How to Get More Stone Fast in Rise of Kingdoms Guide

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Welcome to our guide on how to get more stone fast in Rise of Kingdoms. One of the most important resources in the game is stone. Without abundant stone, you will have a hard time developing your city as they rise in level.

If you are having a hard time finding ways to get more stone fast. Then look no further because in this guide, we are going to show you how to get more stone and fast. It’s actually pretty easy and straightforward. Without further ado, let’s get to the basics.

Stone ROK


  • 750 Stone: Grants your city 750 stone.
  • 7,500 Stone: Grants your city 7,500 stone.
  • 37,500 Stone: Grants your city 37,500 stone.
  • 112,500 Stone: Grants your city 112,500 stone.
  • 375,000 Stone: Grants your city 375,000 stone.
  • 1,125,000 Stone: Grants your city 1,125,000 stone.
  • 3,750,000 Stone: Grants your city 3,750,000 stone.

How to Get More Stone

You can get more stone via:

Tricks & Tips

Stone is another significant resource in Rise of Kingdoms. They are used to upgrade your Walltrain troops, build new buildings, and more. Without stones, you can’t repair damaged siege units and heal forces as well as repair your Wall after the invasions.

Therefore, it is critical to have plenty of stones to fortify your city and increase your power level. Below are ways to get more stones, the easy, straightforward method as a free-to-play player.

Mine for Stones

Rise of Kingdoms Stone Deposit

On the map, there are plenty of stone resource spots. Mining the wild stone deposit is easy. Ideally, you will want to go for a high-level wild stone deposit as they yield more resources in one location.

With high-level gathering commanders such as Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, and Seondeok can harvest a level 6 stone resource spot in one trip. You can find high-level resource spots in the middle of the kingdom in the Zone 3 region.

Create Mini Farming Account

KVK Tips Mini Farming Account

Alternatively, you can create a mini farming account to help out with harvesting stones. It’s a great idea to have a mini farming account next to your main account to help out with any barriers you face throughout the progression phase.

Experienced Rise of Kingdoms players has at least 4 to 5 mini farming accounts to accelerate their progression if you find yourself in a position where it is difficult to make an advancement.

Then you may want to consider creating a mini farming account to help you get more stones, and even food in Rise of Kingdoms. It is a lot easier to play on the computer since you can switch in between without having to log out as you would do on your phone and tablet.

Perform Daily Quests

Daily Quests Rise of Kingdoms

Another way to generate more stones is to perform daily quests. Again, it is a tremendous overall booster to increase your power, level up commanders quickly, and at the same time, you get more stone.

Always make sure you perform daily quests as they give out a small number of resource bonuses for completing them. It is a simple and easy way to stockpile stone. You also can do the same thing for wood, food, and gold.

Farm Alliance Stone Deposit

Alliance Stone Deposit Rise of Kingdoms Guide

You also can join one of the top alliances on your server. Usually, big alliances will have a vast majority of resource spots under their control. In addition to that, they can construct an alliance structure called Stone Pit or Alliance Stone Deposit.

The stone pit is a mighty resource spot that allows you to farm them endlessly. So prioritize your gathering commanders and farm the heck out of it to maximize your stone storage. You will also passively generate stone as long as the alliance stone deposit is activated.

In addition to that, your alliance will earn a small percentage of stones on top of it whenever you farm your alliance Stone Pit, which can be then used to research alliance technologies as well as advancements. It’s a win-win situation.

Conclusion of How to Get More Stone Fast

How to Get More Stone Fast Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Now that you know how to get more stone and fast. There’s so many ways you can do to get more stone without having to wait. Create and run a mini farming account while performing daily quests and take advantage of your alliance perks all are effective way to farm stone.

Participate in events that gives out resource rewards is also incredible useful in aiding your city’s advancement. Especially when you are preparing for your first KVK season, which you need a lot of resources to make significant alliance contributions.

Did you find our guide on how to get more stone fast useful and informative? If you have any questions about this guide or have a suggestion that you would like us to add. Let us know by commenting in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy ruling, Governors!

How to Get More Stone Fast in Rise of Kingdoms Guide
How to Get More Stone Fast in Rise of Kingdoms Guide


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