Best Rise of Kingdoms Map Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to the Best Rise of Kingdoms map guide for beginners. Each kingdom server has a unique seed that makes the game dynamic, different, and interesting. The Rise of Kingdoms world map is the cradle of civilization where life starts.

It comes with everything you need to get started with your first city and later as the game progresses. Which is why it is important that you learn the characteristics and forms of each stage, structures and those who inhabit the territory.

In this Rise of Kingdoms world map guide, we are going to talk about:

Without further ado, let’s dive in to learn more about your map and how you can use these knowledge to plan ahead of your rivals!

Main Rise of Kingdoms Map

The Main Kingdom is the main map where all governors are born and settled. It is divided in 3 Zones that are separated by rigid mountains and passes. Only the alliances that control the passes may advance to the next zone.

As you advance to the next zone, you will see different characteristics including stronger barbarian armies, higher level resource points and new holy sites that your alliances must capture in order to gain buffs.

Therefore it’s important for both new and veteran players to know the place where we live.

Rise of Kingdoms World Map
Zone Barbarians Resource Point Holy Sites Barbarians Forts
1 Level 1-10
  • Food Level 1/2/3
  • Wood Level 1/2/3
  • Stone Level 1/2/3
  • Gold Level 1/2/3
  • Gems Level 1
Altars & Sanctums Level 1/2/3
2 Level 11-19
  • Food Level 4/5/6
  • Wood Level 4/5/6
  • Stone Level 4/5/6
  • Gold Level 4/5/6
  • Gems Level 1/2
Shrines Level 3/4/5
3 Level 20-25
  • Food Level 4/5/6
  • Wood Level 4/5/6
  • Stone Level 4/5/6
  • Gold Level 4/5/6
  • Gems Level 1/2
Lost Temple Level 4/5

Important Note: As the Kingdom ages in time, barbarians, resource points and barbarian forts can appear in any zone even around the Holy Sites at any level and becomes more frequent.


Rise of Kingdoms Passes

Passes are a form of neutral structure that controls who can advance to the next zone in Rise of Kingdoms. By capturing the Pass, your alliance members and you can teleport to the next zone. There’s a period of protection that prevents other alliances from attacking these passes.

The protection period ends once the Scroll of the Kingdom advances. When your alliance plans to attack the passes, they have units (NPCs) that will defend them until they are defeated. These units will not allow anyone to advance to the next level unless the passes are captured.

Passes can be only attacked by alliances that have buildings adjacent to them.

Holy Sites: Sanctums, Altars, Shrines and Lost Temple

Rise of Kingdoms Holy Sites

In Rise of Kingdoms, there are holy sites scattered around the map. Capturing them gives your alliance members buffs. Though, capturing holy sites that grant the same buffs do not stack. Having two Wisdom Altars do not give you +10% Research Speed, only +5% Research speed is given.

Which is why it is important that you diversify your holy sites to maximize buffs gained. When you capture one of these holy sites, they will gain a temporary protective shield that prevents it from being attacked for 3 days.

These holy sites can be attacked by any alliances that are adjacent to their territory.


Found in Zone 1

  • Sanctum of Courage: Commander EXP Gain + 10%
  • Sanctum of Wind: March Speed ​​+ 5%
  • Sanctum of Blood: Troop Health 2%
  • Sanctum of Hope: Gathering Speed ​​+ 5%


Found in Zone 1.

  • Earth Altar: Building Speed ​​+ 5%
  • Wisdom Altar: Research Speed ​​+ 5%
  • Harvest Altar: Resource Production + 10%
  • Storm Altar: Training Speed ​​+ 5%
  • Surge Altar: Troop defense + 3%
  • Flame Altar; Troop Attack + 3%


Found in Zone 2.

  • Shrine of Order: Troop defense + 3% and Troop Health + 3%
  • Shrine of Honor: Rallied Army Attack + 5% and Gathering Speed ​​+ 5%
  • Shrine of Radiance: Action Point Recovery + 20% and Healing Speed ​​+ 20%
  • Shrine of War: Troop Attack + 3% and Training Speed ​​+ 10%

Lost Temple

Rise of Kingdoms Lost Temple

Found in zone 3, the center of the map.

