Top 100 Best Rise of Kingdoms Tips for Beginners

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Welcome to our Top 100 best Rise of Kingdoms tips for beginners. Are you looking for some easy tips to help you get started in the game?

Then look no further because we have created the Top 100 best Rise of Kingdoms tips guide for beginners and newbies. These tips are meant to help you become a better free-to-play player and take advantage that the other governors do not know.

Suppose this is your first time playing Rise of Kingdoms. Then these top 100 best tips will help players like you get off to a strong start with your first civilization and master crucial skills early in the game.

Without further ado, here’s our top 100 best Rise of Kingdoms tips for beginners!

Top 100 Best Rise of Kingdoms Tips for Beginners

  1. Don’t attack cities at the beginning of the game. You will always lose more than what you gain from the battles.
  2. Don’t spend money until you fully understand the game. Learn how to create a jumper account and jump to a new kingdom. A fully-geared jumper account is worth $200 in-game bundles.
  3. Don’t star up your legendary commanders beyond Level 10 until you have maxed out their first skill. Take advantage of the Star Jump Trick.
  4. Always spend your gems on upgrading your VIP Status. Rush your VIP to Level 6 early in the game and continue to work towards maxing it out to get even more bonuses from the daily chest.
  5. Pick a civilization that will match your preferred gameplay strategy, for instance Germany is great at combat and France is good at gathering resources.
  6. Speed level your City Hall to 22 in order to dispatch up to 5 armies.
  7. Your ultimate goal as a F2P player is to rush for Tier 4 troops, that’s when you will be on an even platform with the majority of the players.
  8. To make your life easier, join one of these top alliances to get help, troops bonus, resource bonus, and more. Be loyal and do your work, you will gain respect quickly.
  9. Before using any of your speedups, make sure you max out all of your help first from alliance members. This ensures you are using your items more frugal and saving them for critical buildings.
  10. All players start on Zone 1 which is the outer area of the map. Work with your alliance to gain control of the passes to move closer to the center where the Lost Temple is located.
  11. Once your alliance gains the control of Lost Temple, the next objective is to compete for control on The Lost Kingdom map next to your kingdom with 7 other kingdoms.
  12. Take advantage of the alliance titles for additional bonuses.
  13. A kingdom on average usually is between 200 to 400 real players (not counting farming accounts at all).
  14. Don’t start an alliance if you are new, it’s a lot of work and eat up your time easily. It’s like running a business.
  15. Being a Free-to-Play player like me is fun, but you won’t dominate in the battle easily. Although, you will do your part in alliance wars.
  16. Set up a mini farming account, one is good, two even better. Rise of Kingdoms is all about war and to advance quickly, you need tons of resources. Level 12 farming accounts is good but Level 17 farming accounts are just amazing.
  17. Lohar’s Trial is the best event for farming accounts, hands-down.
  18. Alliance Center is the second most important structure in the game after your City Hall. Level it up so you can get more help to speed upgrade more buildings.
  19. Always keep researching technology upgrades as they are one of the most expensive and time-consuming in the game.
  20. The peacekeeping commanders are worth investing in and you will need them for chain-farming barbarians effectively in Rise of Kingdoms. Use infantry as they are slow and tanky.
  21. You always will want to star up your gathering commanders to Star Rank 2 and max out their second skill. Don’t level any further than it as they don’t provide that much of value.
  22. Keep Siege Tier 1 units as they are excellent for farming resources. Plus, they heal super fast if they get injured on the battlefield while farming, You can easily heal 1,000,000 Siege T1 units just in 3 seconds.
  23. Farming in friendly alliance territory increases the farming speed by 25%. Your alliance also gets 1% on top of gathered resources that can be used to advance alliance technology, build flags and even a new fortress.
  24. In the beginning of the game, focus on gathering resources as they are the easiest and most effective method to get resources for upgrading your buildings, training troops and researching technologies.
  25. You can get Book of Covenant by farming barbarians which is needed to upgrade your Castle to Level 25.
  26. Runes need to be activated before you can upgrade them.
  27. The largest Starlight gives more experience, medium Starlight gives more luck and increases your chance of getting double the amount of experience.
