ROK Patch Notes 1.0.30: Sweet Valentine’s

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Rise of Kingdoms will update to the 1.0.30 version on 02/05/2020. The new content update is called “Sweet Valentine’s.” As always, you can download the data in advance to get rewards in exchange. We will send compensation via your inbox once the game update to the latest version.

1. New Valentine’s events: “Sweet Valentine’s”

(Will go live within 2 weeks after the update)

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and we’ve prepared plenty of exciting holiday events for you!

Some of the events are as follows:

  • Moments of Love: Unforgettable moments of love. Complete quests to earn abundant rewards!
  • Rising in Love: Get Love Letters by collecting resources in your city, gathering resources on the map, and defeating barbarians. You can use them in the “Vow of Roses” event.
  • Vow of Roses: Send Love Letters and level up Vow of Roses for the alliance. Get Teddy Bears, Roses, and so much more!
  • Gift Showers: Use Teddy Bears and Roses to exchange for gifts.
  • Race Against Time: Kill barbarians and prove your mettle!

Embrace moments of love with your fellow and sweetheart governors!

Moments of Love ROK

Get ready for an all-new event: “Gifts of Affection.” You get to send presents to other Governors!

Gift Showers ROK

2. Shadow Legion Invasion Improvements

Based on feedback, many Governors found the process of unlocking difficulty levels for the Shadow Legion Invasion a bit complex, in addition to being unable to view the Battle Log after the invasion. As a result, we made more improvements to the Shadow Legion Invasion event:

  1. Adjusted the difficulty levels and skills of the Shadow Legion and increased the strength of elite Shadow Legions.
  2. Alliance leaders and Governors can set the challenge difficulty for the alliance before the start of an invasion. Once an alliance completes the current difficulty level, a higher difficulty level will automatically unlock for the next event. Governors will no longer need to defeat Dark Fortresses to unlock difficulties.
  3. Removed individual rank rewards and rank rewards. Added alliance rank rewards and rank rewards.
  4. The points required for individuals and alliances to earn event rewards have adjusted.
  5. They shortened the time gap between waves of Shadow Legion Invasion. Governors will now be at a higher risk of being surrounded and attacked by Shadow Legion.
  6. After the invasion ends, alliance members can continue to view the Battle Log.

3. “Ceroli Assault” Improvements

Ceroli Assault ROK

Based on Governor feedback, the preparation time for this event was a tad long, and the difficulty of bosses did not correctly match their rewards. Therefore, we made the following improvements to “Ceroli Assault”:

  1. Increased the minimum Power requirement for the events with great difficulties.
  2. Further balanced the difficulty of Bosses and their rewards.
  3. The Preparing Time reduced by 30 seconds, now you don’t have to wait as long.

And that’s not all; bosses will possess brand new skill effects during the month of Sweet Valentine’s. Be on the outlook for these new skills during the Ceroli Crisis and Ceroli Assault!

4. Other optimizations

  1. All barbarians garrisoned inside Holy Sites, and the Lost Temple has become more robust.
  2. Governors can manually recycle some equipment directly inside the inventory.
  3. Rise of Kingdoms increased the maximum VIP level to 17.
  4. Added a notification for when Hospital Capacity is almost at full. Now Governors will have a better idea of the status of their Hospital Capacity and hopefully prevent troop deaths in advance.
  5. During the Ark of Osiris, troops will hold the position after a battle, and they will not automatically return to City.
  6. The game FAQ for Governors updated.

What do you think of Rise of Kingdoms Patch Notes 1.0.30? Let us know what you think of this recent game update by commenting in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

ROK Patch Notes 1.0.30: Sweet Valentine’s
ROK Patch Notes 1.0.30: Sweet Valentine’s
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