Best Rise of Kingdoms Newspaper: Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our guide on how to get Rise of Kingdoms newspaper. The Kingdom Newspaper is a brand new feature that was introduced in ROK patch notes 1.0.35. This feature automatically record daily events that happened in your kingdom.

To get the Kingdom Newspaper, you will need to buy it at Lyceum of Wisdom for 10 gems. You will get some information about what’s going on in your kingdom. After you buy the Kingdom Newspaper, you will get a random buff like increased cavalry attack by 1% and food gathering speed by 10%.

You can buy Kingdom Newspaper everyday as they will cover various news about your kingdom. When you purchase the newspaper, you can respond to each article by pressing like or dislike button.

Plus, you will have a calendar where you always can go back to check out the old news. While this will not improve your gameplay at all, it is still fun to find out what happened in your kingdom while you are away.

Information about Kingdom Newspaper

Here’s some important information that you should know about Rise of Kingdom Newspaper.

Memoirs of A Scout

Years of working as a runner have caused a scout to become sick. In his old age, he now sit on the city wall and watch the sunset diminishing in the horizon. His weather eyes still filled with burning passion for adventure. As any scouts would say, “I used to travel all around this land, from the treacherous mountain peaks to shining seas.”

New Gathering Record

The kingdom have achieved prosperous era with good weather as of lately. Yesterday, resources have been gathered throughout the kingdom 23,625 times in total! Congratulations to all governors and may your cities continue to propose for the time being!

Stalwart Defender

An intelligence report reveals that the Governor (Stormage) of Alliance (WKS) defeated 347 barbarians yesterday and is indeed a stalwart defender. Villages throughout the land rejoice as they find the barbarians who threatened their lives are gone.

How to Get Rise of Kingdoms Newspaper

Kingdom Newspaper System

To get started and find out what’s going on in your kingdoms, you need to spend 10 gems on Kingdom Newspaper in Lyceum Wisdom. You can buy it on daily basis as the current events refreshes exactly at 00:00:00 UTC.

The introduction of Kingdom Newspaper is indeed an exciting and interesting game feature. During the middle ages, manual scripts used to be passed during the gatherings for townspeople. It was the first modern newspaper to reach audience and tell people what’s going in in their town as well as the country.

We hope you find our guide on how to get Rise of Kingdoms Newspaper helpful and informative. If you have any questions about Kingdom Newspaper. Please feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Happy ruling, Governors!

Best Rise of Kingdoms Newspaper: Guide for Beginners
Best Rise of Kingdoms Newspaper: Guide for Beginners

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