  28. Cavalry commanders focuses on speed and counters archers.
  29. Infantry commanders focuses on defense and counter cavalry.
  30. Archer commanders focuses on attack and counter infantry.
  31. One of the most effective ways to spawn more resource spots in your alliance territory is to teleport on the edge of the alliance border.
  32. Spend your alliance credits on teleporters as they are the best bang of your bucks and come with a lot of utilities.
  33. Tomoe Gozen, El Cid and Minamoto No Yoshitsune aren’t the best commanders in the game.
  34. Check the Shop every time Mysterious Merchant pops up in your city and buy everything that costs resources.
  35. Did you know that City Level 22 and Tier 4 is just only 1/4 way of the entire game? To obtain Tier 5 troops, you will have to have at least 39 million power.
  36. Always complete every Expedition mission with 3 stars so you can get free coins to spend on Aethelflaed and other commanders in the Expedition Store.
  37. Germany is the best Civilization for attacking. Japan is great for scouting early in the game and France is amazing for gathering resources, a must-have civilization for farming accounts.
  38. Attacking is equally important to defending in Rise of Kingdoms.
  39. The best way to spend your gems is to wait until the More than Gem event arrives. You get to collect Legendary Sculptures along with resources, bonuses and special items while spending your gems on VIP Level.
  40. Make friends in Rise of Kingdoms. Eventually someday you will want to move to a new kingdom and having friends will have a lasting impact on your future growth in the next game. More friends, the merrier we all are!
  41. Commander Level is important, while it expands their ability to command more troops and grow in strength, getting these talent points and investing them in is pretty important. For detailed information on how to invest your commander’s talent points, please visit our commanders page to start exploring the best talent builds.
  42. The game meta right now for Infantry is Guan Yu + Leonidas I, for Archer it is Ramesses II + Yi Seong-Gye, and lastly for Cavalry, it is Genghis Khan + Cao Cao.
  43. Pick 2 PvP commanders you are confident in and stick with them. Research the best talent builds and understand how to use their skills right to maximize your combat effectiveness in the game. These 2 PvP commanders are going to be your main pair for PvPing.
  44. Always save your resource token in your inventory just in case for events and during the wars. Don’t use your resource tokens during peacetime.
  45. To city bomb your enemies, you will need to play as Britain or garrison your army in an allied city who is a Britain player then teleport next to the enemy player and launch a 5 minutes rally to take them down.
  46. Whenever you want to attack barbarian fortresses or enemy players, use rally commanders to maximize damage.
  47. The best rally commanders for barbarian fortresses is Moctezuma I + Aethelflaed
  48. Never research basic economic technologies. Scout map and ask friendly tribes, they will give you basic economic technologies for free. Research military technology all the way until you reach Tier 3.
  49. Save all the Kingdom Maps that you collect from scout missions until you have explored 85% of the map, then use it to clear off the remaining fog.
  50. In late game, it is better to stick to one type of troops to converse your resources and to maximize your civilizations / commanders troop specialization.
  51. Be smart about PvP battles, if you don’t know what the heck you are doing, just stick to beating up the person you can beat. Otherwise, don’t risk your manpower and resources.
  52. Always use your speedups for length upgrades like City Hall. You can use them to help you reach City Hall Level 21 to unlock Tier 4 troops.
  53. Save your Action Point Potions for special events like Lohar’s Trial to speed up and  reap in massive rewards at the end of the event.
  54. Some of the events require you to spend a specific amount of Action Points. If you don’t have enough or just want to save them, spam your dispatches on Barbarians or Forts. Then cancel and the game will refund your action points! The event will still record yours in the objective regardless.
  55. Login daily and do all daily objectives to maximize your rewards. You get ton of speedups, resource tokens, essential items and a golden key at the end.
  56. You can get a headstart early in the game by avoiding these top 10 simple mistakes that new and experienced players make all the time.
  57. China is the best civilization for building due to improved building speed bonus.
  58. Diplomacy is key to success and growth.
  59. Save your action points for these events i.e Strategic Reserve, Lohar’s Trials, Clarion Call and more.
