Best Legendary Tavern Event Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our best Legendary Tavern event guide for beginners. Are you looking for ways to collect commander sculptures and summon legendary commanders? If so, then look no further because the Legendary Tavern is an event that happens during the Season of Conquest only!

Even though this is a very difficult event, the Free-to-Play players will have plenty of chance to obtain rewards in the same way. By collecting Rise of Kingdoms Sovereign Keys Sovereign Keys, the Governors can use them to unlock rewards.

Rise of Kingdoms Legendary Tavern

How to Play: Legendary Tavern Event

Here’s how to play the event. All governors must follow the event rules below:

Legendary Tavern Event Rules

  • Governors can use Sovereign Keys / Gems to open chests and collect items. For every 10 times you open a chest, you get one legendary commander / sculpture.
  • For every 200 chests you open during the event, you will have a chance to pick reward once.
  • If you acquire a commander or sculptures whose expertise is unlocked, it will be changed to Legendary Marks that can be exchanged for items in the Exchange Shop.
  • Up to 2,000 chests can be open per day. The limit resets everytime at UTC 00:00
  • At the end of event, any unused Legendary Marks and Sovereign Keys will be saved for use the next time event happens again.

Legendary Tavern Probability

Below is a list of probability chance to get legendary commanders / sculptures:

 x1 Attila ROK Commander0.024%
 x1 Saladin ROK Commander0.066%
 x1 Nebuchadnezzar-II0.041%
 x1 Harald Sigurdsson ROK Commander0.041%
 x1 Tomyris ROK Commander0.041%
 x1 Alexander the Great ROK Commander0.066%
 x1 Genghis Khan ROK Commander0.111%
 x1 Edward of Woodstock ROK Commander0.111%
 x1 Yi-Sun-sin ROK Commander0.111%
 x1 Constantine I ROK Commander0.041%
 x1 Guan Yu ROK Commander0.066%
 x1 Artemisia ROK Commander0.041%
 x1 Zenobia-ROK Commander0.024%
 x1 Chandragupta-Maurya0.024%
 x1 Leonidas I ROK Commander0.024%
 x1 Theodora ROK Commander0.024%
 x1 cyrus-the-great0.024%
 x1 Takeda-Shingen ROK Commander0.024%
 x1 Ramesses-II ROK Commander0.041%
 x1 William-I ROK Commander0.041%
 x1 Attila ROK Commander0.789%
 x1 Saladin ROK Commander2.124%
 x1 Nebuchadnezzar-II0.789%
 x1 Harald Sigurdsson ROK Commander1.355%
 x1 Tomyris ROK Commander2.124%
 x1 Alexander the Great ROK Commander3.617%
 x1 Genghis Khan ROK Commander3.617%
 x1 Edward of Woodstock ROK Commander3.617%
 x1 Yi-Sun-sin ROK Commander1.355%
 x1 Constantine I ROK Commander2.124%
 x1 Guan Yu ROK Commander1.355%
 x1 Artemisia ROK Commander0.789%
 x1 Zenobia-ROK Commander0.789%
 x1 Chandragupta-Maurya0.789%
 x1 Leonidas I ROK Commander
 x1 Theodora ROK Commander
 x1 cyrus-the-great1.355%
 x1 Takeda-Shingen ROK Commander1.355%
 x1 Ramesses-II ROK Commander1.355%
 x1 William-I ROK Commander1.355%

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Reward Choice List

Legendary Tavern Rewards Choice List

Choose your reward from the following list above. You will be able to select reward whenever you obtain a Choice Reward Chest.

Legendary Tavern Exchange Shop

Here’s exchange chart for buying items with Legendary Marks:

ItemCostQuantity Available
Golden Commander SculptureRise of Kingdoms Legendary Mark  x10040
Rise of Kingdoms Sovereign KeysRise of Kingdoms Legendary Mark  x40400
Golden Dazzling Star SculptureRise of Kingdoms Legendary Mark  x1660
Three Hours Building SpeedupRise of Kingdoms Legendary Mark  x8100
60 Minutes Building SpeedupRise of Kingdoms Legendary Mark  x3300
Tome of Knowledge 10000 ExperienceRise of Kingdoms Legendary Mark  x3600
Tome of Knowledge 5000 ExperienceRise of Kingdoms Legendary Mark  x2700
Level 3 Resource ChestRise of Kingdoms Legendary Mark  x2700
Level 1 Resource ChestRise of Kingdoms Legendary Mark  x19999

Conclusion of Best Legendary Tavern Guide

Best Legendary Tavern Guide for Beginners Rise of Kingdoms

We hope you found our legendary tavern event guide for beginners helpful and informative. If you have something that you would like to see us add to this guide, let us know in the comment section below. Furthermore, if you have any questions about this event, share your thoughts so that the Rise of Kingdoms community can help you out.

You also can download Rise of Kingdoms for free on your computer. Here’s reasons why you will want to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC or Mac instead of your phone / tablet. Again, let us know if you have any questions about the Legendary Tavern event. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Legendary Tavern Event Guide for Beginners
Best Legendary Tavern Event Guide for Beginners

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