Best Race Against Time Rise of Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide

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Welcome to our Race Against Time guide for Rise of Kingdoms players. If you are looking for the best guide, then look no further because you have reached the best Race Against Time guide. This event is where you will have a chance to win awesome rewards like legendary commander sculptures and even gems if you make to the top 10 list.

Race Against Time ROK Rewards

Race Against Time Event Rules

Here’s some game rules that you need to know for this event:

  • Governors will need to defeat as many barbarians as they can within the 5 minutes time limit.
  • The higher barbarian’s level is, the more points and extra time you will gain.
  • Players will be awarded prizes accordingly to their highest score at the end of the event.
  • All players will have 3 chances per day during the event.
  • The game system will rank players based on their highest score over the course of event.
  • Top 100 players in the rankings will earn additional prizes.
  • To avoid data errors, governors will not be able to start a challenge within the last 15 minutes of the event.

How to Prepare for Race Against Time

Before you start the event, you need to prepare in advance. Since you will have a limited time to complete the event based on how many barbarians you killed. Which means the barbarians have to be close to each other. Secondly, there needs to be enough barbarians so that you don’t miss out on the time wasted while marching.

The most important part is that you make sure to dispatch your army to the first group of barbarian in the area that you think will be full of barbarians before you start the event. Here’s a pointer to help you prepare in advance prior to your event.

Race Against Time Rise of Kingdoms Barbarians

Also you can do Race Against Time event with your alliance members. All of you will get the same amount of points. Though, you will need to use voice chat so that you can coordinate the attacks together instead of going the separate ways.

Best Commanders for Race Against Time Event

Ideally you will want to pick cavalry commanders who specializes in cavalry troops. Since they excels at high mobility and some of them do dish out serious amount of damage. If you roll with either archer or infantry, you will lose a lot of time, especially with Tier 5 troops.

You will want to also use peacekeeping commanders that deals extra damage against barbarians like Cao Cao, Belisarius, Minamoto and Aethelflaed. Then secondary commanders who is well equipped with powerful nuking abilities such as William I, Genghis Khan, Attila and Takeda.

Try to pair a peacekeeping commander and nuking commander together to maximize overall bonus attributes and to deal even more damage.

Boost Damage for Race Against Time

To reach top 10 rankings for a chance to win legendary commander sculptures and gems that you get to spend is totally worth it. Here’s some pointers to increase your troops’ overall damage before you enter the event:

  • Army Expansion: Increase your army by 50%.
  • Legendary Rune: Get the orange rune, it gives you 20% increased damage.
  • Scout Player: Gives you 3% bonus damage.
  • Gear: Equip your commanders with the best equipment.
  • Alliance Title: Ask your alliance to give you alliance title with damage bonus.
  • Alliance Skill: Ask your alliance to use skill for bonus damage.
  • Kingdom Title: Ask your kingdom to have kingdom title with damage bonus.
  • City Skin: Use a city skin that gives you bonus damage.
  • Alliance Territory: Try to find and hunt barbarians within your alliance territory for damage bonus advantage.

Race Against Time Conclusion

Best Race Against Time Rise of Kingdoms Guide

That’s all governors! We hope you found our Race Against Time guide for beginners helpful and informative. If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

Lastly, did you know you can play Rise of Kingdoms on PC and Mac for free? Here’s guide how to set it up on your PC or Mac. It’s a big improvement over playing the game on your smartphone and tablet. Plus, it makes it easy to manage multiple farming accounts to grow your empire quickly.

Stay tuned for more news and Rise of Kingdoms updates at House of Kingdoms. Happy ruling, Governors!

Best Race Against Time Rise of Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide
Best Race Against Time Rise of Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide
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