  60. Save your resources tokens only in case of emergency fund if you need to replenish your troops.
  61. Always collect alliance treasures, chest and rewards before you leave your alliance.
  62. Make sure to craft in the Blacksmith everyday, it’s completely free to do so.
  63. Play Sunset Canyons everyday, it’s free and gives decent rewards.
  64. If your building queue is full (either 1/1 or 2/2) and you need to meet your daily objective. You can build a decoration which counts toward your daily objective and doesn’t require a builder.
  65. If your phone drains battery too quickly, you can adjust quality via settings or Play Rise of Kingdoms on Mac & PC.
  66. Ceroli Crisis and Ian’s Ballads are very good events that give powerful rewards. Be sure to do them whenever they become available on your kingdom server.
  67. Whenever possible, time your unit training and building upgrades for a chance to summon the mysterious merchant.
  68. The major goal of the Rise of Kingdoms game is to become the first alliance to control the Lost Temple located in the center of your kingdom.
  69. After your alliance controls the Lost Temple, the next objective is to control the Lost Kingdom map where you will compete with 7 other kingdoms.
  70. A good way to farm Individual Credits is to send 1 troop to your alliance flag and build it up slowly.
  71. Playing Rise of Kingdoms on PC and Mac will make it easy to switch multiple accounts and helps you grow fast.
  72. Be on the outlook during the Mightest Governor event as you can get attacked anytime.
  73. Focus on one legendary commander at a time until you max it out. This will help you gain a power edge over your rivals.
  74. There’s 5 tiers of runes with white being the weakest and common to orange giving you the most powerful buffs.
  75. Capturing Altars, Shrines, Sanctum and any other holy sites required alliance teamwork.
  76. Do Ark of Osiris whenever you can, they are great and give a handsome amount of rewards.
  77. Rise of Kingdoms is actually ranked as number 1 most-friendly free-to-play mobile game.
  78. You can get 1,000 gems everyday if you max out your dispatch and harvest gem deposits on the map.
  79. It’s easy to take out strong players by city bombing them.
  80. There’s more than 70 commanders to choose from in Rise of Kingdoms (and growing!)
  81. Currently, the best garrison commanders to maximize your defense is Yi Sun-Sin and Theodora.
  82. Read the Kingdom Newspaper everyday to get a random buff.
  83. When you reach City Hall Level 17, do the Golden Kingdom event — they are popular and give a lot of rewards.
  84. Don’t spread yourself too thin with troops, commanders and buildings. Learn how to power level quickly by reading our guide.
  85. Whales are actually your friends in Rise of Kingdoms, they look after your kingdom’s interests.
  86. Always spend your resources on your alliance’s technologies to earn contribution points and for a chance to win big rewards, especially the experience tomes.
  87. Utilize the talent builds that will benefit commanders the most.
  88. Manage resources carefully and wisely to keep your game progression at full steam.
  89. Use the Commander Skill Lock feature to focus on a powerful skill.
  90. You should always focus on one commander at a time, it is the fastest way to level up commanders and increase power fast.
  91. Use the star sculpture trick to level up your commanders quickly.
  92. Preparation is the key to winning your first and second KVK seasons. Learn more about the best KVK tips for new players.
  93. The Mightiest Governor event can be beaten in 24 hours or less.
  94. Guardian Farming is the fastest way to level up your commanders.
  95. If you ever need to change your account for some reasons, you can unlink your account and link to a new account.
  96. Take advantage of these simple, easy hacks to advance quickly in the game.
  97. Do play Wheel of Fortune as there are some exclusive legendary commanders locked behind it.
  98. The Growth’s Fund is totally worth it.
  99. There’s plenty of high-quality Rise of Kingdoms wallpapers that you can set as background on your phone, tablet or desktop.
  100. Remember to check Rise of Kingdoms Gift Code Guide for any new codes to reap in rewards!

Top 100 Rise of Kingdoms Tips for Beginners

I hope you found our top 100 Rise of Kingdoms tips for beginners helpful and informative. If you have any questions or want to learn how to get to a strong start as a new player, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

Be sure to explore House of Kingdoms around as we have plenty of guides that will answer questions that you may have. Also, if you have a suggestion or idea you would like to share with the community, please reach out to us!

Happy ruling, Governors!

Top 100 Best Rise of Kingdoms Tips for Beginners
Top 100 Best Rise of Kingdoms Tips for Beginners
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