Top 5 Best Rally Commanders: Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our top 5 best rally commanders. In this guide, I am going to share some of the best rally commanders that you can use in Rise of Kingdoms. Some of those commanders grant bonuses when using offensively. On the defensive side, some of those commanders give your troops advantage against rallied armies.

If you are looking for ways to counter rallied armies and the best rally commanders to maximize your strategic advantages. Then you will find our top 5 best rally commanders guide for beginners informative and helpful. Without further ado, here’s a list of top 5 best rally commanders to play in Rise of Kingdoms.

Offensive Rally Commanders

In this part, we will share rally commanders that you can use offensively to increase the overall army strength. These rally commanders is best used when you work with your other alliance members to deal even more damage.

Nebuchadnezzar II


One of the best offensive rally commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. This is a brand new legendary commander that was recently released along with Cyrus the Great. Nebuchadnezzar II specializes in archery and fights the best when there is archer troops only in his army.

When Nebuchadnezzar II serves as a rally commander, he gains 30% counterattack damage bonus. Additionally, he deals 800 direct damage bonus and applies 30% march speed debuff on the target. Which further hampers down the enemy’s combat effectiveness.

Nebuchadnezzar II also hits multiple targets thanks to his active skill. Archer troops under his leadership gets a big attack and march speed bonus. Thus turning Nebuchadnezzar II into a formidable rally commander to play on the offensive side.

Nebuchadnezzar II Summary:

  • Deals up to 2,000 damage against current target (1,500 for other targets)
  • Can hit multiple targets up to 5 at a time with active skill.
  • When serving as rally commander, counterattack damage increased by 30%
  • When serving as rally commander, deals 800 direct damage.
  • When serving as rally commander, applies 30% march speed debuff against current target,
  • Troops deals 15% increased damage.
  • 10% chance to reduce current target’s rage by 100.
  • Archer troops gain 30% increased defense and 15% march speed bonus

Why Nebuchadnezzar II is the Best Commander?

  • Very powerful archer commander.
  • Deals high amount of damage.
  • Amazing rally commander, good for PvP against cities.
  • Great defense and march speed bonus, fast archer commander.
  • Very flexible, works great for both PvP and as Support role.

Mehmed II

Mehmed II ROK Commander

Another solid rally commander to play on the offensive side is Mehmed II. Unlike Nebuchadnezzar II, Mehmed II increases total rallied troop capacity by 10%. Which means he can command even more troops under his leadership.

One of the main advantage that Mehmed II has to offer is the flexibility to work with any type of troops. He can buff infantry, archer and cavalry troops all at the same time provided you use conquering talent build.

Mehmed II is also a very hard hitter. He comes with 20% skill damage bonus which brings his total active skill damage up to 1,620 per target (can hit up to 5 targets at the same time). When attacking cities and garrisons, his troops deals 800 extra damage, making him one of the best offensive rally commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

Mehmed II Summary:

  • Deals 1,350 damage to 5 targets with his active skill.
  • Does extra 800 damage to cities and garrisons with his active skill.
  • Troops’ attack increased by 20%.
  • Active skill damage increased by 20%.
  • Has 10% chance to deal 1,000 damage when attacking cities.
  • Increases troop capacity and rallied troop capacity by 10%.
  • Has 50% chance to trigger a second burst for 500 damage when attacking cities.

Why Mehmed II is the Best Commander?

  • High damage with his active skill.
  • Powerful city attacker thanks to increased skill damage and chance to trigger extra damage.
  • Expands troops army size, allowing more health, defense and attack.
  • Incredible flexible, can work with any troop types.
  • Great at the battlefield.


Charlemagne Rise of Kingdoms

If you are looking for a powerful commander that is capable of dishing out high amount of damage, at the same time absorbing incoming attacks to withstand rough battles. This is where Charlemagne comes into the play.

He is one of the best rally commanders in Rise of Kingdoms thanks to his flexible leadership. When he is serving as a rally commander, all troops under his leadership gains 10% attack and defense bonus.

Plus he grants +15% skill damage against targets and +21% skill damage against cities. One of the biggest advantage he has is the ability to reduce amount of severely wounded troops during the battle — a must-have perk for any rallying commanders.

Charlemagne Summary:

  • Deals 1,400 damage to a single target with active skill.
  • 10% chance to active shield for 4 seconds, absorbing 1,000 damage whenever on the map.
  • Increases attack and defense of a rallying army by 10%.
  • Increases skill damage by 15% against targets.
  • Increases skill damage by 21% against cities.
  • Reduces amount of severely wounded troops by 10% when attacking cities.

Why Charlemagne is the Best Commander?

  • Powerful active skill.
  • Increases skill damage, which makes him an ideal commander to pair with.
  • Big shield that can absorb a lot of damage.
  • Expend less troops while fighting against enemy cities.
  • Great commander for rallying.

Defensive Rally Commanders

In the next part, we are going to share some of the best commanders that you can use defensively against rally commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Those defensive commanders are what you need to garrison your city in order to gain these defensive bonuses against rallied armies.

Wu Zetian

Wu-Zetian ROK Commander

Defending your city against rallied armies is a big task. Luckily, with Wu Zetian you will gain upper hand in defending your city thanks to massive bonuses. She gains 10% increased damage towards rallied armies in addition to 10% damage bonus, which brings it to a total 20% attack bonus modifier.

Wu Zetian also deals 20% increased counterattack damage, which has a small chance to deal 500 extra damage immediately. Whenever she activates her active skill, she deals massive direct damage and heals her troops for a small amount.

Holding the nukers at bay is definitely a challenge. Which is why Wu Zetian has the ability to silence her targets for up to two seconds. This allows her to buy additional time to kill the attackers before they enter your city.

Wu Zetian Summary:

  • Deals 1,000 damage to target and heals her army for 500 health points.
  • Increases damage done by 10% and extra 10% against rallied troops when serving as the garrison commander.
  • Increases all troops defense and health by 10% under her command.
  • Has a small chance to silence targets for 2 seconds.
  • Reduces skill damage taken by 15% and increases defense by 20%
  • Increases counterattack damage by 20%.
  • Has a 10% chance to instantaneous deal 500 damage upon countering the attacks

Why Wu Zetian is the Best Commander?

  • Extremely formidable defensive commander.
  • Silences even the most powerful nukers on the battlefield.
  • Amazing self-healing capability.
  • Strong self-defense damage skills.
  • Bolstered defense which greatly reduces amount of damage taken.


Zenobia-ROK Commander

Another solid defensive commander that is capable of stopping rallied armies. Zenobia comes with ton of healing abelites as well as support skill that keeps nearby friendly allied troops fighting on the battlefield.

Zenobia takes even less damage when serving as the garrison commander. Additionally, she deals 10% increased damage towards rallied armies. After she gets healed, her troops’ health is increased by 50% for a few seconds, allowing her to absorb major blows with ease.

If your objective is to keep your city protected at all the cost while relying on allied troops to do all the heavy lift. Zenobia is a good choice thanks to her tremendous defensive bonuses and damage bonus vs rallied armies.


Top Best Rally Commanders Rise of Kingdoms

That’s all governors! I hope you found our top 5 best rally commanders guide for beginners informative and helpful. If you have any questions about these commanders, let us know in the comment section below.

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Stay tuned at House of Kingdoms for more Rise of Kingdoms news, guides, and tips. Happy gaming, Governor!

Top 5 Best Rally Commanders: Guide for Beginners
Top 5 Best Rally Commanders: Guide for Beginners
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