Ultimate Shadow Legion Invasion Guide for Beginners

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Shadow Legion Invasion is one of the many events in Rise of Kingdoms that involves defending your city against invaders. In this event, numerous Dark Fortresses will spawn on the map which your alliance and you must defend against 25 waves.

To join the Shadow Legion Invasion event, your alliance members need to be at level 4 or above to start the event. Your alliance also needs to have at least 30 alliance members to join the Shadow Legion Invasion event. Doing this event also earns you both individual and alliance credits.

It is easily one of my favorite events to look forward to. Here’s some basic game rules you need to know about the Shadow Legion Invasion event.

Shadow Legion Invasion Event Rules

  1. Your alliance members must be at least level 4 or above.
  2. Your alliance needs to have at least 30 alliance members.
  3. Large number of Dark Fortresses will appear that send armies to attack the allies’ cities.
  4. Defend against 25 waves of attacks.
  5. Every 5th wave, an elite Shadow Legion army will be dispatched that can be killed for additional rewards.
  6. Governors that are eliminated once will no longer become a target for the Shadow Legion armies.
  7. If all alliance members are eliminated, the event will end.
  8. Using teleport during the event will count as 1 breach.
  9. If at least 15 alliance members survive all 15 waves, the next level of difficulty will unlock and is visible on the event panel the next time the event starts.
  10. Using the Peace Shield will not protect you from the mighty Shadow Legion armies.
  11. Each Shadow Legion armies have their own unique skill.
  12. During the event, all alliances have one chance to challenge the Shadow Legion armies. Make it count!

Shadow Legion Invasion Guide for Beginners

Shadow Legion Invasion Dark Fortress

In this part, I will explain how you can play this event effectively and to maximize your chance of winning the game so that you can get rewards. Doing the Shadow Legion Invasion will mainly involve  defending your allies cities and your city against the invaders.

So you will need commanders who are strong at defending the cities. But I will get to that point later in this guide for beginners. Here’s an overview of what we are going to talk about for the Shadow Legion Invasion event:

  1. How to Earn Points in Shadow Legion Invasion
  2. Which Commanders to Use for Shadow Legion Invasion
  3. Which Strategy to Use for Shadow Legion Invasion
  4. How to Reinforce in Shadow Legion Invasion
  5. Game Tips for Shadow Legion Invasion

How to Earn Points in Shadow Legion Invasion

Shadow Legion Invasion Fortress

To earn points, you must defeat a Shadow Legion Army. Killing them will get you both individual and alliance points, which is used to help the game determine your ranking for rewards. There’s a few ways you can do to get points.

  • Wait until your city is attacked by the army.
  • Attack the enemy army on the map.
  • Reinforce your allies who is under attack.

Which Commanders to Use for Shadow Legion Invasion

For defending your cities against the Shadow Legion armies, you will want to use commanders that are specialized in garrison. Commanders who excels in garrison will have no problem handling these armies in your city and allied cities as well.

For starters, here’s some of the best commanders for defending:

If you want to launch an attack on the enemy armies, you will want to use commanders that excel at speed and offense. The cavalry commanders are great at doing this job, so you definitely will want to stack at least some strong cavalry troops.

For starters, here’s some of the best commanders for attacking:

Which Strategy to Use in Shadow Legion Invasion

Shadow Legion Army

Depending on your alliance’s game strategy. There’s two ways you can do this for this event and that is either defending or attacking the armies. But most alliances opted to defend their cities because it is less painstaking compared to attacking.

If you attack enemy shadow armies, you are stealing their points and preventing them from getting the rewards. I recommend working on it with your alliance and developing a game plan.

How to Reinforce in Shadow Legion Invasion

Did you know that you can reinforce your allies during this event? Ideally, you will want to use commanders that can move around on the map quickly. Which means you will want to use cavalry commanders in this situation.

But, if you are a Britain player then you can take advantage of the 20% garrison capacity to increase the size of your troops when garrisoning in an allied city. Make sure you are positioned closely to be able to help your allies out.

Game Tips for Shadow Legion Invasion

Lastly, there are some great game tips that you need to know about for this event.

  • You get prizes only when both individual and alliance points reach the target level.
  • If you leave your alliance during the event, your individual point will reset to zero.
  • Governors are only allowed to dispatch one army to attack the Shadow Legion force.
  • Peace Shield is ineffective in this event.
  • You get rewards every time you defeat armies, like 100 gems, speedups, tokens and more.
  • Take advantage of Runes, Holy Sites and even War Frenzy which can be activated by scouting to increase your commanders’ combat effectiveness.
  • Use alliance skills i.e Unbridled Progress which increases Alliance members’ damage to neutral units by 30%.
  • Using teleport will count as defeat, therefore you will have to use another chance to defeat the Shadow Legion.
  • Take advantage of kingdom titles whenever possible for extra damage boost.
  • Utilize alliance titles to further increase your alliance members’ combat effectiveness.
  • If at least 15 alliance member survive the 25 waves, your alliance will unlock the next difficulty of the event.
  • Reinforcing your allied members will grant extra points.
  • It is only recommended that you reinforce after you lose your own 2 opportunities.
  • Use item buffs like Attack Enhanced or Defense Enhanced.
  • Stay in the city and defend with all of your troops garrisoned thanks to increased combat stats that your city grants.

Shadow Legion Invasion Rewards

Below are the Shadow Legion Invasion rewards. There are two forms of rewards which is sorted by Individual (Score) and Alliance (Credits). Each tier of rewards are based by certain amount of points and score that determines your alliance ranking.

There are 15 levels of individual rewards that each require a certain amount of points:

Level Individual Score Alliance Credits
1 263,000 1,005,000
2 369,000 1,508,000
3 517,000 2,262,000
4 724,000 3,393,000
5 1,014,000 5,090,000
6 1,420,000 7,635,000
7 1,988,000 11,453,000
8 2,784,000 17,180,000
9 3,898,000 25,770,000
10 5,458,000 38,655,000
11 7,642,000 57,983,000
12 10,699,000 86,975,000
13 14,979,000 130,463,000
14 20,971,000 195,695,000
15 29,360,000 293,543,000

Important Note: You only will get these rewards when both the individual and alliance score reach their target level.

You will be able to win the prize corresponding to the highest level you complete. Prizes will be sent instantly to your inbox after the Shadow Legion Invasion event is over.

Individual Rewards

Level Rewards

Alliance Rewards

Rank Rewards

Over to You!

Shadow Legion Invasion Guide

That’s all Governors! I hope you found my ultimate Shadow Legion Invasion guide for beginners helpful and informative. This guide should help you prepare in advance and crush your first event with relative ease.

If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. We will be more than happy to help you win battles during the Shadow Legion Invasion event.

Lastly, if you want to have a smooth and optimal gaming experience. I recommend you to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC. It’s faster, smoother and gives you more flexibility to play your favorite game. You also can read my top reasons why I recommend players to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

Until then, happy ruling Governors and stay tuned for more Rise of Kingdoms news and updates at House of Kingdoms!

Ultimate Shadow Legion Invasion Guide for Beginners
Ultimate Shadow Legion Invasion Guide for Beginners
  1. How do you know in advance which commanders the Shadow legion will attack with so that you can set up your defenders accordingly?

    • As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that you protect your city with the best garrison commanders. Since the Shadow Legion only attacks alliances and its alliance members who participate in the event randomly. Your alliance members can request for additional reinforcement which will let your fellow alliance members know that they need help. This will let you set up defenders in friendlies and your city accordingly to maximize damage done to the Shadow Legion armies.

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