The Lost Temple is the fundamental structure of the main kingdom that alliance who maintains control of it, its leader will become the king. The leader can use the kingdom to their own advantage including King Skills that can be gifted to members or to punish any Governors.

The leader of the kingdom will be able to utilize Kingdom Buffs, King Skills, and Kingdom Titles. Which we will further talk more about in the next section.

Kingdom Buffs

These are the kingdom buffs. They gives a temporary boost to all governors in the kingdom.

From The Ground Up Increases building speed by 10% for 4 hours
Industrial Revolution Increases research speed by 10% for 4 hours
Mobilize for War Increases training speed by 10% for 4 hours
Favorable Weather Increases resource production by 20% for 8 hours
Healing First Increases healing speed by 30% for 8 hours

King Skills

These are the king skills, they give a temporary boost to all governors while benefiting the King of the kingdom.

TaxTaxCost: 4000 Gems. Increases resources gathering speed by 30% for 8 hours for all Governors of this Kingdom. While the skill is active, 1% of all resources gathered will be given as taxes to the King, up to a limit of 10 million per resource type.
ImprisonImprisonLock the location of a single Governors City, disabling City Teleport for 15 minutes (cannot target your own Alliance´s members or Kings from other Kingdoms)
LeaderLeaderChose a troop to act as the Leader Troop. When this skill is cast, the Leader Troop will grant a 3% bonus to all damage dealt by nearby troops for minutes. This skill only enhances troops and rallies fighting on the world map, and will not enhance troops in a Garrison.

Kingdom Titles

These are the kingdom titles. Only the King can assign titles to benefit alliance members or to punish certain governors.

  • King: Troop Attack +5%, Troop Defense +5%, Troop Health +5%
  • Queen: Gathering Speed +15%
  • General: Troop Attack +5%, Troop Defense +5%
  • Justice: Troop Attack +5%, March Speed +10%
  • Duke: Troop Defense +5 %, Training Speed +10%
  • Architect: Building Speed +10%
  • Scientist: Research Speed +5%, Gold Gathering Speed +10%
  • Traitor: Troop Attack -3%, Troop Defense -3%
  • Beggar: Production -10%
  • Exile: Troop Defense -5%
  • Slave: Troops Health -5%
  • Sluggard: March Speed -5%, Training Speed -5%
  • Fool: Building Speed -5%, Research Speed -5%

Barbarian Camps and Keeps

On the Rise of Kingdoms map, you might have seen several mountainous spaces. There are three types of barbarian camps and keeps that comes in these sizes: small, medium and large.

These barbarians are some of the most elite and strongest forces on the map. Doing them all by yourself is hard and challenging. Which is why it’s recommended that if you want to conquer these barbarian camps and keep, you need to assemble an alliance team to work together.

The rewards that you get from killing these barbarians and razing their keeps are bountiful compared to regular barbarians. So make sure to scout for nearby barbarian camps and keep to take a chance to farm them. We recommend peacekeeping commanders due to damage bonus and experience gain.

Small Barbarian Camp

Small Barbarian Camp

This is a small barbarian camp. It doesn’t have any keep or towers. Though, there are a lot of elite barbarian armies that roam around. They are a great spot for farming if you need to level your commanders quickly.

Medium Barbarian Camp

Medium Barbarian Camp

This is a medium barbarian camp, it will come with a keep which your team and you must destroy. Upon destroying the keep, you will gain a handsome amount of rewards. These medium barbarian camps are slightly hard compared to small barbarian camps but give more rewards.

Large Barbarian Camp

Large Barbarian Camp

Lastly, this is a large barbarian camp. It is absolutely massive and comes with towers, armies and keeps. You will not be able to solo this camp. Therefore, we recommend you to partner with a few alliance members and work together to take this camp down. Rewards gained from this camp are the best compared to other barbarian camps.

