Best Past Glory Event Guide for Beginners

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Past Glory is a new multi-stage event that becomes available in The Lost Kingdom map in Rise of Kingdoms. Before you can participate in the event, you need to enter The Lost Kingdom map in order to be able to access Past Glory via menu.

To play Past Glory is fairly straightforward and simple. You need to collect rebuilding points and once it fully reaches 100% of the progress bar. It will move to the next stage where you must destroy the enemies and eventually spend your commander sculptures for rewards.

In this ultimate Past Glory guide for beginners, I will talk about it in-depth. So, if you are new to Rise of Kingdoms and aren’t sure how to do this event, or need help to maximize your rewards. Then you will find this Past Glory guide helpful and useful. Without further ado, let’s roll.

Introduction to Past Glory

Hurrah! We have regained control over our Kingdom’s crusader fortress. Centuries ago, this mighty structure belongs to our ancestors, but the barbarians living in this kingdom took it by force and slew our forefathers. Today we have finally reclaimed it. Countless years of battle and disuse have left the fortress in terrible condition. We must reconstruct it and bring back the past glory of our ancestors!

Game Rules:

  1. The Past Glory event is divided into 3 stages.
  2. Upon completion of each stage, all the governors will get a powerful buff that only lasts within The Lost Kingdom map.
  3. At the end of Past Glory, the Crusader Fortress will be rebuilt and all of the alliance territory will be unified in one color. At this point, the governors can teleport anywhere on unified alliance territory from their home kingdom.
  4. If the stage isn’t achieved by the timer, then the event will automatically complete without rewards.

Past Glory Event Stages

In the next part of this guide, I will talk about stages. In the Past Glory, there are 3 stages that you must complete in order to receive rewards and eventually to complete the event. Here’s how these stages looks looks like:

  • Stage 1: Donating Resources (Food / Wood / Stone / Gold)
  • Stage 2: Kill Barbarians / Barbarian Fortresses
  • Stage 3: Donating Commander Sculptures

Stage 1: Ashes & Dust

Ashes and Dust Past Glory
The defeat of our forefathers’ echoes in these ruins.

The first stage of Past Glory focuses on rebuilding the Crusader Fortress. You will have to donate your resources to earn rebuilding points. Every time you donate your resources, you will get a Crusader’s Supply Chest which contains rewarding items. After the rebuilding progress bar hits 100%, the next stage will begin.

Step-By-Step Guide for Stage 1:

  1. Donate your resources to rebuild the Crusader Fortress.
  2. Earn Crusader’s Supply Chest each time you donate.
  3. After the progress bar reaches 100%, the next stage will start.
Resource Amount Limit Rewards
Food 300,000 20
  • 10 Rebuilding Points
  • Crusader’s Supply Chest
Wood 300,000 20
  • 10 Rebuilding Points
  • Crusader’s Supply Chest
Stone 200,000 20
  • 10 Rebuilding Points
  • Crusader’s Supply Chest
Gold 150,000 20
  • 10 Rebuilding Points
  • Crusader’s Supply Chest
Gems 500 Unlimited
  • 50 Rebuilding Points
  • 3 Crusader’s Supply Chests

Friendly Game-Tips for Beating Stage 1:

During this stage, you will need a lot of resources to make progression. Before you participate in the Past Glory event, I highly recommend that you stockpile on resources. Make sure you gather plenty of food, wood, stone and gold from high-level resource points around the zones.

Gathering in your alliance territory also helps out a lot since it gives you a 25% gathering speed bonus. Having plenty of resource tokens also helps out with you being able to expand to earn rebuilding points. You will need 2,000,000 rebuilding points — which obviously is a lot.

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Stage 2: Annihilation

Annihilation Past Glory
Our enemies will pay for their overconfidence.

The next stage is called Annihilation, all governors will have to spend their action points to defeat barbarians and barbarian fortresses to earn rebuilding points. In addition to that, they will also receive Crusader’s Supply Chest as a part of the reward for defeating the barbarians.

Here’s two type of rewards for defeating the cruel, brutal barbarians:

Requirements Costs Rewards
3 Barbarian Forts 420 Action Points
  • 1 Crusader’s Bounty
  • 100 Rebuilding Points
10 Barbarians 500 Action Points
  • 1 Crusader’s Resource Chest
  • 50 Rebuilding Points

As you can see, doing the barbarian fortresses is a better way to earn rebuilding points and rewards since it costs less action points as long as you use one of the best peacekeeping barbarians. You also will have a chance to farm the Book of Covenant.

Killing 10 barbarians will net you 50 rebuilding points and a supply chest. To get the same amount as 3 barbarian fortresses, you will have to kill 20 barbarians. But if you defeat 2,000 barbarians, you will get a huge reward from the Crusader Achievements in your governor profile.

Friendly Game-Tips for Beating Stage 2:

Obviously the easiest way to do this stage is just to attack the barbarian fortresses. But you can save your action points using the chain-farming trick on barbarians. Which will involve a commander with AoE ability and a peacekeeping commander for increased damage towards barbarians.

Most popular choice is to use Aethelflaed and Baibars. Stack infantry since they are slow and tanky. Dispatch the army to attack a high-level barbarian and start kiting to group adjusting barbarians. When the active skill hits them, they will start attacking you without expending any additional action points.

This method works great if you have a solid commander pair that can take beatings and dish out a lot of damage to quickly down the barbarians. Farm barbarians for individual rewards, farm barbarian fortresses for alliance rewards.

Stage 3: Heroism

Heroism Past Glory
What we do here today will go down in history.

What we do here today will go down in history.

