Top 5 Best Governor’s City Tips

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If you are new to Rise of Kingdoms, then these quick and easy Governor’s city tips will help set you on the path to have a much easier time in the game. Let’s find out what you can do to get a headstart over other Governors that do not take advantage of these tips!

Gather Gold

Rise of Kingdoms Alliance Gold Mine

Number one most important tip is gather gold as much as you can. They are used to help you research technology, invest in your alliance technology as well as training powerful troops.

In Rise of Kingdoms there is a structure called Alliance Mother Lode that gives out ton, ton, and ton of gold within alliance territory. You definitely will want to take advantage of the vast gold resource point.

To maximize your gold gathering, we recommend Seondeok + Constance. Most players think the best gathering commanders is Seondeok + Joan of Arc — it is not the best gathering commander combo as Constance do a better job than Joan of Arc and gets more gold within the same amount of time.

Attack Barbarians and Camps

Barbarians Rise of Kingdoms

Chance are that you are probably farming barbarians and their encampments. But did you know that if you use peacekeeping commanders like Moctezuma I, Boudica, Keira, Lohar, Cao Cao, Aethelflaed and Minamoto with Trophy Hunter talent, you will get extra resources?

This is a talent you need to max out when upgrading your barbarian commanders. You can check out our talent guide to learn more about recommended talent builds for each commander in Rise of Kingdoms.

Sometimes you might notice that when you join other player’s rallies, you consume your Action Points (AP) but don’t earn any Resource Pack C. That’s because when you join a rally army, only the primary commander leading the force have effect.

Which means if one of these rally commanders do not have Trophy Hunter talent, then all players that join the rally will not earn additional resource bonuses. That being said, do not run your own rallies unless it doesn’t hinder your alliance’s progress.

For instance, if your alliance wants to focus on high-level Barbarian fortresses, but your commander is not strong enough. Then it is better to join your alliance’s rallies to maximize combat strength.

Check for Mysterious Merchant Often

Rise of Kingdoms Shop

One of the best place for all players to spend their normal resources to obtain premium items is through Mysterious Merchant. All of items that you can find is worth purchasing wit the exception of Gem-based offers.

Majority of players don’t know that the Mysterious merchant is available at these specific timeframes:

  • 12:00am (UTC in-game time)
  • 4:00am (UTC in-game time)
  • 9:00am (UTC in-game time)
  • 3:00pm (UTC in-game time)
  • 10:00pm (UTC in-game time)

Mysterious Merchant also shows up when you gather your trained troops. Whenever you are training your troops, try to set them up the way so that you can gather two of them at different time during the day.

For instance, you can gather two troop types during the morning and other two troop types during the afternoon. This will allow you to maximize the Mysterious Merchant appearance in your city.

Also after upgrading your build for more than 6 hours, there’s a chance that the Mysterious Merchant will show up. Be sure to take advantage of her whenever you can. These premium items are pretty good.

Do Daily Objectives

Daily Objectives Rise of Kingdoms

Another Governor’s city tip for you: do daily objectives. If there is a quest asking you to finish upgrading a building, training troops, kill a number of barbarians — do all of them. They are super easy and fun to do.

If you are new player to Rise of Kingdoms and find it difficult to play the game. Doing these daily quests is just what you need because you get ton of resources, speedups and valuable items like gems that you can use to upgrade your VIP level.

Sometimes simple thing like adding a road or decorating your city is what it all takes to complete a daily quest and earn rewards.

Fun Fact: When all of your buildings are maxed out, you don’t need to do these daily quests anymore and get free gifts everyday for them. Plus you don’t need to do any events that require upgrading builds and rewards will automatically be given to you. This is incredible powerful!

Join Alliance and Ask for Help

Alliance Help Governor's City Tip

One of the most easiest and effective way to grow fast is join an alliance and ask for help. By the way, I mean you should join a decent-sized alliance that is active. Once you are in an alliance, you will be able to ask for help to speed up your buildings and trainings.

Receiving alliance helps is the most fastest and free way to progress throughout the game without having to spend your speedups. Save them later when the time it takes to upgrade your City Hall and other important structures becomes longer.

Always ask for alliance help. Every time. Little things do really go a long way and asking for alliance help is the easiest tip you can do to stay ahead of other Governors that do not have the same advantage that you have in Rise of Kingdoms.

Conclusion of Top 5 Best Governor’s City Tips

Top Best Governor's City Tips Guide Rise of Kingdoms

Did you find these governor’s city tips guide helpful and informative? Let us know if you have any questions about Rise of Kingdoms, or if you have suggestions that you think we should add to this guide by commenting in the comment section below.

Lastly, did you know that you can play Rise of Kingdoms on computer for free? If you link your ROK account, then you can continue your game progress on computer, your phone, your tablet and anywhere you go as long as you have Rise of Kingdoms installed on the device.

Don’t forget to check out our free Rise of Kingdoms gift codes for freebies like gems, speedups, resources and other boosters. They are a big help early in the beginning and throughout the game.

Again, let us know if you have any questions. Happy ruling, Governors!

Top 5 Best Governor’s City Tips
Top 5 Best Governor’s City Tips

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