Why Rise of Kingdoms is a Good P2W Game

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Some of you might be wondering if Rise of Kingdoms is a P2W game or not. I have been playing Rise of Kingdoms for at least 2 years now and I am going to tell you why it is not a Pay-to-Win game. In fact, Free-to-Play players still can play games and have a lot of fun.

In this guide, I am going to share some of my best advice and tips for you to become a successful player without spending a dime on the game. Without further ado, here’s advice to help you get started:

Daily Tasks

In Rise of Kingdoms, you have to perform daily tasks which will be divided in the following categories:

  • Farming Barbarians
  • Gathering
  • Events
  • Daily Quests

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to do daily tasks. You will get tons of rewards such as resources tokens, golden keys, chests, and even blueprints.

Farming Barbarians

Barbarians Farming Rise of Kingdoms

You do not want to let your action points sit at all if you plan to become an efficient player. Use peacekeeping commanders like Aethelflaed, Lohar, Boudica and even Cao Cao to farm barbarians. They all do extra damage to barbarians and you get rewards for defeating them.

Plus your commanders get experience which they will level up and unlock new skills. Here’s why I recommend using commanders with peacekeeping talent trees:

  • Get more rewards when defeating barbarians.
  • Do more damage towards barbarians.
  • Use less action points when attacking barbarians.


Alliance Resource Points

In Rise of Kingdoms, resources are fundamental to growing your empire. Without a steady flow of resources, you can’t grow fast and will fall behind in terms of technology advancement, building upgrades and training troops. Here’s why you need to maintain a constant flow of gathering:

  • You pretty much can’t do anything without resources.
  • Train your troops.
  • Upgrade your buildings.
  • Research your technologies.
  • Heal your troops during critical time.

Therefore, you should level up your gathering commanders and equip them with gathering gears whenever you can. Here’s list of gathering commanders that performs the best for each resources:


Rise of Kingdoms Event ROK

Another daily task that you should be doing is participating in the events. You will definitely want to take advantage of all Rise of Kingdoms events because they give out tons of freebies, including amazing rewards like Golden Key, legendary commander sculptures and sometimes they do let you get a legendary commander if you are lucky.

Daily Quests (Objectives)

If you are not doing daily quests, you are missing out on a lot of free stuff. Always make sure you complete your daily quests everyday to get awesome rewards such as:

  • 100 Gems
  • Magic Box (small chance of getting teleports, talent reset scrolls, etc.)
  • Action Point Recovery Potions
  • Epic Commander Sculptures

Join An Alliance

For god’s sake, join one of the top alliances on your server. You will have an easy time joining them and 99% of the time they are welcoming of Free-to-Play players. You will grow fast and have ton of fun, trust me.

The only thing top alliances want from all of their members is to contribute. Afterall, a strong alliance benefits everyone. Even if you are just starting off, explore for a strong alliance that will take you in and help you grow. Here’s why you should join an alliance right away:

  • Freebies: whales and big spenders spend a lot on the game. You will get a ton of dolphin chests.
  • Gifts: An active alliance will kill a lot of barbarians, forts, Lohars and more. They give you gifts.
  • Alliance Technology: Boosts your progression a lot.
  • Holy Sites: If your alliance controls holy sites, you get big bonuses.

And lastly, being in one of top alliances on your server will protect you from enemies and of course can attack your enemies along with you. So definitely alliance is one of the biggest parts in Rise of Kingdoms and you will not make any friends without being in an alliance.

Why Rise of Kingdoms is a Good P2W Game

I completely get that pay-to-win carries negative stigma in majority games. Whenever we see someone winning the game with maxed out commanders, equipment, and troops, we scream: pay-to-win!!! or wallet warrior!!! Though, Rise of Kingdoms is very different and here’s why having pay-to-win players on your server is actually good.

In the beginning, they might be a bit aggressive. But at the end of the day, they will be your best friends and you need them for the Lost Kingdom events. Almost all of the time, they will be one who leads rallied armies because they have the best commanders.

They drop tons of money and you will get a lot of free resources whenever they buy bundles. If you happen to be in one of high-spending alliances, you should feel lucky because you get a lot of free rewards. Not everyone gets the same kind of experience.

Imagine a Kingdom vs Kingdom battle and one of your alliance fortresses is about to get destroyed by an enemy kingdom. The P2W players in your kingdom will come forward to protect your fortress. So they do really help keep your investment safe.

Of course, you probably won’t get the chance to become a rally leader. But you as a free-to-play player can make an impact by supporting your alliances and kingdoms, You can support them by dispatching supporting commanders like Joan of Arc. Or if you want to heal them on the battlefield, you can roll with Cleopatra VII.

Rise of Kingdoms Community

The community is fun, friendly, supportive towards new players and beginners.

In the beginning, it can be quite a bit hard and overwhelming to play Rise of Kingdoms because of technology limitations. As you progress further, it becomes easier to play the game and you can command even more armies as well as control battles.

Whenever you need help or have a question, go ahead and ask in the chatroom. You will be surprised by how willing other players want to help you succeed. Make some time to bond with people on your server.


Rise of Kingdoms Good P2W Game

To wrap this up, Rise of Kingdoms is a P2W game but in a good way. It’s friendly to free-to-play players who are looking for a fair opportunity to grow without getting crippled by big spenders.

Rise of Kingdoms works very differently compared to other games, which is definitely one of their biggest accomplishments. So take a step at a time, focus on growing your city, make friends and join an alliance. You will have no issue growing at a fast pace.

Lastly, if you want to have a smooth and optimal gaming experience. I recommend you to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC. It’s faster, smoother and gives you more flexibility to play your favorite game. You also can read my top reasons why I recommend players to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

Until then, happy ruling Governors and stay tuned for more Rise of Kingdoms news and updates at House of Kingdoms!

Why Rise of Kingdoms is a Good P2W Game
Why Rise of Kingdoms is a Good P2W Game
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