Guide to Governor Profile for Beginners in Rise of Kingdoms

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In this guide, I will talk about how to navigate your governor profile in Rise of Kingdoms. The governor profile is where you can find all the tools, achievements, settings, check your rankings and more. For some beginners who are just starting out in Rise of Kingdoms, it can be quite easy to get lost.

Which is why I created a simple Rise of Kingdoms guide to understanding how to use the Governor Profile. You will be surprised to learn that there’s quite a few important tips and tricks that you can use to your advantage. Without further ado, here’s an overview of what we will be talking about:

  • Getting to Know Your Governor Profile
  • Commanders
  • Troops
  • Achievements
  • Settings

Getting to Know Your Governor Profile

How to Navigate Governor Profile Rise of Kingdoms

To open your governor profile, tap on your avatar at the upper left corner. It will pull up your governor profile containing information about your current power, alliance you are in, number of kills, civilization you are playing with and achievement wall that you can hang it up.

Further below is more information which tells you in-depth details like buffs, bonuses, number of victorious battles, number of times you lost battles, how many fog you lifted using your scouts and such. Next is rankings that tell what position you are in and see how well you have fared against top 10 players in your kingdom.

Commanders tab in your governor profile is where you can assign commanders to get additional bonuses like increased experience gain, increased health, increased damage and more. Next to the Commanders tab is troops that tells you how many troops you have each type.

Achievements contain milestones of what you have done so far in that current kingdom you are in. Often, they come with small rewards like Golden Key, resource tokens, speedups and more depending on how far you have progressed.

And finally, Settings is where you can go to make changes and perform the necessary functions like jumping to a different kingdom, redeeming the gift codes, or even to create a different character to serve as mini farming account for your main character.


Rise of Kingdoms Commanders

In the Commanders tab, you can assign a specific commander to hold the title. For instance, you can assign Lohar to gain a 5% experience bonus from victorious battles against barbarians. Plus they do more damage to them. If you want a faster gathering commander, you can do so by assigning the title to them.

The following titles and buffs that you can assign to your commanders at one time:

  • Ranger (+5% XP Gain & Damage vs. Barbarians)
  • Tax Officer (+5% Gathering Speed)
  • Drillmaster (+1% Troop Attack)
  • Iron Guard (+1% Troop Health)
  • Supply Captain (+5% Gathering Speed & Troop Load)
  • Charge Captain (+1% Rally Attack & Rally Troop March Speed)
  • Knight Head (+1% Troop Defense and Health)


Troops Governor Profile Rise of Kingdoms

Another important section in your governor profile is Troops. This pulls information and stats about your troops, like how many troops for each type and what tier they are. Then it shows how many troops you have in total and what the total troops power is. This information is useful if you are curious to how strong your military strength is as well as in your city and on the map.


Rise of Kingdoms Achievements

Did you know that for every milestone you reach, it goes to your achievements tab and they are bustling with rewards? They are great to have and can help you make progression quicker in Rise of Kingdoms as a Free-to-Play player.

The following achievements are:

  • Engineer (Make contributions to your alliance & help with constructing flags / fortresses)
  • Overlord (Train troops to gain power)
  • Vanquisher (Dominate your enemies through brute force on the battlefield)
  • Adventurer (Explore the map, find hidden treasures and meet tribal villages)
  • Pioneer (Get unique commanders, upgrade skills and equip them with equipment)
  • Child of Fate (High-end achievements, city themes, legendary commanders, etc)


Governor Profile Settings Rise of Kingdoms

Next, you can access Settings via your Governor Profile. This is where you can ask for customer service support if you have any in-game issues. You also can tweak resolution and quality in Rise of Kingdoms to make the game run faster on the device you are using.

Plus, you can change language to your native language. For advanced players, you can create new characters via Character Management which is useful if you are interested in creating a jumper account or to make a mini farming account. You can learn more about these tips by clicking on them.

Other than that, it’s pretty much what you can do in the settings tab. If you have a gift code (updated frequently) you can redeem to get some really cool rewards like gems, golden keys and tokens for yourself.

Over to You

That’s all Governors! I hope you found this guide on how to navigate your governor profile simple and helpful. Make sure to assign your commanders for additional bonuses and do these achievements to rack up on the progression to unlock rewarding chests!

Even though it being a governor profile, knowing your ways ins and outs in Rise of Kingdoms can be particularly useful to your advantage. Happy ruling Governors!

Guide to Governor Profile for Beginners in Rise of Kingdoms
Guide to Governor Profile for Beginners in Rise of Kingdoms
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