Top 10 Best KVK Tips for New Players

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If you are new to Rise of Kingdoms and haven’t participate in any KVK events yet. This is the perfect opportunity to prepare for your first KVK season.

KVK (Kingdom vs Kingdom) or Lost Kingdom features an unique map that lasts between 85 to 105 days. The map will be fought by several kingdoms from different servers within the same server cluster. Players can join the event and battle against other 7 kingdoms to conquer the Ziggurat.

For more specific guide and tips on your first KVK, read our in-depth KVK Season 1 and 2 guide for beginners. At the same time, you will learn not to make the same KVK mistakes that players are making during the Lost Kingdom event.

Without further ado, here’s our top 10 best KVK tips for new players.

Tip #1: Focus On a Commander at a Time!

Rise of Kingdoms KVK Tips for New Players

One of the most important tip that you will see time from time is focus on one commander at a time. If you spread out and focus on too many commanders, you will run out of commander sculptures and starlight sculptures.

Then you are stuck with weak commanders and you will struggle to make progression. This is a very terrible position to be in where you are unable to do anything because your commanders isn’t strong enough.

Choose a type of troops that you want to focus on: Infantry, Cavalry or Archer. Then pick a commander that specializes in a specific troop type. Here’s a list of recommended commanders for each troop type:

For instance if you plan to roll with infantry troops, then you should go for both Richard I and Charles Martel. Both are awesome commander pairings during the early game and still performs pretty well in late game.

Alternatively, if you want to play with archers then you can go with Yi Seong-Gye and Herman for powerful active skill, increased rage generation and the ability to silence enemy targets. Yi Seong-Gye will last forever from early game to late game due to his powerful active skill.

Some legendary commanders are still acceptable without being maxed out as long as you follow our commander skill lock guide to upgrade effectively by using the new skill lock function feature. For instance, Saladin is darn strong even at 5-5-5-1. It just goes to show you don’t have to max him out to be an effective commander.

Tip #2: Farm Gems, A Lot

Gem Deposit Rise of Kingdoms

Farming gems is incredible important no matter what stage you are at. If you are wondering why it’s so important that you farm gems.

Well, there’s an event called More than Gems and it’s pretty important for free-to-play players. By spending gems to upgrade your VIP level during the event will earn you some awesome rewards including Legendary Commander Sculptures.

Once you unlock VIP 6, start saving gems and spend them only during the More than Gems event! Additionally, you can spend your gems during the Past Glory event to earn a lot rewards and via VIP Shop.

It’s important that players have a lot of resources during the Lost Kingdom event. Therefore, you should spend some of the time preparing in advance by farming gems and upgrading your VIP level to gain even higher permanent bonuses.

In sum, you will want to start farming gems right away once it becomes available. You will also notice that experience players in the top alliances are always scourging for gems resource spots all across the map.

You just need to keep it in your mind that it’s easy to get rewards during the More than Gems event because you will grow in power fast.

Tip #3: Do Expedition Mode

KVK Tips Expedition Mode

One of the easiest way to prepare for any KVK event is just do the Expedition Mode. You will want to progress as much as you can. Aim for the highest level you can complete.

Everyday you will earn passive rewards just for completing the Expedition Mode. It’s easy way to get ton of free experience tomes and expedition coins which you can use to purchase commander sculptures and starlight sculptures.

The most important thing about doing Expedition Mode is that you can easily max out Aethelflaed, which is one of the most powerful legendary commanders that free players can get it. She is the only legendary commander that you can get without spending money or resources on it.

Aethelflaed can help you win battles on the KVK battlefield thanks to her amazing active skill. In addition to that, she is excellent at farming barbarians which will make it super easy for you to level up commanders fast.

In the long term, you can sell her sculptures in the Alliance Store in exchange for individual alliance credits, which can be used to perform a civilization change, purchase speedups, teleports and even passport pages.

Always make sure you complete your Expedition Mode and keep on pushing your progress level to a new height each time.

Tip #4: Run a Mini Farm Account

KVK Tips Mini Farming Account

If you want to get a bit savvy and save money in Rise of Kingdoms while growing your main account faster. You can start at least one mini-farming account. The game allows you to create two cities on the same server which is super easy to manage them from your Governor Profile.

While it doesn’t hurt to have more farming accounts in the game. In fact there are several players managing at least 5 farming accounts that drastically boost their main account progression.

We highly recommend using Rise of Kingdoms PC version to make it easier to manage all of your game accounts at once without the need to switch in-between, unlike your phone or tablet.

