ROK Patch Notes 1.0.37: Geared Up

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Welcome Governors, Lilith Games will be rolling out a new game update called “Geared Up.” It’s scheduled for release sometime between 8/10/2020 to 8/20/2020. The exact time will be announced at a later date.

Before the update arrives, you can pre-download the game update via events to get some swell rewards. Lilith Games apologizes in advance for any inconvenience that the game update might have caused and will be sending compensation rewards after the update is complete.

We have assembled the following changelogs for the upcoming ROK Patch Notes 1.0.37 “Geared Up.” So stay around with us to find out changes to the most beloved Rise of Kingdoms game.

1. Equipment System Optimizations

Lilith Games have received valuable feedback from the governors, which mainly focuses on how the equipment system is too complicated and the attribute bonuses are too small, and materials are too hard to get. As a result, Lilith Games optimized the Equipment System per the following changelog:

  • There will be four types of equipment materials now. After the update, all of your unused equipment will be taken away and compensate with material choice chest corresponding quality and quantity.
Rise of Kingdoms Material Production
  • Some of the equipment got their attributes improved to balance the system.
ROK Equipment Rebalance
  • Introduced a lot of new equipment to choose from.
ROK Equipment
ROK Tavern Chests
  • Added equipment material chests and blueprints to the VIP Shop.
  • Added a new super-value bundle called “Geared Up” and removed an old bundle, “The Hammer and Anvil.”

2. “Light and Darkness” Event Optimizations

The Light and Darkness event also received several optimizations:

  1. We optimized the teaming up screen to make it more intuitive.
  2. Added auto-translate feature in the kingdom announcements on the teaming up screen.
  3. The game system will record all of your kingdom’s victories and defeats within the Lost Kingdoms on the Kingdom Honor page after the event.

3. Other Optimizations

The ROK Patch Notes 1.0.37 also comes with several optimizations that focus on other areas in the game:

  1. We optimized the leaderboards in the Ceroli Crisis event. All generals have their ranking, and the game system will remove the old leaderboards data before the game update.
  2. We rebalanced the difficulty of generals for the Ceroli Crisis event.
  3. We fixed an issue that caused the poison effect by Tomyris‘ skill not to show.
  4. Whenever you pick “Max” while using the items, you will have to go through a confirmation box.
  5. Now you can pick to add the same materials as used last time while upgrading your commander’s star level.
  6. Commander talent “Trophy Hunter” now should take effect only when you defeat barbarians with action points.
  7. Defeating a Marauder Encampment during Stage 3 in the Eve of the Crusade now will grant a kingdom a fixed amount of Crusade Points, which no longer depends on the number of rallied troops.

Stay tuned for upcoming ROK Patch Notes on House of Kingdoms, the world biggest and best Rise of Kingdoms guides and tips on the Internet.

ROK Patch Notes 1.0.37: Geared Up
ROK Patch Notes 1.0.37: Geared Up
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