How to Use Speedups in Rise of Kingdoms: Guide for Beginners

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In this guide, we will talk about how to use speedups in Rise of Kingdoms. While at first impression, it looks like a fantastic item to use whenever you can to breeze through the game.

However, using the speedups at the right time and maximizing their potential is a massive game-changer for free-to-play players, which is why we created a guide for beginners who are new to Rise of Kingdoms.

The purpose of our Speedup guide is to teach players how to manage and use them effectively without wasting any overflowing minutes. To learn more about each speedup, check out the speedups list below. Alternatively, you can scroll down to learn how to use speedups the right way in its entirety.

How to Use Speedups in Rise of Kingdoms

How to Use Speedups Rise of Kingdoms

First and foremost, using speedups effectively and conservatively should be your priority. To maximize your use of speedups, you want to have a high Alliance Center level, which translates into more help hands from your alliance members.

Furthermore, you want to join one of the top alliances to take advantage of improved speedup time thanks to alliance technology.

Whenever you are upgrading your buildings, always ask your alliance for help. When you max out the support from your alliance members, use the speedup for it.

But you need to prioritize the type of speedup before using Universal speedup. For instance, if you are upgrading your building, use building speedup. If you are researching a technology, use research speedup.

This method allows you to focus on using the speedups more effectively and conservatively while keeping universal speedups for significant upgrades like City Hall.

Finally, never use your speedups if you will lose a minute or a second out of it. That’s the worst way to use your speedups. You want to max the use out of every speedup that you activate.

How to Get More Speedups

How to Get More Speedup Events Rise of Kingdoms

There’s no shortage of speedups. There are many ways you can do to get more speedups to accelerate your primary game account.

Ways to earn more speedups:

Pretty much you can earn speedups just by doing events, farming barbarians, and performing special activities.

Conclusion of Speedups Guide for Beginners

How to Earn and Use Speedups Guide Rise of Kingdoms

Before we conclude our speedups guide for beginners. You must maximize your speedup items to the fullest extent possible. If you want to be resourceful as possible as a free-to-play player, ask for alliance help first, then use speedups to finish the remaining time on the timer.

Any timer you have left on the building, whether it is minutes or seconds. Let the game process for you to save your speedups for more critical buildings like City Hall, which you need to upgrade further and unlock new features such as Tier 5 troops.

Did you find our guide on how to use and earn speedups helpful and informative? If you have any questions or want to suggest this guide, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

Happy ruling, Governors!

How to Use Speedups in Rise of Kingdoms: Guide for Beginners
How to Use Speedups in Rise of Kingdoms: Guide for Beginners


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