Best Silk Road Speculators Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners

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The Silk Road Speculators is an exciting event in Rise of Kingdoms. This is just one of the fewest events you definitely don’t want to miss out entirely and will have a lot of fun speculating the caravans carrying valuable goods and defending them against hoards of barbarians.

In this best Silk Road Speculators guide for beginners, I will explain what this whole event is about and how to do it to earn amazing rewards. This event is one of the most popular event among Karuak Ceremony, Lohar’s Trial and even Ceroli Crisis that gives a lot of rewards. So, make sure to participate in the Silk Road Speculators for a chance to get rewards!

What is Silk Road Speculators Event?

Basically, your objective is to protect the Alliance Caravan. They transports valuable goods from your alliance fortress to a specific location and needs to be protect at all the cost from hoard of barbarians and bloodthirsty players.

To start the Silk Road Speculators, you will need to have at least 100,000 Alliance Credits (only alliance leader or officers can start the event). Then make the fortress that’s closest to majority of your alliance members the starting point for your caravan.

Silk Road Speculators Alliance Starting Point

Upon activating the Silk Road Challenge, an alliance caravan will appear right next to your closest alliance fortress. Doing so will initiate the event and the alliance caravan will start transporting goods to a specific location. During this phase, your alliance members needs to work together to protect the caravan.

Silk Road Speculators Alliance Caravan

Difficulty Level in Silk Road Speculators

For beginners who are just getting started with this event, the Easy Mode will be the first thing you need to do in order to progress. On Easy Mode, it takes an average 15 minutes to complete the event.

Although, the harder mode is, the longer route will be and more challenging barbarians are going to be. This means your alliance members will be required to send in more armies, have the stamina to last for longer time and have strong commanders to handle these brutal barbarians.

The event progressively becomes harder as you reach closer to the final destination. Make sure to spread out your commanders to cover all areas. Once you complete the Easy Mode, Normal Mode will unlock and becomes available.

Basic Game Rules in Silk Road Speculators

Before you get started with the Silk Road Speculators, there’s a few basic game rules that you need to know in order to maximize your advantages:

  • Only alliance leader and officers can choose a difficulty level and initiate the event.
  • Alliance credits will be expended every time an alliance caravan is dispatched.
  • Unlocking the next level of difficulty requires prior stage to be completed.
  • Barbarians will spawn randomly to attack the caravan.
  • Upon reaching the destination, all alliance members will get event rewards.
  • The better protected your alliance caravan is, the greater rewards will be.
  • You can dispatch alliance caravan a few times on daily basis. The limit will reset daily.
  • Alliances will be ranked accordingly to their highest difficulty level and then by their highest score. Ranking will be rewarded to the top alliances at the end of event.

Game Tips for Silk Road Speculators

To maximize your winning chance during this event, follow these tips:

  • Spread out to cover more area so that you can kill barbarians quickly before they touch your caravan.
  • Use commanders that have solid direct damage factor (think Genghis Khan, Osman I and even Pelagius).
  • Dispatch as many armies as you can. This is about team working.
  • Route will be random, but if the caravan is walking along the cliff-side, barbarians will spawn on the other side.

Silk Road Speculators Event Gallery

Silk Road Speculators Event
Silk Road Speculators Alliance
Silk Road Speculators Team
Silk Road Speculators Barbarians
Silk Road Speculators Attacking
Silk Road Speculators Victory
Best Silk Road Speculators Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners
Best Silk Road Speculators Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners
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