Top 7 Best Commanders to Skill Lock: Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our top 7 best commanders to skill lock guide for beginners. Ever since the Rise of Kingdoms 1.0.45 update went live on all the servers, it introduced a brand new game function called Commander Skill Lock.

Before that game function was introduced, the Governors had to star upgrade their commanders to a specific level and max out the skill before upgrading to the next level. Now with Commander Skill Lock feature, you can star upgrade your commanders without having to worry about maxing out a specific skill lock.

The Commander Skill Lock is an awesome utility to have in particular if you are leveling up an epic commander or legendary commander faster and want to prioritize powerful skills first before moving on to weak skills.

In this guide, I am going to share top 7 best commanders to skill lock for beginners:

Best Cavalry Commander to Skill Lock: Attila

Attila Rise of Kingdoms Guide

One of the best cavalry commanders to skill lock is Attila. He comes with a host of powerful active and passive skills. If you are going to speed level Attila and use the Conqueror Talent Build. Then it is important that you skill lock Attila because you will want to max out his first skill, then second skill and the rest of skills afterward.

Equally important, you also will want to focus on maxing out the third skill before upgrading fourth skill if you plan to specialize either PvP or Field Talent Build for this cavalry commander. Click here to learn more about how to skill lock Attila in details.

Best Infantry Commander to Skill Lock: Alexander the Great

Alexander The Great ROK

Face it or not, Alexander the Great is one of the best infantry commanders to skill lock and for a good reason. There are three talent builds to choose from and all of them have various skill priority.

Whether you are rolling with PvP or Field Talent Build, you will want to take advantage of the skill lock function to ensure Alexander the Great gets access to powerful skills first before moving on to less popular, passive skills.

Best Archer Commander to Skill Lock: Yi Seong-Gye

Rise of Kingdoms Yi Seong-Gye

One of the best archer commanders to skill lock is Yi Seong-Gye. This is an incredibly powerful legendary commander packed with awesome firepower. If getting your hands on a commander that can unleash powerful offensive skills early in the game.

Then you will want to use skill lock on Yi Seong-Gye and max out his first skill. His active skill does a lot of damage which makes it absolutely a must-have skill. Afterwards, you will want to max out his third skill as it increase the damage of active skill by 50%. Finally, level up the remaining skills to unlock the final skill.

Best Barbarian Commander to Skill Lock: Aethelflaed

Best Aethelflaed Commander ROK Guide

Even the best barbarian commanders needs to be skill lock. Whether you are chain-farming barbarians or raiding barbarian camps, you will want to skill lock Aethelflaed because her active skill does ton of damage and hits up to 5 targets at a time.

Once you max out her first skill, it is time to move on third skill and lock until you max it out. Afterwards, invest into the second skill then fourth skill to unlock her final skill. Be sure to prioritize her skills right so that you get an early headstart in farming barbarians.

Best Gathering Commander to Skill Lock: Joan of Arc

Best Joan of Arc Commander ROK

For players who wants to mix-max their gathering commanders, it is also necessary to skill lock them. One of the best gathering commanders to do that is Joan of Arc. She is an excellent commander for farming resources as well as providing buffs to your troops.

You will definitely want to max out her second skill first before moving on to other skills. Once you have it max out, you can invest in other skills to improve overall troops combat capability under her leadership

Best Garrison Commander to Skill Lock: Richard I

Rise of Kingdoms Richard I

Richard I is one of the best garrison commanders to skill lock. He is bulky, tough, and very powerful commander with a diverse skill set. Governors who wants to play on the field with this commander will want to max out the first skill.

Afterwards, max out the third skill then second skill before moving on to the last skill. This is important you get to use the skill lock so that you can maximize Richard I’s combat potential with powerful skills.

Best Balanced Commander to Skill Lock: Julius Caesar

Rise of Kingdoms Julius Caesar

If you are looking for a commander that performs the best when there are mixed troops under the same leadership. Then you will absolutely love to use the skill lock feature with Julius Caesar.

Most of the talent builds that Julius Caesar will require the players to skill lock until his first skill is maxed out. Then skill lock until his second skill is maxed out before they start investing points into third and fourth skill.

Conclusion of Best Commanders to Skill Lock

Best Commanders to Skill Lock Rise of Kingdoms Guide

We hope you found our best commanders to skill lock guide for beginners helpful and informative. If you think of any commanders that is worth of skill locking, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

Alternatively, you can explore our massive Rise of Kingdoms guide to learn everything you need to know in order to become the best F2P player (yes, you can play the game for free even with gem farming method).

We are looking forward to having a conversation with you. Happy ruling, Governors!

Top 7 Best Commanders to Skill Lock: Guide for Beginners
Top 7 Best Commanders to Skill Lock: Guide for Beginners
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