Best VIP Shop Guide for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners

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Welcome to our Best VIP Shop guide for Rise of Kingdoms. If you are a new player and you are wondering how to get items via VIP Shop. Then stick around with us because in our VIP Shop guide, we will reveal all the items that can be bought with food, wood and gems.

Simply put, VIP Shop is the place where you can buy anything with your resources. In the store, you will find plenty of items that are being sold at discounted prices. Some of the items can be bought with food and wood such as action points and speedups.

The VIP Shop reset once every week. Though, as a general rule of thumb for all free-to-play players… do not spend your gems on any items in the shop. While you can easily farm 1,000 gems daily, I recommend saving your gems to unlock Tier 5 troops fast.

Therefore, only buy items that cost resources because you can always invest your gems into upgrading your VIP Status level and pushing yourself ahead of your competitors in Rise of Kingdoms. That being said, here’s a list of items that’s available in the VIP Shop.

Rise of Kingdoms VIP Shop        
Item Name Cost VIP Level Discount Qty
Basic Action Point Recovery (100 AP) Food 12,000 VIP 2 -50% 30
Universal Speedup (5m) Food 7,000 VIP 3 -30% 50
Lv.5 Tome of Knowledge (10,000 xp) Gems 40 VIP 3 -50% 50
Universal Speedup (5m) Gems 6 VIP 3 -57% 500
Brand-new Starlight Sculpture Food 60,000 VIP 4 -33% 20
500,000 Food Gems 180 VIP 4 -78% 10
Golden Key Gems 600 VIP 4 -50% 20
Dazzling Starlight Sculpture Wood 400,000 VIP 5 -33% 5
500,000 Wood Gems 180 VIP 5 -78% 10
Universal Speedup (60m) Gems 50 VIP 5 -58% 50
375,000 Stone Gems 180 VIP 6 -78% 10
Targeted Teleport Gems 750 VIP 6 -50% 10
200,000 Gold Gems 180 VIP 7 -78% 20
Universal Speedup (8h) Gems 240 VIP 7 -60% 20
1,500,000 Food Gems 460 VIP 8 -80% 10
Bundle of Brand-new Starlight Sculptures Gems 300 VIP 8 -50% 25
1,500,000 Wood Gems 460 VIP 9 -80% 10
Epic Commander Sculpture Gems 200 VIP 9 -60% 50
1,125,000 Stone Gems 460 VIP 10 -80% 10
24-Hour Enhanced Defense (Advanced) Gems 750 VIP 10 -50% 10
600,000 Gold Gems 460 VIP 11 -80% 10
Bundle of Dazzling Starlight Sculptures Gems 460 VIP 11 -50% 15
,000,000 Food Gems 1,400 VIP 12 -80% 10
24-Hour Enhanced Attack (Advanced) Gems 2,000 VIP 12 -60% 10
5,000,000 Wood Gems 1,400 VIP 13 -80% 8
Legendary Commander Sculpture Gems 2,000 VIP 13 -60% 20
3,750,000 Stone Gems 1,400 VIP 14 -80% 8
Advanced Army Expansion Gems 2,500 VIP 14 -50% 10
2,000,000 Gold Gems 1,400 VIP 15 -80% 10
Universal Speedup (24h) Gems 600 VIP 15 -60% 20
Level 5 Reserves Gems 2,000 VIP 15 -90% 25

VIP Shop Tips

My general tips for using the VIP Shop if you are not sure how to maximize your advantage from the store is to focus on buying items that are being discounted at 80% off. You will always want to buy these items with your resources (food and wood).

But never ever spend your gems on any of these items in the shop, except for Targeted Teleport as they are extremely valuable for certain events like the Lost Kingdoms and the Past Glory.

You unlock more items in the VIP Shop as the level of your VIP status increases. So, make sure to invest your gems in upgrading your VIP status level. You will get tons of bonuses including improved action points recovery rate and faster gathering rate that your commanders will absolutely benefit from.

Best VIP Shop Guide for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners
Best VIP Shop Guide for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners
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