Top 10 Best Rise of Kingdoms Hacks for Beginners

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There’s quite a few Rise of Kingdoms hacks that you should know. By arming yourself with these best Rise of Kingdoms hacks, you will be able to grow fast and of course, make your gaming experience much more enjoyable.

Truth to be said, I can talk all day long about these best Rise of Kingdoms hacks that you need to know. But then they will each need their own guide. So, if you are looking for tips or tricks to play in Rise of Kingdoms, feel free to check our monster-sized guide for new and experienced players.

In this guide, I am going to share my top 10 best Rise of Kingdoms hacks for beginners and experienced players. All of these hacks involves taking advantage of small steps that majority of the players are not doing.

1. Create a Farm Account

One of the most popular and effective Rise of Kingdoms hack to do right now is to create a farming account. Each game account allows up to 2 characters which means you can siphon off your farm account to your main account using trade posts.

Having farm accounts is actually not illegal in Rise of Kingdoms. In fact, it’s perfectly fine to do so and encouraged by the game developers. If you play Rise of Kingdoms on PC, you can easily switch multiple tabs without having to log out off your main account.

I recommend France and Joan of Arc as the starter commander for all of your farming accounts for a simple reason: it’s the best gathering civilization in the game. You can download Rise of Kingdoms emulator to play all of your farming accounts at the same time.

2. Speed Rush Academy

Another great Rise of Kingdoms hack that you need to know is speed rushing your Academy. When you upgrade the Academy, the research progress will stop. Therefore, I highly recommend using speedups to finish Academy as much as you can so that it can continue making research progress.

If you let your academy upgrade for 25 days, you will lose 25 days of researching. This slows down your progression to reach Tier 5 troops. Make sure to save your speedups for Academy when you need to rush it.

3. Scout Tribal Villages & Mysterious Caves

Did you know that a lot of players forget to scout villages and caves? This is especially true with players who are new to Rise of Kingdoms. By scouting caves and exploring villages, you will be able to earn a lot of great rewards such as troops, technology advancements, and speedups.

Try to scout villages and caves as early as you can to get a headstart.

4. Gem Farming

Some people told me that farming gems is waste of time. But in reality, it’s worth farming gems. Once you research Jewelry, you can start farming Gems on the map. In fact, if you farm Gems only with 5 dispatches, you can earn up to 1,000 gems every day.

That’s a lot of gems. To do this, you need to max out your gathering commanders and technology to farm gems like crazy. Farming a gem deposit takes around 45 minutes, accounting in the traveling time and farming. When you add it altogether, it’s easy to bring in 1,000 gems a day.

Though, the only problem is that you will not have time nor the resources to develop your main account if you focus solely on gems. Which is why I recommend that all players create at least a farming account to support themselves.

5. Whale Alliance

Yes, there’s a lot of rich players who spends money in Rise of Kingdoms. But did you know that you can take advantage of that by joining one of these top alliances?

If you are a Free-to-Play player then you need to join a big spender alliance. You will get a lot of free stuff like chests, treasures, and rewards. It will help you speed up your progression toward becoming a Tier 5 player.

If for some reasons your kingdom do not have any whale alliance, you need to consider migrating to a different server to get inside a whale alliance. This is especially important if you are a Free-to-Play player.

6. Hide Your Loots from Attackers

Hiding your loots from attackers usually works for small or new players. The Storehouse have resources protection capacity limit that protects some of the resources in your city.

If you happen to have a lot of unprotected resources and someone scouted you. Then you will be farmed hard until you have nothing left. Therefore, I recommend saving your resource items in case for emergency uses.

There’s no restrictions on how much resources you can save. By doing this, you will minimize the chance of being attacked by stronger players.

7. Cheat in The Mightiest Governor

Did you know that you can cheat in The Mightiest Governor event? You will need a farm account with 10K weak troops, then zero it over and over to rake up points quickly.

You also can ask your alliance to donate their kill troops and massacre them to build your points. They are pretty quick way to help you reach top 10 rankings for The Mightiest Governor event.

8. Chain-Farm Barbarians

This is one of my favorite Rise of Kingdoms hacks. Instead of wasting your action points to hunt down barbarians, you can chain farm them in groups. This means you need to use commander that does splash damage like Baibars and Aethelflaed.

Use infantry as they are slow moving and will help you maintain arrogance on the barbarians while picking up others. When your commander kills one of the barbarian, they will keep on fighting others.

This will last until your commander is no longer able to continue the fight or when they successfully defeat all barbarians. A nice, dirty little hack to save your action points for big battles like Keeps and Camps.

9. Go War Frenzy

Another cool Rise of Kingdoms hack that gives you a 3% buff which you will be able to benefit whenever you are doing Expedition, fighting against barbarians and even against players.

To activate War Frenzy, all you have to do is scout an enemy player. Once you scout that player’s city, you will gain 3% damage bonus which helps you kill everything quite a bit faster. Be sure to take advantage of this.

10. Tip for All Players

A friendly game tip for all players in Rise of Kingdoms. This strategy game is all about being patient and staying active. Try to do everything as much as you can and participate in every event in the game.

Most importantly, you will want to join a big spender / whale alliance. You will get a huge headstart and develop your city rapidly apart rivals that’s surrounded your empire. Good luck, Governor!

Top 10 Best Rise of Kingdoms Hacks for Beginners
Top 10 Best Rise of Kingdoms Hacks for Beginners
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