Best Strange Incidents Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our best Strange Incidents guide for beginners. If you are looking for a guide on doing this event, you have come to the right place.

Because in our best Strange Incidents Rise of Kingdoms guide, we are going to teach you how to beat this event.

During the event, you will need to search and locate the burning villages on the map. Then you need to send your scouts to help them out by finishing various quests to get the rewards.

There are so many rewards to get. We highly recommend you spend your action points during the Strange Incidents event. You can learn more about how to increase your action points recovery rate.

So if your objective is to maximize your rewards from the Strange Incidents event, then this guide is for you! Stick around and scroll down to learn tricks and tips for this event.

Strange Incidents Event

Strange Incidents Burning Villages Quests

During the event, you will have to explore the burning villages. This will involve killing barbarians and increasing your technical power as well as several other objectives.

General Game Rules for Strange Incidents Event:

  • During the event, there will be several burning villages that appear on the map. Send scouts to investigate them.
  • After the investigation, you will be able to accept a limited-time quest from the villages to help them return to normalcy.
  • Complete the quest within the time limit. If you do not meet the time limit, it will fail.
  • You can only accept or decline the quest given by the villagers. The timer starts counting down as soon as you accept the quest.
  • You can accept only ONE quest at a time. 
  • To pick up another quest, the current quest has to be completed or given up.
  • You can scout a burning village once every 30 minutes after accepting or declining the quest.
  • After you complete the quest given by a village, all governors will get quest rewards and a unique item: Bandit’s Torch.
    • Different quests give various rewards: Training 1,500 T2+ Troops will provide you with 200 Action Points.
    • Training 4,000 T2+ Troops will give you 600 Action Points.
    • It’s possible to rake up to 9,000 Action Points from these quests per day.
  • Use 5 Bandit’s Torches to summon and challenge the Bandits.

The bandits will form close to the summoning Governor’s city. Governors can decide whether to defeat the bandits by themselves or with the help of a rallying army.

We recommend you to send a small amount of troops for a rally so that your alliance members can get some of the rewards. Here’s a list of commanders that you can use to launch a rally.

Recommended Rally Commanders:

All governors can complete up to 15 villager quests per day. Below is a list of rewards that all participating alliance members earned for killing a bandit.

Villager Quests Strange Incidents

Strange Incidents Tricks & Tips

Here are some cool and useful tricks & tips to make it easier for you to complete the Strange Incidents events:

  1. Zoom out the map.
  2. Pick Explore Marker.
  3. The burning villages are the red flames on the screen as shown below:
Strange Incidents Tips and Tricks

Then dispatch your scouts to disperse the burning villages quickly. If you are playing in Japan, you will gain +30% scout march speed which helps out with clearing off the burning villages on the map.

Suppose you are fighting against the bandits during the Strang Incidents event. We highly recommend that you use peacekeeping commanders such as Moctezuma I, Boudica, Keria, Lohar, and even Cao Cao.

Peacekeeping commanders deal bonus damage towards neutral units, in this case, the bandits, which helps out a lot with killing them quickly for rewards.

If you plan to use Tier 4 Troops / Tier 5 Troops, make sure you have enough hospital capacity to provide a safety net for the troops if you plan to solo bandits all by yourself.

Conclusion of Strange Incidents Guide

Best Strange Incidents Guide Rise of Kingdoms

As we come to conclusion of our best Strange Incidents guide for beginners. You now know how to maximize your action points for an even easier time to farm barbarians.

In addition to that, whenever you summon bandits, you can decide to kill them by yourself or band with your alliance.

If you are a free-to-play player, we recommend joining one of the top alliances on your server and pair with an alliance member for rallying.

Lastly, if you want to have a smooth and optimal gaming experience. I recommend you to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

It’s faster, smoother and gives you more flexibility to play your favorite game. You also can read my top reasons why I recommend players to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

That’s all Governors! If you have any questions or suggestions to make for the Strange Incidents event, let us know in the comment section below.

Until then, happy ruling Governors and stay tuned for more Rise of Kingdoms news and updates at House of Kingdoms!

Best Strange Incidents Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners
Best Strange Incidents Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners
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