How to Farm 1,000 Gems Daily for F2P Players: Guide for Beginners

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Did you know it’s possible that you can farm up to 1,000 gems everyday as a free-to-play player? You don’t have to use your hard-earned money to buy gem packs in the store at all. In fact, you actually could be dispatching your armies to collect the gems right now in Rise of Kingdoms.

The strategy to farm 1,000 gems is often utilized by top-tier players who owns and rules the kingdom. Gems are undoubtedly the most valuable resources in the game and everyone is vying to gather them to upgrade their VIP Status, purchase items and more.

This guide teaches you the secret to farming more than 1,000 gems a day. No scams, no third-party or anything of these. All it takes is dispatching your armies to collect the gems on the map and bringing it back to your city.

Without further ado, here’s the guide to farming more than 1,000 gems a day.

How to Farm Gems Through Gathering

Gem Deposit Rise of Kingdoms

The secret to farming 1,000 gems a day is through dispatching your commanders to gather them. To do this, you will have to get online a bit more often than you would for the regular resources like food, wood, stone and gold.

Farming 1,000 gems a day isn’t actually required and you can decide how much you want to farm. If you prefer to farm 500 gems or 200 gems, that’s both doable and fine as long as you can make a steady progression.

In this part, I am going to explain the strategy to farming 1,000 gems a day in Rise of Kingdoms.

Strategy to Farming 1,000 Gems / Day

Basically, you will be farming gems full time with your gathering armies. Because gems isn’t transferable from a game account to other game account. This is one of the main reason why you will want to start your own mini farming account to support your main account.

Doing this isn’t actually complex at all and pretty easy to do once you have it up and running. Let’s go through steps to get you up to speed to the 1,000 gems / day milestone. Here’s how to:

  1. Research Gems Technology
  2. Selecting Gathering Commanders
  3. Scouting for Gems Tiles

Step 1: Research Jewelry

Before you actually can gather gems, you need to research Jewelry via your Academy. Unlocking this technology will give your gathering commanders the skill to gather gems on the map.

Rise of Kingdoms Jewelry

After you unlock it, your next step is to research Cutting & Polishing which is the very end technology in the economic panel. Maxing it out will increase your gems gathering rate by 35%. It’s definitely helpful when you want to speed up the time to get gems and to scoop more tiles in less time.

Cutting and Polishing Rise of Kingdoms

Being able to gather and have plenty of gems is a surefire way to help you research Tier 5 troops fast.

Step 2: Select Gathering Commanders

To maximize the amount of gems that you gather on the map with gathering commanders, you need to invest talent points into The More, The Better. This talent will increase the amount of gems that you get by 6%.

Rise of Kingdoms The More The Better

While this is completely optional, it will definitely help you out a lot in the long run by generating more gems in less time. Thus, allowing you to reach the 1,000 gems per day faster and easier.

Step 3: Scouting for Gem Tiles

The next step to farming 1,000 gems a day is to scout and locate level 2 gem deposits on the map. You will never ever want to farm Level 1 gem deposit because they aren’t worth the time, bonuses and overall they are less efficient.

Focus on dispatching your armies to Level 2 gem deposits. They give 20 gems each and with the bonus, it will increase the amount that you get to 21 everytime. Now, let’s do some calculation to see how long it will take you to reach 1,000 gems a day.

Rise of Kingdoms Gem Deposit

The time it takes for a gathering commander to travel to a Gem Deposit, gather and return to the base takes around 45 minutes. Multiple that with 5 armies and you generate 131 gems per hour. To reach 1,000 gems a day, you only need to do this for 8 hours straight.

What are the Disadvantages for Gems Farming

While it is entirely possible to farm 1,000 gems a day, there’s some disadvantages that makes this quite challenging than you will think. There’s a few factors that you need to take into account:

  • You need to get online every hour to dispatch your commanders to farm gems.
  • You will need a mini farming account to funnel resources to your main account.
  • Sometimes, you will find some competition among players who are farming gems.

With these issues alleviated, you will have no problem farming 1,000 gems a day.

How to Farm 1,000 Gems / Day

How to Farm Gems Rise of Kingdoms

From my personal experience, I really enjoy farming a lot of gems everyday and it has helped me upgrade my VIP Status quickly. But this is possible because I have a mini farming account to support my city advancement.

Even though it does come at a small cost to slowing down my progression due to resources taxes and smaller number of armies that my farming account can dispatch at the same time. Being able to spend gems on upgrading your VIP Status and buying valuable items is absolutely must-have.

You can even spend your gems on events like the Card King and Wheel of Fortune for example.

Over to You!

That’s all, Governors! I hope you found this guide to farming more than 1,000 gems helpful and insightful. Let us know if you have any questions about this guide and we will be more than happy to chat with you about it!. If you have any tips for Rise of Kingdoms, drop a line with us! Happy ruling, Governors!

How to Farm 1,000 Gems Daily for F2P Players: Guide for Beginners
How to Farm 1,000 Gems Daily for F2P Players: Guide for Beginners
  1. I use Constance to gather gems especially with her Queen of Sicily skill

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