7 Ways to Get More Gold in Rise of Kingdoms: Guide for Beginners

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Gold is the second most valuable resource after gems in Rise of Kingdoms. It would help if you got more gold to research high-end tier units such as Tier 4 troops / Tier 5 troops, advanced technologies, and placing late-game alliance buildings.

As you progress, the cost to train, research, heal and upgrade becomes expensive. Because the gold mines scattered around the map, only give a small amount compared to food and wood when using your gathering commanders.

It can be pretty challenging to maintain a sustainable amount of gold to keep your city and alliance afloat. It is why I created an in-depth guide to teach you how to get more gold in Rise of Kingdoms, and these involve a few steps and tricks to keep your gold flowing.

How to Get More Gold in Rise of Kingdoms

Getting more gold in Rise of Kingdoms is pretty simple, and doing these involves pulling a few tricks, time, and dedication to get it going. If you are going to train T4 / T5 units, you definitely will want to have some gold on hand to keep the training going and researching high-end technologies that soar in millions and millions of gold.

But how do you get more gold in Rise of Kingdoms if the cost to train, research, and place alliance buildings is expensive in the late game? With these bits of neat tricks and dedication, you can easily pull it off. So without further ado, here’s how to:

  • Gather high level gold mines.
  • Speed harvesting in alliance territory.
  • Setting up mini farming accounts.
  • Killing barbarians.
  • Daily Quests
  • Doing Expedition Mode
  • and a few things.

Gather High Level Gold Mines

Rise of Kingdoms Alliance Gold Mine

First thing first, prioritize your gathering commanders to harvest high-level gold mines. Ideally, you will want to gather high-level gold mines that are at least six or higher for a better return on investment. In addition, they have a more extensive resource capacity, which means your commanders can gather more and bring in more.

Plus, if you specialize in “The More The Better” talent skills for your commanders such as Joan of Arc or Cleopatra VII, they will bring in 6% extra resources. That works with gold and other resources. Best of all, that bonus is multiplicative, which means you will get even more gold on top of it if you were to harvest higher gold mine fully.

Harvest in Alliance Territory for Speed

How to Get More Gold ROK

Suppose you are lucky to have quite a few high-level gold mines around you and in alliance territory. Ensure to gather them because your alliance gets a small percentage on top of it that goes directly to the alliance bank.

We all know how expensive researching alliance technology, flags, and eventually fortresses can become in the late game. So it is always a good idea to gather high-level gold mines. Plus, your gathering commanders get 25% increased speed when gathering in alliance territory.

Set up Mini Farming Accounts

KVK Tips Mini Farming Account

Another fantastic game trick that’s legal and intended by the game developers of Rise of Kingdoms is that you can create a few mini farming accounts of yours. Upgrade your farming accounts, City Hall, to level 11 and set up a trading post.

Then send your commanders to gather gold mines. Once you have enough gold, you can send it in a caravan to your main account. Though, this works when your farming account is in the same alliance as you are. Plus, trading posts do incur quite a hefty tax. The higher your farming accounts trading post is, the less tax you pay.

So, if you want to grow quickly and retain some of the resources, you can always level up your farming accounts. Some players decided to further upgrade their farming accounts to City Hall Level 17, which takes approximately one month to curb the cost.

It is also essential to have one or two mini farming accounts because you will need them for your first and second KVK seasons. In addition, these mini farming accounts will help you prepare in advance for the upcoming Lost Kingdom, which is a significant battle event. Learn more about the best KVK tips for new players.

Do Daily Quests

Doing daily quests is one of many ways you can do to get gold. They don’t give that much gold, but the chests above do. In addition to getting resource bonuses, you get unique items like silver keys, tokens, speedups, and even golden keys at the end of the progress bar.

Daily quests are an excellent game system that keeps you busy and helps you make progress in the game. I would highly recommend anyone to complete daily quests fully to maximize their gold flow and get epic rewards.

Performing daily quests is also an effective way to increase your power fast. In addition to that, some of the chests reward you with experience tome, which you can use to level up commanders.

Kill Barbarians

How to Get More Gold in Rise of Kingdoms

Did you also know that you can chain-farm barbarians for a chance to get some gold? If you have all of dispatched already filled out and looking for ways to get more gold. The likelihood is that you have some AP sitting around.

Use one of these best barbarian commanders like Aethelflaed, Cao Cao or Minamoto. If you don’t have any of these legendary commanders, Boudica, Belisarius and Lohar all are great at hunting down barbarians.

To chain-farm effectively without burning your AP too quickly, stack infantry and pair with AoE commanders like Baibars, for instance. Then, let the commanders’ active skill deal damage to pick up the barbarians along the path.

Do Expedition Mode

Rise of Kingdoms Campaign Expeditions

And lastly, do expedition mode too! You get goodies daily for completing the missions, and the rewards only grow more significant the more stages you meet. So that is something you also should look forward to doing more to progress faster and maintain a steady flow of gold.

Not only do you get resources, but Governors can use the Medal of Conquests to buy commander sculptures to upgrade your commanders further and acquire new skills to improve your combat effectiveness. Every week there’s a featured commander and if yours is on the list, make sure to buy since it is unlimited.

Always make sure you are doing Expedition Mode every day. You get a ton of rewards in one tap just for the completed stages. The more completed stages you have, the more rewards you get in a single tap!

Conclusion: How to Get More Gold in Rise of Kingdoms

Get More Gold Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Now you know how to get more gold in Rise of Kingdoms as a Free-to-Play player. These ways are pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it. Always make sure to send your gathering commanders to harvest gold since they are good at it and will get the job done quickly.

And a couple of things before you go back to the game, you also can get gold from the daily unique offer chest, located in the Gems Store. You also get goodies from your VIP chest. The higher level your VIP Status is, the more rewards you will get.

An excellent way to also extend your gold is only to spend on what you need if you have a pile of gold sitting in your quest tracker but don’t need to use them right away.

You can do that since it acts like storage by deterring raiders from plundering your city because you do not have them on your hands yet. Expect it is like an ATM, and you can readily get gold to research or train troops when you need to.

Did you find our guide on how to get more gold in Rise of Kingdoms valuable and informative? If you have any questions or have a suggestion to make, let us know in the comment section below.

Happy ruling, Governors!

7 Ways to Get More Gold in Rise of Kingdoms: Guide for Beginners
7 Ways to Get More Gold in Rise of Kingdoms: Guide for Beginners
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