Details and Characteristics Main Kingdom Map

When you start on a brand new Rise of Kingdoms server, you will see fog and haze all over the map. You must send your scouts to explore the map. By doing so, you will get to discover the kingdom’s riches such as Tribal Villages and Mysterious Caves. If you want to scout map faster, I recommend Japan because they have +30% scout movement speed bonus.

All Rise of Kingdoms maps will have many alliance deposits which consist of food, wood, stone, and gold. To capture and control these deposits, your alliance must be built within the reach of them to generate resources for all alliance members.

You will have some capture resource points which your alliance can generate resources over the time for each alliance members:

  • Alliance Cropland + 2000 / h
  • Alliance Logging Camp + 2000 / h
  • Alliance Stone Deposit + 1500 / h
  • Alliance Gold Deposit + 1000 / h
Rise of Kingdoms Alliance Deposits

So to sum this up for the Main Kingdom map:

  • Each holy sites provides permanent buff for your alliance members.
  • To advance to the next zone, your alliance must capture the pass adjacent to the next level.
  • Barbarian camps can be found all over the map.
  • Alliance deposits can be found all over the map and there is no limit on how many you can have within your alliance territory.

Lost Kingdom (KvK) Map

The Lost Kingdom becomes available once your kingdom reaches Glory in all of its standards of conquest. On the Lost Kingdom Map, you will face off against 7 other kingdoms for total domination of a single structure in the middle called the Great Ziggurat

The level of difficulty is much higher thanks to stronger barbarians, high level passes, forts and more. Though, the rewards are totally worth it. No matter how complicated or hard it may be, it’s important that your alliance and yourself make the most out of the Lost Kingdom map because you will reside there for 2 months.

The Lost Kingdom Map
Zone Barbarians Resource Point Holy Sites Barbarians Forts
4 Level 26-30
  • Food Level 5/6/7/8
  • Wood Level 5/6/7/8
  • Stone Level 5/6/7/8
  • Gold Level 5/6/7/8
  • Gems Level 3
Crusaders Camps & Ruined Crusader Fortress Level 6/7
5 Level 31-35
  • Food Level 6/7/8/9
  • Wood Level 6/7/8/9
  • Stone Level 6/7/8/9
  • Gold Level 6/7/8/9
  • Gems Level 3
Hierons, Sanctuaries, and Ancient Ruins Level 6/7/8
6 Level 36-40
  • Food Level 6/7/8/9
  • Wood Level 6/7/8/9
  • Stone Level 6/7/8/9
  • Gold Level 6/7/8/9
  • Gems Level 3/4
Circles and Altar of Darkness Level 7/8/9



Level 36-40
  • Food Level 8/9
  • Wood Level 8/9
  • Stone Level 8/9
  • Gold Level 8/9
  • Gems Level 4
Great Ziggurat Level 8/9/10

Throughout the Lost Kingdom map, there will be a brand new alliance deposit resource called Crystal Field. Capturing these crystal fields gives +500/h to your alliance. Though, it can only be harvested in a systematic way — which means they need to be within the alliance territory.

In the Lost Kingdom map, it is very important that your alliance harvest these crystals to build flags and fortresses.

