Best Protect The Supplies Rise of Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide

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Welcome to our Protect The Supplies guide for Rise of Kingdoms players. This is a brand new event that was introduced in ROK Patch Notes 1.0.36 and a major part of the Summer of Passion event. Protect The Supplies is a solo event where you protect the caravan from savage barbarians and the rewards are just too good not to pass.

During the event, you will spend 50 action points to summon a caravan and escort them through the map so that they can deliver resources to the village. Just like the Silk Road event, the caravan will be attacked by countless barbarians. Keep the caravan alive all the way in order for the mission to count as a success.

You can pick difficult level before starting the mission. Each difficulty have rating from 3 to 5 stars. Use the slider below to adjust the star level for each challenge and to view the description in its entirety.

When you start Protect The Supplies event, the star level slider will be unlocked based on your power rating. To unlock higher star level, you need to complete the preceding star levels. You also will face more barbarians on the escort missions based on the total star level as well as challenges picked.

If you successfully escort the caravan to the village with the designated total star level, you will earn mission rewards. All governors can do challenges multiple times but only the best performance will be recorded. Action points will be not refundable on a failed mission.

The higher total start level you completed, the higher you will rank. In event where there is a tie, the winner will be determined by who finished with the highest percentage of caravan good remaining.

Best Tips for Protect The Supplies Event

On the highest difficulty level (25 stars), you will need to follow these tips below in order to beat the event. These tips are quite useful to know in any events or on a lower difficulty level. You will have to use them to be able to make a decent progression.

  • Select commanders and troops with the highest damage output. Tier 4 troops and epic commanders are good choice.
  • Get an Attack Buff rune for your troops to increase your chance of victory over the barbarians quickly.
  • Request Title of Justice in the Kingdom Chat. This title grants your troops +5% attack bonus and +10% march speed.
  • Use 12-Hours Enhanced Attack token.
  • If you are already strong in power and can dispatch up to 5 armies then use all of them with cavalry to move quickly and kill the barbarians before they do any damage to the caravan.
  • Bonus: Wait or request the activation of Alliance: Books & Battles which increases your commanders’ attack by 10%.

Once you have these steps ironed out, your next step is to defend your caravan and minimize amount of loss. Here’s some tricks to make your escort mission simple and easy. Keep it in your mind that these tips are optional but will make your life easier.

  • Clear the path that the barbarians are in your caravan’s path.
  • Move your city to Zone 1 where in older kingdoms is usually unpopulated. This means fewer obstacles and less barbarians.
  • If you are located on banks of a river or along the mountains, it’s possible to keep your route along these natural barriers to reduce number of barbarians.

Best Commanders for Protect the Supplies

Here’s our recommended commanders for Protect the Supplies event in Rise of Kingdoms.

Yi Seong-Gye

Yi Seong-Gye Commander Rise of Kingdoms

The best commander for dealing splash damage is Yi Seong-Gye. He is a powerful commander that will make a quick work out of multiple barbarians in a single blow.

He is a quite difficult commander to obtain. As long as you have Yi Seong-Gye on your team, you will be able to maximize coverage for the supplies. Be sure to prioritize him first.

Guan Yu

Guan Yu Commander ROK

A solid commander that encompasses powerful and strikingly skillset is Guan Yu. He is the type of commander that you will absolutely love to use for Protect the Supplies event thanks to his high health and damage.

Pair him with Leonidas to gain multi-silence ability, which will stop even the most strongest barbarians from using their active skill. A must-have commander if you want to be able to soak damage and dish massive blows in return.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan Commander Rise of Kingdoms

If you need a fast commander that can sweep enemies in a swift blow. Genghis is the perfect pick thanks to his powerful direct skill set which have a chance tor reset for free at no additional rage cost. Plus, cavalry troops get a big attack bonus.

Pair Genghis Khan with Cao Cao if you are looking for additional damage towards barbarians. Genghis is already a powerful nuker that will take down bosses in matter of seconds and will benefit a ton from barbarian damage bonus.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Best Minamoto no Yoshitsune Commander ROK

Minamoto is useful commander for Protect the Supplies event thanks to his natural high damage bonus towards barbarians. Plus his abilities are fast and very devastating that makes him a natural choice for this event.

