How Much is a Golden Key Worth in Rise of Kingdoms?

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Have you ever wondered how much a Golden Key is worth in Rise of Kingdoms? On average, the worth of a Golden Key is roughly 621 gems.  Though, this preset value assumes that you value all legendary commanders equally at 10% at 1,000 gems, then the worth of a Golden Key drops to 174 gems.

But in reality the majority of Free-to-Play players will be able to build 1 or 2 legendary commanders. So is it actually worth buying Golden Keys or should you just skip them out? In this guide, I am going to teach you how to determine the value of a Golden Key.

Are Golden Keys Worth Buying?

For starters, you will always want to buy Golden Keys at deep discounted prices as per following:

  • 80% Discount = 240 Gems
  • 70% Discount = 360 Gems
  • 60% Discount = 480 Gems
  • 50% Discount = 600 Gems

For the majority of the players, it is not worth buying the Golden Keys with your gems. Instead, you should spend your gems on more important stuff like upgrading the level of your VIP status. Thus, it’s worth buying Golden Keys if you are within the realm of big spenders and whales to get real value.

How to Determine Value of a Golden Key

To determine the value of a Golden Key, you need to set a maximum amount of gems that you are willing to spend on an item which you still consider it as a good value.

A Free-to-Play player will almost never spend their gems on resources. Maybe some will spend on speeding up their building upgrades. Other than that, it goes straight to upgrading their VIP status level.

Since there’s various use for gems, a single-fixed value for golden keys will only represent their true value for a small group of players. Thus, a calculator is needed to be able to cover all the base points.

Golden Key Assumptions

Below is the data that was pulled from the drop-rate tables provided by the Lilith Games developers and the data gathered from 861 golden chests, which featured 3444 drops.

From the data, the drop rates seem to be accurate. Some items can drop more than once per instance so we were able to compile these instances to find the average. Here’s an example of sculpture drop rate in groups of 1, 2, 3 and 5:

  • Legendary Sculptures: 3.25
  • Epic Sculptures: 3.3
  • Elite Sculptures: 2.65
  • Speedups: 1.1 hrs
  • Tome of Knowledge: 3.25

If you were to enter the gem value for commander sculpture, it is assumed that you will get the following:

  • Legendary Sculptures: 2 out of 15 every time.
  • Epic Sculptures: 2 out of 11 every time.
  • Elite Sculptures: 2 out of 7 every time.
  • Advanced Sculptures: 2 out of 4 every time.

Which means you need to spend roughly 16 Golden Keys just to get 2 legendary sculptures. This brings the total gems worth of Golden Keys to 9,315 and the value of legendary commander sculpture to an average 4,160 each.

For players, it is not worth spending your gems on Golden Keys. But for big spenders who have the money, it’s worth as long as they can get real value out of using the golden keys on the chests in the Tavern.


How Much Golden Key is Worth Rise of Kingdoms

That’s all governors! I hope you find our guide to find the value of a Golden Key helpful and informative. If you have any questions about this guide or need help with it, please feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below.

Lastly, did you know you can play Rise of Kingdoms on PC and Mac for free? Here’s a guide how to set it up on your PC or Mac. It’s a big improvement over playing the game on your smartphone and tablet. Plus, it makes it easy to manage multiple farming accounts to grow your empire quickly.

See my reasons why I recommend everyone to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC. Happy ruling, Governors! Be sure to stay tuned with us for more Rise of Kingdoms news that’s just right around the corner!

How Much is a Golden Key Worth in Rise of Kingdoms?
How Much is a Golden Key Worth in Rise of Kingdoms?
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