Rise of Kingdoms Alliance Crystal Field

Details and Characteristics of The Lost Kingdom Map

  • 3 new Passes with greater difficulty and units (NPCs) manned in it, Pass Level 4, 5, and 6. Each of them will leave the Protection Period with the advancement of “Twilight” which is our new scroll of achievements in ” Lost Kingdom ”
  • Governors with city hall level 16 or higher can teleport into the Lost Kingdom province to their home kingdom,
  • The Alliance resource points are maintained which during the time we are in “Lost Kingdom” further increase our production of resources through the Alliance adding to the other resource points of our “Main Kingdom”, the same happens with the flags that we build, will join and increase the maximum number of members of the Alliance.
  • Barbarians Forts will appear as these “Twilight” achievements are fulfilled, so to defeat a Forts Level 9 or 10 it will be almost at the end of the war and in the last Conquest Zones.
  • The map is completely discovered without the need to explore it and there are no “Tribal Village” and “Mysterious Cave” (unless some event adjusts its appearance)
  • There are also no mountainous spaces where you can find Barbarians like “Keep Sentinel”, etc.
  • Our city cannot be attacked if we are in the territory of our alliance, so it is essential to use Teleport inside our Flags (Except for ineffective flags) in “Lost Kingdom”
  • Only governors located within the Lost Kingdom can participate in the Lost Kingdom event series
  • Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness will be “Holy Sites” which we will be able to conquer from time to time with our Alliance members and stay in them for a short period of 1h and 2h to accumulate necessary points in “Lost Kingdoms” some of them will appear waves of strong Guardians that we must defeat for their subsequent capture, some of them will leave us random rewards on the ground.

The remaining “Holy Sites“

  • Crusader Camps: Gathering Speed ​​+ 25%, Kingdoms Honor + 1 / m, Alliance Honor + 1 / m.
  • Ruined Crusader Fortress: Kingdom Honor + 5 / m, Alliance Honor + 5 / m
  • Hieron of Steel: Troop Defense + 5%, Kingdom Honor + 3 / m, Alliance Honor + 3 / m.
  • Hieron of Thorns: Troop Attack + 5%, Kingdom Honor + 3 / m, Alliance Honor + 3 / m.
  • Sanctuary: March Speed ​​+ 10%, Kingdom Honor + 5 / m, Alliance Honor + 5 / m.
  • Circle of Courage: All Damage + 3%, Rallied Army Capacity + 10%, Kingdom Honor + 7 / m, Alliance Honor + 7 / m.
  • Circle of Defense: Reinforcement Capacity + 20%, Watchtower Damage + 20%, Kingdom Honor + 7 / m, Alliance Honor + 7 / m.
  • Circle of Nature: Counterattack Damage Taken Reduction + 10%, Action Point Recovery + 20%, Kingdom Honor + 7 / m, Alliance Honor + 7 / m.
  • Circle of Vitality: Healing Speed ​​+ 30%, Hospital Capacity + 10%, Kingdom Honor + 7 / m, Alliance Honor + 7 / m.
  • Great Ziggurat: All Damage + 3%, All Damage Taken Reduction + 3%, Kingdom Honor + 15 / m, Alliance Honor + 15 / m
  • To capture the “Great Ziggurat” we must first conquer 4 “Citadels” found in each corner of the Ziggurat, thus avoiding their constant attack on the structure.
    • Nature Citadel: Troop Health + 3%
    • Fury Citadel: Troop Attack + 3%
    • Megalith Citadel: Troop Defense + 3%
    • Storm Citadel: March Speed ​​+ 5%
Great Ziggurat Rise of Kingdoms

During the Lost Kingdom event, your kingdom’s king will be able to exercise the same functions being outside of your main kingdom. All members who fall under the king’s control will be able to benefit from any ability used by the leader himself.


One of the most important things when it comes to understanding the Rise of Kingdoms map is knowing each characteristics and stages so that your alliance members and yourself can plan ahead. Someday you will want to establish reign in a new server or perhaps overthrow the king and claim the throne for yourself.

Best Rise of Kingdoms Map Guide

Knowing the ins and outs of the kingdom map is part of the game’s strategy. It helps you train your allies and members to prepare better for times. Even you can use these timing and characteristics to your advantage.

Lastly, if you want to have a smooth and optimal gaming experience. I recommend you to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC. It’s faster, smoother and gives you more flexibility to play your favorite game. You also can read my top reasons why I recommend players to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

Until then, happy ruling Governors and stay tuned for more Rise of Kingdoms news and updates at House of Kingdoms!

Best Rise of Kingdoms Map Guide for Beginners
Best Rise of Kingdoms Map Guide for Beginners
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