Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid Before Getting Tier 5 Troops

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Welcome to House of Kingdoms. If you are planning to get your Tier 5 troops soon, then you need to read this guide. In this article, I am going to cover top 10 mistakes that every players are making before they get their Tier 5 troops.

The T5 troops are the end-game units in Rise of Kingdoms. They are not easy to get and are very time-consuming to train. Not to forget to mention that they do require a lot of resources to train. So, sit tight and learn what the top 10 mistakes that players are making so that you can avoid and get your T5 troops earlier.

1. Purchasing Arrows of Resistance with Gems

One of the biggest mistake that a lot of players are making is spending their gems on upgrading the Watchtower. I do not recommend this at all and don’t think about pressing purchase button because it’s not going to worth in the end.

When I was new to Rise of Kingdoms, I made a big mistake by pouring my gems into Arrows of Resistance. As of a result, it didn’t really help me out a lot and could have spend my gems on something more important like upgrading my VIP Status.

Instead, you can get Arrows of Resistance by doing events like Lohar Trial’s and Strategic Reserves. You also can farm them by killing barbarians and even from gathering the resources on the map.

2. Not Doing Daily Objectives

Another game mistake that can hinder your progression towards getting T5 troops is not doing daily objectives. This is actually very easy and simple to do. You will always want to complete daily objectives or quests as they normally do not take that much time.

Try to do this every day as you will be able to collect ton of resource tokens, chests, speedups, action points potions, golden keys and even magic boxes. These items are incredible useful and helpful that will help you get Tier 5 units fast!

3. Ignoring VIP Shop

A lot of people tend to forget or ignore their VIP shop. The truth is that there are freebie items in VIP shop. In fact, they are your best friend in Rise of Kingdoms because you will get freebie items everyday.

Make sure to buy free items in the VIP Shop using food, wood, stone and even gold. If you happen to have some Gems to spare then you definitely should buy some speedups. Also, you will want to get your hands on the teleport items as they do come in handy sometimes.

4. Not Using Free Action Points

Every time that your free action points are sitting in your inventory, your progression towards getting Tier 5 troops becomes harder and harder. So, remember if your objective is to get Tier 5 troops then you need to farm a lot.

Defeat barbarians as much as you can using our chain-farming method. Then replenish your action points with recoveries. Before you go to sleep, spend all of your action points.

You can get ton of speedups, resource tokens and other rewards by killing barbarians and participating any fort rallies. Never ever let your AP sit at full. Spend your action points before they max out.

5. Upgrading Buildings Wrong

One of the biggest blunder any players can make is upgrading their buildings the wrong way. What I mean is that players are not upgrading their buildings as efficiently as they are supposed to do. This results in them taking longer time and of course costs more resources.

In short, follow our building upgrade priority to start researching Tier 5 troops as fast and cheap as possible:

  1. Max out Gold Mine, Farm, Lumber Mill and Quarry to Level 25.
  2. Max out Stable, Archery Range, and Barracks to Level 25.
  3. Max out Siege Workshop and Scout Camp to Level 25.
  4. Max out Alliance Center and Trading Post to Level 25.
  5. Max out Castle and Tavern to Level 25.
  6. Max out Hospital and Walls to Level 25.
  7. Max out Storehouse to Level 25.
  8. Max out Watchtower to Level 25.
  9. Max out Academy to Level 25.
  10. Start researching Tier 5 troops in Academy.

Visit our easy method to unlock Tier 5 units to learn more. It will tell you more about how to upgrade your buildings in order to get Tier 5 troops quickly.

6. Researching Technologies Wrong

Researching technologies the wrong way is also another major mistake that any players can make which delays their progression on getting Tier 5 troops. As a rule of thumb, do not scatter your technology research too much.

If you spread out on various branches, you are wasting your time. My advise for you is to research economy tree first then focus on the unit that you will like to reach to Tier 5, preferable your civilization’s unique unit.

Also, when you upgrade your units to Tier 5 you will need to max out your war technology. Learn how to research technologies fast in Rise of Kingdoms.

7. Not Getting Runes on the Guardians

One thing that I noticed a lot players don’t bother getting runes after defeating the Guardians. This is a big mistake anyone can make. Runes are pretty good, especially the orange rune that gives between 15% to 20% buff depending on the type.

Before you perform an upgrade or research, make sure that you pick up a rune with the highest buff (preferable) orange so that you can maximize effectiveness. Also ask your leader or officer to give you an alliance title to get additional buff for researching and upgrading.

8. Not Doing Expedition Mode

Did you know that Expedition Mode is one of the biggest free source that gives you ton of rewards? Be it resources, legendary sculptures, tome books, and even speedups. The Expedition Mode is very easy and fast way to get quick rewards on daily basis.

You need to collect rewards from Expedition Mode and make progression everyday. Keep on pushing to the next stage. Every stage that have 3 stars is totally worth it. Maximize your expedition mode and make progression as much as you can.

9. Not Farming Gems

When your City Hall hits level 17, you will be able to research Jewelry which gives your armies the ability to farm gems. To start researching Tier 5 troops, you will need at least 32,000 gems (equivalent to 16 Master’s Blueprints) to upgrade each building to Level 25.

For free-to-play players, it is definitely a lot of gems. But if you farm gems 24/7 then you can get roughly 1,000 gems per day. So you will want to farm gems to prepare yourself in advance when it comes to unlocking T5 troops.

10. Not Maxing out Commanders’ First Skill

This tip is only applicable to combat commanders, not gathering commanders i.e Constance, Sarka, Gaius Marius, Cleopatra, Seondeok and Ishida. You will definitely want to max out your combat commanders’ first skill before you upgrade their star level.

Because when you upgrade their star level to 3 or 4 then whenever you upgrade a skill, it will be randomly selected. Which can easily make your combat commander useless until you have enough sculptures to upgrade their skill level.

You will always want to have your commanders to use their active skill constantly because it is their strongest skill. With a maxed out skill, the higher their combat potential becomes and the stronger commanders gets.

Always make sure to max out your commanders’ first skill before you upgrade their star level. Learn more about how to upgrade your commanders skill level effectively and cheaply as possible.


top mistakes to avoid before getting tier 5 troops

That’s all Governors! I hope you find our guide on top 10 mistakes to avoid before you get your first batch of Tier 5 troops. If you have any questions or need some game advice, be sure to explore House of Kingdoms or ask in the comment section below.

Lastly, if you want to have a smooth and optimal gaming experience. I recommend you to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC. It’s faster, smoother and gives you more flexibility to play your favorite game. You also can read my top reasons why I recommend players to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

Until then, happy ruling Governors and stay tuned for more Rise of Kingdoms news and updates at House of Kingdoms!

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid Before Getting Tier 5 Troops
Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid Before Getting Tier 5 Troops
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