Best Lohar’s Trial Guide: How to Get More Lohar Sculptures

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During the Lohar’s Trial, all the barbarian troops on the map will give you a unique event item: Bone Necklaces, which you can use to get rewards and a slight chance to acquire Lohar Sculptures to summon Lohar as your commander.

In addition to that, you will get Lohar’s Longbow and Lohar’s Buckler which invokes Lohar as a barbarian army on the map that’s only can attackable via rallied army. Form a partnership with your alliance members to reap the rewards!

In our guide, we will teach you the best way to smash Lohar’s Trial effectively. This method involves doing some tricks, which can be a bit time-consuming, but you save more of your resources in exchange for more significant rewards in the long term. So, let’s find out how to do Lohar’s Trial the best way.

Tip #1: Use Commander with AOE Skill

Best Lohar's Trial Peacekeeping Commander

Before you start farming barbarians on the map, you will want to use commanders with AOE skills or deal splash damage. The primary reason for using commanders with splash damage is that they can pick up additional barbarian troops without spending more action points!

That gives a free-to-play player a massive advantage in conversing action points with commanders with splash damage since you can kill more barbarians without spending more action points.

Furthermore, you will get even more bone necklaces doing this way which is required to summon Lohar. So here are the best commanders for dealing splash damage and picking up other barbarians while on the map!

Recommend Commanders for Splash Damage:

Tip #2: Use Peacekeeping Commanders

Best Lohar's Trial Commander Rise of Kingdoms

Another advantage you should consider when actively hunting for bone necklaces is to use commanders with peacekeeping talent. This type of commander specializes in dealing additional damage to barbarians.

Plus, there’s a chance you will get bonus resources upon killing barbarians as well as increased experience gain, which is incredibly useful for leveling up your commanders fast. So if you are trying to grow your power quickly, this well may be the best way to do it during the event.

Ideally, you will want to use a peacekeeping commander that can do splash damage along with a secondary commander, which also can be either a peacekeeping commander or specialized commander for the additional damage boost.

Recommended Peacekeeping Commanders:

Tip #3: Max out Rally Army

Rise of Kingdoms KVK Tips for New Players

Did you know that players can get even bigger rewards by assembling a massive rally army to defeat Lohar’s army? Even though the rewards are random, it’s usually higher for the rally leaders and others who join the rally to get a portion.

The more damage dealt your rally leader does, the bigger reward you will get when the Lohar’s Army is defeated. So make sure you are using these best rally commanders to increase rally army troop capacity to support a bigger troop size.

You can increase your rally troop capacity through upgrading your Castle Level, using Book of Covenant, and upgrading your commander’s rally army skill. Here’s a list of recommended commanders to rally an army.

Recommended Rally Commanders:

Tip #4: Use Combat Booster

Lohar's Trial Combat Booster Attack

Another great tip that every Rise of Kingdoms player should know when doing Lohar’s Trial. You can take this to the next level by activating enhanced troops attack or defense to significantly improve your marches’ combat strength.

During the Lohar’s Trial, you will want to be able to kill many barbarians quickly and effortlessly as possible to horde in bone necklaces. Increasing your marches’ attack will make it faster to kill barbarians.

While increasing your marches’ defenses will improve the survivability rate by minimizing troops’ loss. Plus, fewer troops will have to be healed in the hospitals, especially if you are running Tier 4 troops / Tier 5 troops.

Try to stack up at least one or two combat boosters like enhanced troop attack and enhanced troop defense. If you plan to farm barbarians for several hours, you might want to have a few in your inventory. Health, attack, and defense all are important stat in the game.

Conclusion of Best Lohar’s Trial Guide

Best Lohar's Trial Guide Rise of Kingdoms

Before we conclude our in-depth Lohar’s Trial guide, you should know by now how to maximize rewards and earn even more Lohar Sculptures. So please take advantage of your peacekeeping commanders and use their splash damage skills to pick up barbarians along the way.

If you want to get even more rewards, you can assemble a rally and be the rally leader. Temporarily improving your troops’ combat strength is also incredibly useful, especially in an event like the Lohar’s Trial, where you need to farm bone necklaces as many as you can.

Did you find our best Lohar’s Trial guide helpful and informative? If you have any questions about this guide or suggest making, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

Happy ruling, Governors!

Best Lohar’s Trial Guide: How to Get More Lohar Sculptures
Best Lohar’s Trial Guide: How to Get More Lohar Sculptures
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