Rise of Kingdoms Wishlist: Civilizations, Commanders and Units

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Ever wished that the game developers of Rise of Kingdoms will add more civilizations and unique commanders to the game? While Rise of Kingdoms currently have 11 civilizations and 50 commanders (counting elite, epic and legendary commanders to invest in), they still have a lot to go.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to play as Egypt or Russia if you wanted to? Which is why I assembled a Rise of Kingdoms wishlist featuring all potential playable civilizations, unique unit and commanders to associate with. Someday Lilith Games will integrate these additions in Rise of Kingdoms, but for now it’s all up in the air.

Without further ado, here’ a list of what I wish to be included in the upcoming game updates for Rise of Kingdoms.

Rise of Kingdoms Wishlist



  • +5% Infantry Attack
  • +5% Infantry Defense
  • +10% Infantry March Speed

Unique Unit: 

  • Phalanx


  • Pericles (Epic Commander)
  • Solon (Elite Commander for Gathering)
  • Alexander the Great (Legendary Commander)



  • +3% Troops Attack
  • +10% Stone Gathering Rate
  • +5% Building Rate

Unique Unit: Immortal


  • Achaemenes (Epic Commander)
  • Artemisia I (Legendary Commander)



  • +10% Food Gathering Rate
  • +10% Healing Effect
  • +15% Hospital Capacity

Unique Unit:

  • Chariot




  • +5% Cavalry Attack
  • +10% Gold Gathering Rate
  • +10% Cavalry March Speed

Unique Unit:

  • Cossack


  • Ivan I (Epic Commander)
  • Catherine II (Legendary Commander)



  • +5% Infantry Attack
  • +10% Food Gathering Rate
  • +20% Hospital Healing Speed

Unique Unit:

  • Tomahawk Warrior


  • Hiawatha (Epic Commander)
  • Sitting Bull (Legendary Commander)

Conclusion of Rise of Kingdoms Wishlist

That’s all governors, I will be adding more as I think of new civilizations with potential stats, unique units and commanders. However, there’s no American civilization in Rise of Kingdoms yet… I think adding Iroquois definitely would be a nice addition to spice up the game for sure.

Along with some really cool and popular names for the commanders that are being introduced every 8 weeks or so. Let’s hope the game developers for Rise of Kingdoms gets to add these potential civilizations, unique unit and commanders to the game.

What do you think of these additions for Rise of Kingdoms? Do you like it, or do you have a better game suggestion? Let us know by commenting below in the comments section. Happy gaming, Governors!

Rise of Kingdoms Wishlist: Civilizations, Commanders and Units
Rise of Kingdoms Wishlist: Civilizations, Commanders and Units
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