How to Get Book of Covenant: Guide for Beginners

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Getting Book of Covenant is rare in Rise of Kingdoms, especially when you need to upgrade your Castle to Level 25 before commanding large rally armies.

Upgrading your Castle is a tedious and time-consuming process which is why I created the Ultimate Guide to Farming Book of Covenant for Beginners.

The purpose of this guide is to help beginners like you learn how to get Book of Covenant effectively so you can save time and speed-upgrade your Castle without having to wait at all.

Doing this process will require you to be at least active daily. So, without further ado, here’s how to upgrade your Castle to Level 25 via farming Book of Covenant for beginners:

How to Upgrade Your Castle to Level 25

Castle Rise of Kingdoms Guide

At the beginning of your game session in Rise of Kingdoms, maxing out your Castle to Level 25 is not the main focus. Although, as you progress into the late game, upgrading your Castle to Level 25 becomes a focus.

Though, you can’t upgrade your Academy without having a Level 25 Castle. It means you need to level up all of your buildings to Level 25 before you are even able to further research techs in Academy.

A friendly tip for you: don’t spend your speedups on research when closing out to Tier 5 troops at all. Focus on upgrading your Castle to Level 25 then you can invest speedups on Tier 5 troops.

The main problem here is if you upgrade Tier 5 troops using your speedups. Then you don’t have any remaining speedups to accelerate Castle to Level 25. You will be stuck at max research with nothing to upgrade for days and days.

It is an easy mistake to make. But utterly avoidable if you take the initiative to farm Book of Covenant and prioritizing the upgrade procedure.

How to Get Book of Covenant

Destroy Barbarian Forts and Barbarians Book of Covenant Rise of Kingdoms Guide

The most effective way to get the Book of Covenant is to destroy barbarian fortresses as many as you can. For starters, you will need to get 5,000 Book of Covenants to level up your Castle from 24 to 25.

Otherwise, you can buy more during the More than Gems event. However, if you are going to play as a Free-to-Play player, you will want to stick to farming the barbarian fortresses and buying books during the event with the remaining gems.

Here are a few ways you can get more Book of Covenant to make it easier to farm for them:

  • VIP Shop Chests: Very expensive, the higher your VIP level is, but an easy way to get more.
  • You are spending your gems during the More Than Gems event.
  • Alliance Chests comes with 10 Book of Covenant, a nice reward whenever someone in your alliance buys a chest in-game.
  • Farming Barbarian Fortresses gives you Book of Covenant, a mini farming account, and peacekeeping commanders like Keira, Lohar, or Aethelflaed recommended.

Suppose you plan to farm Book of Covenant all by yourself, your primary account, and a mini farming account. Then follow these steps to solo kill the barbarian fortresses the easy way:

  • Stay away from your alliance.
  • Do solo barbarian fortresses that are levels 1, 2, and 3.
  • Rally on Level 3 barbarian fortresses on your main account and join using your farm account.
  • Rally on Level 2 barbarian fortresses on your farm account and join using your main account.
  • Rinse and repeat, and you get 5 Book of Covenants for each victorious battle at a much quicker pace.

Castle Upgrade Cost Guide

How to Upgrade Castle Rise of Kingdoms Guide

The cost to upgrade Castle isn’t exactly that expensive compared to upgrading Quarry or Gold Mine in terms of resources. Though you have to account for the price of action points, gems, and Book of the Covenant, it does turn out to be the most expensive structure in Rise of Kingdoms.

You do not need a blueprint to upgrade your Castle to Level 25. But you do need to get at least 5,000 Book of Covenants to upgrade it. So here’s a guide for you to preview the total cost to upgrade Castle.

Tips to Get More Book of Covenants

How to Get Book of Covenants Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Getting your Castle to level 25 is a great feeling for sure. But like I said before, it is incredibly easy to make mistakes if you do not plan ahead of the game. A simple resource allocation mistake can set you back for days and days before you can advance to the next level.

Once your City Hall reaches level 25, your high priority is to focus on upgrading your Caste to Level 25 — which is the first order of business. Afterward, you can focus on upgrading other buildings such as Academy to research advanced technology.

Save all the speedups as much as you can because you will need a lot to cut the building time short. Ask for alliance help whenever you can. Farm barbarians for speedups if you can using chain-farming method.

To sum this up, here’s tips you can do to avoid these easy to make mistakes:

  • Focus on maxing out your Castle to Level 25 first before upgrading other buildings.
  • Save a lot of speedups, only use them after your alliance help is all used up.
  • Farm barbarians for speedups to help further cut down building timer.
  • Don’t spend speedups on closing out Tier 5 troops yet.

Time is essential in your Castle’s final level. Therefore, be sure you prepare in advance of time.

Conclusion of Book of Covenants Guide

How to Get More Book of Covenant Rise of Kingdoms Guide

As you can see, the cost to upgrade your Castle to Level 25 is prohibitive. This guide aims to help you know several options you can do to get the Book of Covenants.

The hard way to do without spending your money is farming the Barbarian Fortresses and collecting Alliance Chests. If you want to take the easy route, be prepared to spend a little bit of your money on VIP Shop Chests.

A single Book of Covenant is equal to 10 gems. So when you add up the total books it takes to upgrade Castle from Level 1 to 25, it is 20,095 books which equals 200,950 gems in the game. It means you will have to destroy at least 4,017 fortresses to be able to upgrade fully without spending your money.

Here’s what you can do to maximize your chance of getting more Books:

The next time you are looking for ways to get more Book of Covenants, you will know that you can accelerate your game progression and gain an advantage over other Governors in Rise of Kingdoms.

That’s all governors! I hope you found my guide on how to farm the Book of Covenants helpful and practical. Let us know if you have any questions or suggest this guide by commenting in the comment section below.

Happy upgrading your Castle to 25!

How to Get Book of Covenant: Guide for Beginners
How to Get Book of Covenant: Guide for Beginners
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