How to Scout Mysterious Caves and Tribal Villages: Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our Rise of Kingdoms guide on how to scout Mysterious Caves and Tribal Villages. Scouting them is one of the most important game mechanisms in Rise of Kingdoms as a new player, even for a jumper account.

Scouting for Mysterious Caves and Tribal Villages is actually not that difficult at all. Though, it will take some time to scout the entire map of your kingdom and the rewards often are too great.

For the best optimized scouting experience, it is recommended that you play as Japan since scouts will get 30% increased march speed. You will get a free civilization change at City Hall level 10 to any civilization of your choice once you decide it’s time to change.

How to Scout Mysterious Caves

The first thing you should do upon creation of your game account is to start scouting. You will want to upgrade your Scout Camp as much as you can. At certain level, the Scout Camp will allow you to dispatch more scouts and increase the march speed.

ROK Mysterious Cave

Be sure to send your scouts in different directions. If needed to, reassign them to scout new location instead of letting them return to home. While they are scouting, explore the map around to find where you want your scouts to travel to next.

If you plan to go offline or to bed, be sure to send your scouts to explore at the edge of your map. This will allow your scouts to explore more regions and in return, you will have more Mysterious Caves to find out the hidden treasures.

There are 3 levels of Mysterious Cave. Each level gives you different rewards based on:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Do keep it in your mind that your scouts are immune to attacks while exploring the Mysterious Caves.

How to Scout Tribal Villages

There’s plenty of tribal villages on the map. It will take some time to collect the discovered tribal villages but these rewards are worth it. To get the rewards from Tribal Villages, you need to tap on the floating gift icon above them.

ROK Tribal Village

All players only can get one reward per tribal village. You will have a chance to get resources, speedups ,troops, low level economy technology and even a Kingdom Map which will lift the fog on the map.

If you plan to do a jumper account, you need to find time to collect tribal villages and mysterious caves because they will give you plenty of resources that helps you get ahead of your rivals.

How to Find Tribal Villages & Mysterious Caves

To locate Tribal Villages and Mysterious Caves, simply zoom out on the map. Then it will change the map view from cities to landscape. From that point, you can start exploring to find where the villages and caves are.

Ideally, you will want to focus on one zone at a time. If you start clearing multiple zones, you will create a lot of mess and lose time trying to find villages and caves that you didn’t scout.

Rise of Kingdoms Mysterious Caves and Tribal Villages

Ever since Rise of Kingdoms changed the way you can find Tribal Villages and Mysterious Caves, they will appear as notification in your inbox with coordination numbers. Simply tap on the message and it will take you there to collect the rewards.

Tribal Villages & Mysterious Caves Rewards

Personally, I scout villages and caves because the rewards that they give are too good. You can get rewards like speedups, resources, map, chests, and troops. They all are essential to developing and expanding your city.

If your game objective in Rise of Kingdoms is to become the strongest player. You need to find time to explore the map and collect these rewards. Not to forget to mention that you will also pick up the Kingdom Map which helps you clear hard to reach and leftover spots.

Furthermore, if you manage to clear the entire map. You will get Gems, Golden Keys, and high-level rewards from the Monument. The time you spend exploring the entire map is a great return on investment for powerful rewards.

Lastly, did you know you can play Rise of Kingdoms on PC and Mac for free? Here’s guide how to set it up on your PC or Mac. It’s a big improvement over playing the game on your smartphone and tablet. Plus, it makes it easy to manage multiple farming accounts to grow your empire quickly.

Stay tuned for more updates and Rise of Kingdoms news! Happy ruling Governor!

How to Scout Mysterious Caves and Tribal Villages: Guide for Beginners
How to Scout Mysterious Caves and Tribal Villages: Guide for Beginners
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