Lastly, the third stage is called Heroism. This is the stage where you can donate unused commander sculptures to earn rebuilding points and heroic coins. It is a great way to do that if you have plenty of commander sculptures sitting around but couldn’t use because you have maxed out your commanders.

Here’s how much you get based on the rarity of commander sculptures:

Donation Rewards
Advanced Sculpture
  • 1 Rebuilding Points
  • 1 Heroic Coin
Elite Sculpture
  • 1 Rebuilding Points
  • 2 Heroic Coin
Epic Sculpture
  • 5 Rebuilding Points
  • 5 Heroic Coin
Legendary Sculpture
  • 50 Rebuilding Points
  • 50 Heroic Coin

The Heroic Coins that you get everytime you make a donation with your commander sculptures can be used to buy items via the Hero’s Welcome event. You will be able to buy expensive rewards like Legendary commander sculptures, golden keys and more.

Hero's Welcome Past Glory

Friendly Game-Tips for Stage 3:

Before you do the Hero’s Welcome event, I recommend stockpiling on commander sculptures. You can do that by going to the Expedition Store and buying featured Epic sculptures, which can be bought unlimited time. The more medal coins you have, the more sculptures you can buy and the more heroic coins that you can use to buy even better rewards.

Helpful notes:

  • Do Hero’s Welcome if you are a spender.
  • Epic Sculptures can be bought unlimited time.
  • Epic Sculptures have more value compared to Elite Sculptures.

Reconstruction Rewards

Upon completing each stage, you will receive a special buff that is only applicable in The Lost Kingdom map.When you return to your home kingdom, you will lose that buff and regain whenever you teleport to The Lost Kingdom.

Stage 1 Buffs

  • Troop Attack increased by 15%.
  • Troop Defense increased by 15%
  • Troop Health increased by 15%
  • Stage 1 Rewards

Stage 2

  • Hospital Capacity increased by 100%
  • Gathering Speed increased by 25%
  • Stage 2 Rewards

Stage 3

  • Discipline: All alliances on the Lost Kingdom map will be unified by one color. This will allow the governors to teleport anywhere within the kingdom’s territory.
  • Stage 3 Rewards

Best Commanders for Past Glory

In Stage 2: Annihilation you will have to kill barbarians as many as you can in order to reap in rebuilding points. Which is why it is important that you pick the best commanders to lead in the Past Glory event. We have assembled a list of must-use commanders that excels at dealing additional damage against barbarians in exchange for high return-on-investment:


Best Aethelflaed Commander ROK Guide

One of the best commanders to use for the Past Glory event is Aethelflaed, She is a free legendary commander that can be obtained by all players if you do the Expedition Mode. She comes with an active skill that deals high damage, reducing up to 5 targets’ defense, attack and health by 30%.

In addition to that, her passive skill gives extra damage against barbarians. Which helps a lot as Aethelflaed is able to kill multiple barbarians at the same time. Pair her with Sun Tzu and roll as a pure infantry army to maximize chain-farming.

Cao Cao

Cao Cao ROK

Cao Cao is a superior cavalry commander that does a great job at killing barbarians with ease. If speed matters the most to you then Cao Cao is the right choice because he specializes in cavalry troops. At the same time, he comes with quite a powerful active skill that deals a large amount of damage.

All cavalry troops under his leadership get a big attack boost which is definitely a nice addition to his already strong skill set. We recommend pairing Cao Cao with Baibars or Mehemd II for best combat performance.


Best Boudica Commander ROK

If you start off as Britain in the beginning of the game, you will get Boudica as your starting commander for free. It’s easy and quick to level her up thanks to increased experience gain, damage and the ability to work with any troops. She is an excellent early peacekeeping commander as well in late game.

You can pair Boudica with virtually any commanders since she has integration as her talent. But for the best combat performance, it’s recommended that you stick to slow-moving troops such as infantry or archers and pair Boudica with Sun Tzu or Yi Seong-Gye.


Minamoto no Yoshitsune Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Another fast cavalry commander that also excels in killing barbarians is Minamoto. If you are doing the Past Glory event in your kingdom, you definitely will need a strong commander that’s able to assemble powerful rallying armies. Minamoto is the perfect commander for assaulting neutral strongholds thanks to his powerful, direct damage factor.

Not to forget to mention that troops under his leadership have a chance to increase their target’s damage taken by an extra 30%. Which helps a lot with dealing rapid, high and sustained amounts of damage in a short time-frame. Minamoto works well with any cavalry commanders.


Belisarius Commander ROK

Lastly, Belisarius is another free epic commander that you can get right away if you pick Byzantium as your starting civilization. He is one of the fastest commanders in Rise of Kingdoms and a very hard one to catch. Mainly because he specializes in mobility which increases his overall march speed and whenever he leaves a structure, his march speed is dramatically increased.

With the right game strategy, you can easily maximize your barbarian kill counts by farming them in groups within the proximity. Then move to a new hunting ground, rinse and repeat. While Belisarius is fast on his own, he does need some additional firepower. For this commander, we recommend either Baibars or Aethelflaed.

Over to You!

Ultimate Past Glory Guide ROK

That’s all Governors! I hope you found our Past Glory guide helpful and informative. If you have any questions about the Past Glory event. Feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below.

You can get to the Lost Kingdom faster by not making these early mistakes, power leveling your commanders and boosting your total power through time and dedication. Being in a top alliance also helps!

Lastly, if you want to have a smooth and optimal gaming experience. I recommend you to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC. It’s faster, smoother and gives you more flexibility to play your favorite game. You also can read my top reasons why I recommend players to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

Until then, happy ruling Governors and stay tuned for more Rise of Kingdoms news and updates at House of Kingdoms!

Best Past Glory Event Guide for Beginners
Best Past Glory Event Guide for Beginners
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