If you are looking to gain additional damage boost, pair Minamoto with Takeda Shingen to further increase overall commander’s combat effectiveness. Minamoto is already a strong commander for the event and could use some extra helping hands.


Aethelflaed Commander Rise of Kingdoms

Another great legendary commander is Aethelflaed. She is a free legendary commander who excels at dealing additional damage towards barbarians and neutral units. Plus, she have insane splash damage thanks to her active skill.

You can get Aethelflaed for free from the Expedition Mode. Pair her with any of peacekeeping commanders such as Lohar, Boudica and even Keira to gain additional damage bonus towards barbarians.


Baibars Commander Rise of Kingdoms

One of the best epic commander to use for Protect the Supplies event is Baibars. He comes with an active skill that does high splash damage and it slows down the enemies. Perfect for neutralizing enemies quickly.

If you do not have any of those legendary commanders above yet, then Baibars is a good commander choice to start with. Pair him with Osman to get a powerful direct damage support — absolutely must-have for raid bosses.

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu Commander ROK

Sun Tzu deals increased damage thanks to his active skill and a wide combat radius. He is capable of fighting multiple barbarians with ease at once. Perfect epic commander to pair with any commanders for support.

Pair Sun Tzu with Yi Seong-Gye to get extra skill damage bonus. You also can pair him with Keira to get extra skill damage bonus and added damage bonus towards barbarians.


Boudica Commander ROK

If you need a solid commander that is capable of dealing additional damage towards barbarians and minimize amount of damage taken. Boudica is the best pick due to her being a natural pick for farming barbarians and protecting the caravan.

I also recommend pairing Boudica with Joan of Arc if you are looking to transform your force into support platform. Your army and nearby friendly allies will gain massive buffs which helps a lot in middle of battles like protecting the supplies.

Osman I

Osman I Commander Rise of Kingdoms

Lastly, Osman I is a solid commander thanks to expanded troop capacity and powerful direct damage active skill. He is one of the strongest epic commander in Rise of Kingdoms and will pair well with any commanders above.

Osman I is good to use for Protect the Supplies event if you do not have any of those legendary commanders in your roster yet. Be sure to pair Osman I with Baibars to gain splash damage and an awesome area of control ability.

Protect The Supplies Rewards

As I said before, Protect The Supplies rewards are simply too good not to do the event. You will get Fragrant Nectars and Small Bottles which can be used during the Summer of Passion event. Plus, you get awesome rewards for being on the top of the leaderboards.

Protect The Supplies Rewards

Mission rewards are based on certain number of star level acquired:

  • 1 Star: 60 Minutes Universal Speedup, 100 Action Points, Sliver Key
  • 4 Stars: 5 Fragrant Nectars, 4 Level 3 Resource Packs, Golden Star
  • 8 Stars: 5 Small Bottles, Golden Key, 3 Hours Universal Speedup
  • 12 Stars: 10 Fragrant Nectars, 3 Sliver Keys, 2 Golden Stars
  • 16 Stars: 10 Small Bottles, 2 Golden Keys, 6 Hours Universal Speedup
  • 20 Stars: 10 Small Bottles, 10 Fragrant Nectars

Plus, there’s a kingdom leaderboards that gives give awesome amount of rewards if you manage to get in the top 10.

Protect The Supplies Kingdom Rewards

Protect The Supplies Event: Conclusion

That’s all Governors! I hope you find our Rise of Kingdoms guide on how to do Protect The Supplies event informative and helpful. If you have any questions about the event, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

In meanwhile, you can download Rise of Kingdoms for PC and Mac if you want to make your gaming experience easier and faster. Head over here to learn how to install Rise of Kingdoms on your PC and Mac for free!

Happy ruling, Governors!

Best Protect The Supplies Rise of Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide
Best Protect The Supplies Rise of Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide
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