But do keep it in your mind that these are just farming accounts. You do not need to spend a lot of time on them. If you are too busy, then you just only have to open your farming accounts whenever you have the time. Think of them like a resource bonus that you can get anytime you want.

Farming accounts is the easiest way to get started and compete directly with Pay-to-Win players during the first and second KVK Seasons.

Tip #5: Save Resource Items

KVK Tips Resource Items

One of the way you can do to better prepare for KVK events is to save resource items and healing speedups. They are pretty important because you will obviously spend a lot resources during the wars and you need to be able to support your troops, repairing, and other critical city functions.

While you will want to use the resources to catch up with other players. However, two weeks prior to the first KVK season, you will want to save them. If you get zeroed, then you might want to start another account.

Resource items is the only suitable type of resources that can be used effectively during the events where you have to spend resources to earn rewards.

Alternatively, if you are not into wars (which anyone should as it is pretty fun and that’s what Rise of Kingdoms is all about), then you can save a little bit for not getting zeroed.

Most of the time, if you want to be in the top alliances then you need to contribute a lot in wars and supporting your alliance’s progression.

Tip #6: Have Plenty of Shields

KVK Tips Peace Shield

Let’s be real here, there’s a lot of players getting zeroed during the KVK battles. In fact, you can see a lot of memes about this across the internet.

Most of the time, it is because players ran out of Peace Shield. Without Peace Shield, you can’t make a comeback and you will struggle to recover while being zeroed constantly.

Therefore, it is important you have enough Peace Shields in your inventory. Be sure you set up an alarm on your phone so that you can activate another Peace Shield before your active one expires.

Use your Peace Shields prudently, unless you are thinking of starting another Rise of Kingdoms account.

Tip #7: Save Teleports

KVK Tips Teleports

Many experienced ROK players have a lot of teleports stashed in their inventory. Do you know why a lot of players use teleports often during KVK battles?

You will find yourself in certain situation where you get swarmed by enemies. You will want to relocate close to your alliance members as fast as possible to avoid being stuck in a position like this.

Furthermore, you will need to move around the map a lot as your alliance expands their territory and start doing wars. Participating Ark of Osiris and purchasing from the Alliance VIP Shop is good way to obtain teleports.

All teleport types are pretty helpful here.

Tip #8: Spend Action Points

KVK Tips Action Points

Make sure you have plenty of action points to use for the KVK. You definitely will want to spend your action points as much as you can.

Spend all of your action points on farming barbarians. You will get ton of rewards from killing barbarians as well as bonus rewards from the KVK events.

Also, make sure you use barbarian commanders for bonus resource packs as it will definitely help you out a lot during war time. Below is our recommended commanders for farming barbarians and attacking barbarian camps:

They will make quick work out of these high level barbarians with ease.

Tip #9: Get Tier 5 Units

KVK Tips Tier 5 Troops

If you want to win KVK battles, you will need to get T5 units into the battlefield.

However, if you are a free-to-play player, it will be quite bit difficult to obtain T5 units. High-tech T4 units is good enough for your first and second KVK seasons.

Do keep it in your mind that you don’t have to max out every single buildings to start training T5 units. In fact, you just need to get one type of building to level 25 with the exception of Hospital.

Hospitals are very important and you will want to get all of them maxed out at level 25 before you unlock T5 units. With increased hospital capacity, you will be able to support your expensive T5 troops.

If you do not have enough capacity to support your army, then all of the excess troops will die on the battlefield. As of consequence, you will have to spend a lot more resources just to train new T5 troops. Avoid making these mistakes before you train Tier 5 troops!

Tip #10: Remember, It’s Just a Game

Top 10 Best KVK Tips for New Players Rise of Kingdoms

Keep it in your mind, Rise of Kingdoms is just a game. Play it on your own leisure whenever you want to and get some rest when you are tired.

Don’t take it too serious. It’s just a game afterall and a learning experience if you are new to Rise of Kingdoms. If you are too tired to continue, then you can’t enjoy the game.

Not to mention that when you are tired, you are more likely to make bad decision according to this report. Kingdom vs Kingdom is both very exciting and stressful event for new players. It gets easier and funnier once you know how to play and actually enjoy it.

Play Rise of Kingdoms when you are full of energy and remember to sleep at least 8 hours a day!

Top 10 Best KVK Tips for New Players
Top 10 Best KVK Tips for New Players

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