Best Strategic Reserve Event Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to the best Strategic Reserve event Rise of Kingdoms guide for beginners.

The Strategic Reserve is a new event in Rise of Kingdoms where all Governors will have the opportunity to find supply boxes while gathering resources, managing resources, and defeating barbarians.

To optimize the flow of supply boxes, we recommend you learn how to chain farm barbarians effectively. In this case, I urge you to use peacekeeping commanders such as AethelflaedCao Cao, Moctezuma I, Lohar, Minamoto No Yoshitsune, and even Boudica.

Furthermore, I recommend you to use best gathering commanders such as SarkaConstance, Seondeok, Ishida, or Cleopatra VII as they can harvest resources quickly on the map. The higher level a resource spot is, the more and bigger supply boxes you will be able to bring in.

In this guide, we are going to cover the Strategic Reserve event rules and explain the basics.

At the end of this guide, you can preview to see the rewards you could potentially get based on rankings.

Event Rules

During the event, all Governors will have a chance to find supply boxes from the following sources:

  1. Gathering resources on the map.
  2. Defeating barbarians.
  3. Collecting resources in your city.
Strategic Reserve Event Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Supply boxes will be mailed to the Governors and will get rewards upon opening.

The game system will rank Governors based on the number of supply boxes found. The governors with the most supply boxes found will get additional rewards.

Ranking Rewards

Below is a list of rewards that you could get based on your ranking during the Strategic Reserve event:

  • 100 Gem x15
  • Cleopatra Sculpture x100
  • 60-minute Building Speedup x20
  • 60-minute Training Speedup x20
  • 12-hour Enhanced Defense x1
  • 100 Gem x8
  • Cleopatra Sculpture x80
  • 60-minute Building Speedup x15
  • 60-minute Training Speedup x15
  • 12-hour Enhanced Defense x1
  • 100 Gem x5
  • Cleopatra Sculpture x60
  • 60-minute Building Speedup x10
  • 60-minute Training Speedup x10
  • 12-hour Enhanced Defense x1
  • 100 Gem x3
  • Cleopatra Sculpture x45
  • 60-minute Building Speedup x8
  • 60-minute Training Speedup x8
  • 12-hour Enhanced Attack x1
  • 100 Gem x2
  • Cleopatra Sculpture x30
  • 60-minute Building Speedup x5
  • 60-minute Training Speedup x5
  • 12-hour Enhanced Attack x1
  • 100 Gem x1
  • Cleopatra Sculpture x20
  • 60-minute Building Speedup x5
  • 60-minute Training Speedup x5
  • 100 Gem x1
  • Cleopatra Sculpture x10
  • 60-minute Building Speedup x3
  • 60-minute Training Speedup x3
Strategic Reserve Ranking Rewards Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Strategic Reserve Event: Tips and Tricks

Luckily, as a free-to-play player, you can do several tips and tricks to maximize the number of supply boxes during the Strategic Reserve event.

Suppose you are wondering how to do that. Then scroll down to learn more about each trick and tip.

You will find out how straightforward it is to maximize supply boxes once you apply these tricks and tips.

How to Get More Supply Boxes from Collecting Resources

How to Get Supply Boxes Collecting Resources Strategic Reserve Event

One of the main factors during the Strategic Reserve event is the resource production in your city. You will receive supply boxes each time you tap to collect resources.

The high level your resource production buildings are, the more supply boxes you will earn. Therefore, it is essential that you fully upgrade your resource production buildings to ensure a steady flow of supply boxes.

You get supply boxes for each resource tap whenever you tap them. Although, if your resource production reaches maximum capacity, it cannot produce any further, and you don’t get additional supply boxes.

Ensure you clear off your resource production buildings before you go to sleep or plan to go offline for several hours to maximize your supply boxes chance when you come back online to collect.

How to Get More Supply Boxes from Farming Barbarians

Barbarians Rise of Kingdoms

During the Strategic Reserve event, governors can acquire supply boxes by successfully defeating barbarians on the map.

Suppose you want to maximize your supply boxes from barbarians. We highly recommend you to use the chain-farming method, which involves one of the best peacekeeping commanders and infantry commanders to gather multiple barbarians and defeat them in the same spot.

Alternatively, you can assembly a rallying army with one of these best rally commanders to attack barbarian camps. They do give out supply boxes to all participating alliance members after destroying the encampment.

Here’s a list of recommended commanders for raiding barbarian camps:

The more commanders you can dispatch at a time, the more supply boxes you will be able to earn while on the Kingdom Map as you focus on farming barbarians in multiple areas.

How to Get More Supply Boxes from Harvesting Resources

How to Get More Supply Boxes Resources Strategic Reserve Event

Throughout all zones in Rise of Kingdoms, there are resource spots that the governors can harvest.

Although, during the Strategic Reserve event, you want to maximize your chance to get Supply Boxes. Then you need to teleport to Zone 3 region.

That’s because it is the only place you can find level 5-6 resource spots. These resource spots give the most out of all, and that means there’s more chance for your gathering commanders to bring back supply boxes in a single trip.

Keep in mind that this will not be an easy task since multiple players are vying to stake their claim on these high-level resource spots.

So, be prepared to fight for control as you gather resources on the map. Try to aim for commanders to bring back all resource loads in a single trip to make it even more effective.

Conclusion of Best Strategic Reserve Guide

Best Strategic Reserve Event ROK Guide

Before I wrap up our in-depth Strategic Reserve event guide for beginners, you should know tricks and tips to maximize your supply box chance by:

  • Upgrading your resource production buildings to Level 25.
  • Dispatch commanders and gather multiple barbarians in one spot, using the chain barbarian farming technique.
  • Dispatch high-level gathering commanders to farm Level 5-6 resource spots in Zone 3 Region.

When you do these steps correctly, you will bring in a ton of supply boxes, which will, in exchange, give you a lot of resources, especially speedups and rare items like Sliver Keys and sometimes Golden Keys.

Did you find our best Strategic Reserve event guide for beginners informative and helpful?

Suppose you have any questions or want to suggest adding to this guide. Let us know by commenting in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our Rise of Kingdoms Gift Codes to see if there is a working code for a chance to get free gems and exclusive rewards. It’s always nice to have more gems to spend on upgrading your VIP level.

Rule on, Governors!

Best Strategic Reserve Event Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners
Best Strategic Reserve Event Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners
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