How to Rush to VIP 6: Guide for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners

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Having your VIP at level 6 is undoubtedly essential when upgrading your garrison at maximum speed, thanks to the permanent second builder queue.

In this guide, I will teach you how to rush VIP level 6 in Rise of Kingdoms as a free-to-play player.

This guide doesn’t involve spending any of your money on gems to upgrade your VIP to level 6 — although it would make it easier to reach there.

The purpose of my guide on how to rush VIP to level 6 is to show you how to maximize your gem accumulation.

Not only having your VIP at level 6 means you don’t need to use a second builder buff anymore, but you get nice perks like faster building speed, training speed and of course resources bonuses.

In a nutshell, the bonuses that you get just for having a level 6 VIP is too good not to rush first. Without further ado, let’s learn the basics and know what it takes to rush to VIP 6 status in Rise of Kingdoms.

Step-by-Step: How to Rush to VIP 6

In this part, I am going to explain step-by-step how to rush to VIP 6. If you are just starting off on a brand new server, then you will want to read this guide and learn how to maximize your advantage.

Before you rush to VIP 6. Please read this important tip: don’t spend your gems on anything else until you reach VIP 6.

You will thank me later when you get your VIP level to six. That being said, let’s find out what you need to do first.

Step 1: Upgrade Your City Hall

Upgrade City Hall Rush VIP 6 Rise of Kingdoms Guide

In the quest tab, you get a bunch of gems just for upgrading your City Hall. It is the easiest way to do so and should be the highest priority for you.

Focus on upgrading your City Hall as fast as possible while you have a second builder buff available for disposal.

Each time you level up your City Hall, you get several hundreds of gems that you can spend on upgrading your VIP level.

The first few levels will be quick, but this method becomes slower and time-consuming as you progress. Therefore, you must upgrade your city hall as soon as it becomes available.

Bonus tip: you can accelerate your VIP level with the popular Growth Fund bundle. Many free-to-play players have the Growth Fund because it’s affordable, and you get many gems for reaching a certain City Hall level.

I highly recommend getting the Growth Fund for your main account. It is a big booster to get ahead of other governors in the game, especially with the permanent bonuses from your VIP level.

Step 2: Participate in the Events

Events Rush VIP 6 Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Participating in the events is another easy way to get some extra gems.

It is easy to do this because, in Rise of Kingdoms, there are plenty of events to participate in. Some events pass out daily rewards, and some only do every week.

Either way, you have to join events if you want to have a shot at earning extra gems. Make sure to invest all of the gems into your VIP level as soon as you open them in your items tab.

Some of the most popular events that Rise of Kingdoms players enjoy in the game are:

You get a lot of gems just for doing the Rise of Kingdoms events. You don’t even have to be one of the best players, though putting in all your efforts as much as you can is what matters.

Step 3: Do Your Expeditions

Expedition Mode Rush VIP 6 Rise of Kingdoms Guide

In the campaign tab, you can perform expeditions with your selected commanders and troops.

Depending on the rewards, you can earn gems just for beating certain levels. This method is easy for the first few levels.

However, as long as you make steady progress on training troops and leveling up your commanders. You won’t have issues beating challenging levels.

To maximize your expeditions, you need a good amount of Tier 2 troops early on. It means you need to train a lot of them.

Most of these neutral units are easy to do throughout the first few levels up to level 30. After that, you need Tier 3 troops, then Tier 4 troops, and Tier 5 troops.

So, make sure to do these expeditions early for a chance to win more gems. You also can collect rewards from the Expedition Mode daily for all completed stages.

Step 4: Farm Barbarians

Farm Barbarians to Rush VIP 6 Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Did you know you also can rush to VIP 6 just by farming barbarians? Starting at level 10 and higher, these barbarians will have a chance to drop gems after being killed.

If you happen to have excellent peacekeeping commanders, who excels at killing barbarians such as Lohar, Aethelflaed, Boudica, or even Moctezuma I.

Then you can use these commanders to gather all barbarians in one spot and kill them with ease to reap awesome rewards. Using the chain-farming method trick, you will not have to expend too many action points.

Bonus point: if you have some weak commanders, such as gathering commanders, and you want to level them up so that they can bring in more resource load.

It’s a good idea to pair them with these peacekeeping commanders so both will gain experience. As you progress further and move across the zones, you will need high-level commanders to support high-level activities.

On the upside, whenever you defeat barbarians, you will get resource packs, experience, and more power.

Step 5: Unlocking Chests

Rise of Kingdoms Chests

Another way to rush VIP level 6 comes from unlocking both silver and golden chests. Suppose you have racked up plenty of silver keys and golden keys.

There is a good chance you will get some gem items. At the same time, it is possible to get some from the Silver Chests. Getting gem items is much more likely with Golden Chests.

Therefore, make sure you are doing the events and daily quests that reward silver keys / golden keys.

Don’t forget to use daily free chests for a chance to win extra gems. Spend these gems on upgrading your VIP to level 6 the moment you get these items.

Remember to complete all daily quests as you will always get one free golden key, and that can help out with you getting closer to VIP 6.

Step 6: Login Daily

Login Daily Rush VIP 6 Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Finally, this method doesn’t require you to spend any gems on upgrading your VIP to level 6.

It is an excellent incentive to encourage players to log in and get a few hundred VIP points to count towards upgrading their VIP status level.

Each time you log in, you get +50 bonus points to your current level. For instance, if you log in today, you will earn 100 VIP points.

The next day you log in, you will get 150 points, and the day after is 200 points. These numbers add up quickly as long as you keep a consistent login daily.

So, always make sure you log in everyday to maximize your advantage for these free VIP points. It’s super easy to do that as a free-to-play player.

Conclusion of How to Rush to VIP 6 Guide

How to Rush to VIP 6 Rise of Kingdoms Guide

That’s all governors! Now you know how to get more gems quickly, from doing events to upgrading your City Hall to logging in daily.

Rush VIP Level 6 fast is pretty easy once you get this rolling as a Free-to-Play player.

Practice and develop a good habit of not spending your gems on other things until you have fully unlocked the permanent second builder queue.

Afterward, I recommend you focus on speeding through to obtain Tier 4 troops quickly.

Also, being in top alliances helps out a lot with the gifts you get from whales and victorious battles. 

We hope this guide helps you rush VIP Level 6 faster! If you have any tips or suggestions that help you get there even quicker, let us know by commenting below!

Happy ruling, Governors!

How to Rush to VIP 6: Guide for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners
How to Rush to VIP 6: Guide for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners
  1. Its better to spend gems on VIP or save them for event?

    • Spend your gems on VIP. If you want to get more rewards, you can save your gems until “More than Gems” event reaches and then spend your gems on VIP.

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