of each stage in “Eve of the Crusade” from three days to two days.
  4. Adjusted the reward drops of Kingdom Supply Chests and added more equipment-related rewards.
  5. Added equipment material rewards to the possible reward drops from defeating barbarians and marauders.

3. “Lost Kingdom: Season of Conquest” Optimizations

We continue to optimize the Season of Conquest in order to offer a richer experience for Governors who have already been through 3 seasons:

  • Added a new Story: “Strife of the Eight” which features Classic Season 2 map.
  • Optimized the Bastion Commander quest System.
  • Optimized the unlocking process for support skills in “Lost Kingdom: Heroic Anthem.”
  • Optimized map elements, adding caves and villages that can be explored by scouts.
  • Added cross-server view Bastion feature, allowing governors to view the status of Bastions in Lost Kingdoms.
  • Optimized screens to make it simpler, more intuitive and less lag.
  • Optimized some sound effects.
Rise of Kingdoms Patch Notes 1.0.41 Event

4. Alliance System Optimizations

Furthermore, we optimized the alliance system in Rise of Kingdoms to make it more streamlined and fluid than ever before:

  • Optimized the logic for extinguishing fires in Alliance Buildings.
  • Cooldown for extinguishing fires have been removed.
  • Optimized the logic for alliance building durability recovery.
  • Alliance buildings will now gain “Contending” status when the garrison is now in combat with an attacker.
  • Reduced the cooldown for two alliance skills.
  • Nature’s Gift cooldown reduced from 72 hours to 24 hours.
  • Fully Loaded cooldown reduced from 48 hours to 12 hours.
  • Increased the gold reserves of Alliance Mother Lodes.

5. Other Optimizations

And lastly, we made several optimizations across the game system:

  • Optimized the matchmaking rating calculation for Ark of Osiris to improve balance.
  • Optimized the “The Mightiest Governor” event by adding sixth (6th) stage.
  • Added an option to instruct the scouts to hold position after exploring a fog section.
  • Optimized the text of some commander talents to improve consistency across the game.
  • Optimized the action points system by increasing maximum capacity from 1,000 to 1,500.
  • Added categories to the decorations menu to make it easier for Governors to find the decorations they want.
  • Optimized the logic for sharing city layouts.
  • Added settings for commander voice acting.
  • Added Simplify Graphics Mode feature to reduce lag.

Thank you for supporting Rise of Kingdoms and let us know what you think of the latest 1.0.41 ROK Patch Notes by dropping a comment in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

ROK Patch Notes 1.0.41: Snowy Christmas
ROK Patch Notes 1.0.41: Snowy Christmas

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