Easiest Way to Unlock T5 Troops in Rise of Kingdoms: Guide for Beginners

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To unlock T5 troops in Rise of Kingdoms, you must upgrade your City Hall to Level 25, then upgrade your Academy to Level 25. Before you are able to do so, you need to upgrade other buildings first in order to start researching Tier 5 units.

This process will require a lot of resources and time to unlock Tier 5 troops if you do not know the minimum requirements or can’t make the right direction. At House of Kingdoms, we made it simple and informative to help guide you through the process of unlocking your first T5 troops the easy way.

How to Unlock T5 Troops

Below is the cheapest and easiest way to unlock Tier 5 troops in Rise of Kingdoms (ROK):

How to Unlock T5 Troops ROK

As per the infographics guide on how to unlock T5 troops fast, easy and cheap as possible, do this:

  1. Max out Gold Mine, Farm, Lumber Mill and Quarry to Level 25.
  2. Max out Stable, Archery Range, and Barracks to Level 25.
  3. Max out Siege Workshop and Scout Camp to Level 25.
  4. Max out Alliance Center and Trading Post to Level 25.
  5. Max out Castle and Tavern to Level 25.
  6. Max out Hospital and Walls to Level 25.
  7. Max out Storehouse to Level 25.
  8. Max out Watchtower to Level 25.
  9. Max out Academy to Level 25.
  10. Start researching Tier 5 troops in Academy.

You will also need at least:

  • 32,000 gems
  • 16 Master’s Blueprints

How to Get More Gems

If you are struggling to get more gems to buy Master’s Blueprints, we have assembled a simple guide to help you farm more gems the easy way. Luckily, in Rise of Kingdoms there’s several gem deposit which you can dispatch your armies to gather. In fact, it’s possible to harvest up to 1,000 gems everyday.

Here’s ways how to get more gems so you can unlock T5 troops faster:

  • Gather gems on the map (you need to unlock Jewelry technology to enable this).
  • Do daily quests.
  • Participate in the events.
  • Do Expedition Mode
  • Participate in the Lost Kingdom events.
  • Be in the top 100 rankings.


Here’s some general notes that you should know about when it comes to upgrading your buildings to level 25 and unlocking Tier 5 troops:

  • Upgrading a building to Level 25 typically will require a Master’s Blueprint.
  • You do need to upgrade all of the buildings mentioned in the infographics to Level 25.
  • You only need to upgrade one Resource Production building and one Hospital to Level 25.
  • Both Castle and Watchtowers are required to upgrade to Level 25.
  • Majority of players like to upgrade all Hospitals and Resource Production Buildings to Level 25 before unlocking Tier 5 troops due to good bonuses.
  • When your City Hall reaches to Level 25, you will get 1 Master’s Blueprint as the reward.
  • Scout Camp, Castle and Watchtower do not need Master’s Blueprint.
  • To start researching Tier 5 troops, you need to have economic tree fully researched and military tree researched to Tier 5 nodes (Learn how to research fast).
  • We highly recommend spending your gems during the More Than Gems event to maximize your rewards while getting Master’s Blueprints.

That’s all Governors! I hope you find our infographics on how to unlock T5 troops fast, easy and cheap as possible. If you have any tips or questions about this guide, please feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more Rise of Kingdoms guides & hacks at House of Kingdoms.

Easiest Way to Unlock T5 Troops in Rise of Kingdoms: Guide for Beginners
Easiest Way to Unlock T5 Troops in Rise of Kingdoms: Guide for Beginners
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