Best KVK Season 1 and 2 Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to Kingdom vs Kingdom (commonly known as KVK) guide for beginners. If this is your first time playing Season 1 and 2 in Rise of Kingdoms, it might come across as a bit difficult and challenging for new players and free-to-play players alike.

Which is why we wrote an in-depth guide that covers KVK Season 1 and 2 to help you obtain the best result in each stages over the course of two months of fighting each other for territory control and world domination.

That being said, let’s get right to the basics and find out what you can do to get a headstart in KVK (or the Lost Kingdom).

What is KVK or the Lost Kingdom

The Lost Kingdom is a multi-season event where several kingdoms on different server on the same group come together to wage war on a new map to conquer the Ziggurat. Initial kingdoms will battle for 85 to 105 days from the entrance point all the way to middle of the map where Ziggurat sits.

First, let’s talk about the basics for KVK Season 1 and Season 2:

  • KVK Season 1 has a duration of 60 days, while KVK Season 2 has a duration of 50 days.
  • In order to reach the Lost Kingdom, players must complete Eve of the Crusade stage first which lasts for 1 week before you can move to the Lost Kingdom map.
  • You can teleport your city to the Lost Kingdom once the portal open, however the target location will be random within the territory of your kingdom.
  • The Lost Kingdom will consist of alliances of 8 different kingdoms.
  • Season 1: Kingdom will be the participant based on the continent where they are located at.
  • Season 2: KVK matchmaking system will select up to 300 strongest players in each kingdom based on power.

KVK Season 1 and 2 Map

This is the Lost Kingdom map for KVK Season 1 and Season 2. Study the map to learn where holy places, passes and zones are based at so that your alliance and you can strategically plan in advance of the Lost Kingdom event.

The Lost Kingdom Map

How to Teleport to the Lost Kingdom Map?

In order to enter KVK Season 1 and Season 2, governors must have City Hall at Level 16 or higher. This will be the most important structure to be able to access the Lost Kingdom map — otherwise you can’t participate the event.

Once the Lost Kingdom opens up, you will see icons on the top right screen that gives you information as well as series of tasks, goals, and achievements during the KVK Season 1 and Season 2.

Best Tips for KVK Season 1 and 2

Here’s a list of tips shared by experienced players in Rise of Kingdoms. Be sure to follow these tips so you do not make KVK mistakes!

  • Once you join KVK event, teleport your city within the effective territory of your alliance. This will prevent enemies from attacking you directly. Guard the alliance territory.
  • Improve your Hospital level to support your troops to avoid deaths due to overcapacity.
  • Save resources, speed-ups, peace shield, teleports, troops expansions, enhanced attacks and defenses. They are pretty important for the battles.
  • Spend all of your AP everyday on farming barbarians and barbarian camps for Honor Points
  • Always gather resources on the map to gain Honor Points. Resources are important for the war.
  • Participate in each Altar and Ruins occupation to gain Honor Points, which adds up to the Crusader Achievements.
  • Utilize diplomacy to cooperate with other Kingdoms in order to achieve victory together.
  • Participate guardian farming schedules around the Holy Sites to level up your commanders fast.
  • Defend garrisons and reinforce rallies only when it is needed. Your troops will die in these combat, so you don’t want to risk running out of units.
  • Take advantage of runes to gain combat buffs.
  • Fight to your best combat ability!

You can read our Complete Lost Kingdom Guide and Tips to learn more about Lost Kingdom events.

Best Commanders for KVK Season 1 and 2

Here’s a list of recommended commanders for KVK Season 1 and 2 F2P players. As a free-to-play players, your main objective is to focus on a single legendary commander and develop it over the time. Always focus on one of these best commanders at a time to increase your power quickly and gain combat advantage over governors that do not have strong commanders at disposal.

Best Commanders for KVK Season 1

Here’s recommended commanders for KVK Season 1:

Bjorn Ironside

Bjorn Ironside is a very good epic commander with strong offensive skill set. He is great commander to use on open field battles as well as attacking cities.


Baibars ROK Commander

As a free-to-play player, Baibars is easily one of the best epic commanders due to high attack and march speed reduction. He comes with excellent crowd control ability which helps a lot on open field battles.

Cao Cao

Cao Cao ROK Commander

Easily one of the best legendary commanders to use due to high attack and march speed. Cao Cao can quickly hunt down weakened enemies and finish them off.

Osman I

Osman I ROK Commander

One of the solid epic commander choice for F2P. Osman I comes with a powerful and damaging single-target direct skill. This commander will make it easy to focus on dangerous targets and kill them with a swift, damaging strikes.

Yi Seong-Gye

Yi-Seong-Gye ROK Commander

Another powerful commander that is definitely worth having on the team. Yi Seong-Gye will make a quick work out of your enemies with his powerful skills.


Pelagius ROK Commander

Pelagius is an awesome support commander to pair with another commander of yours due to rapid rage generation. If you have a strong commander that can provide damage or defense buff on the map, it is worth to have improve rage generation which Pelagius plays an important role.

Best Commanders for KVK Season 2

In addition to the best commanders for KVK Season 1, here’s recommended commanders for KVK Season 2:

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great ROK Commander

One of the best infantry commanders in the game. Alexander the Great comes with an incredibly powerful skill set that enhances infantry troops’ combat strength. Furthermore, he provides much-needed shields to absorb incoming damage.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan ROK Commander

If you are looking for an effective commander nuker, Genghis Khan is the perfect pick for this type of role. With increased march speed, rapid rage generation, and high attack, cavalry troops under his leadership will quickly kill off weak armies with ease.

Ragnar Lodbrok

Ragnar Lodbrok Rise of Kingdoms Commander

Ragnar Lodbrok is an excellent commander with strong leadership capability. He is the perfect commander to absorb incoming damage thanks to increased defense bonus, damage reduction, expanded troop capacity and self-healing skill.

Charles Martel

Charles ROK Commander

Defending your city is just about that important as it is to maintain your war chest. Which is why Charles Martel boasts an impressive defense capabilities thanks to enhanced health, defense, and an absorption shield. This commander will force enemies to think twice before attacking you.

Xiang Yu

Xiang Chu ROK

Another amazing cavalry commanders to have on the team. Xiang Yu can reduce three enemy targets’ defense to make it easier to kill their troops. With added damage bonus, increased march speed and rage reduction buff, he is an excellent commander to deliver powerful sweeping attacks.

Hannibal Barca


Hannibal Barca is a great attacker and support commander at the same time. He deals damage against three targets and reduces their damage dealt as well as defense by 25%. The debuffs allows friendly commanders to do even more damage while receiving less damage from the enemies. Plus he can heal himself when attacking cities.

You can read our best KvK Commanders guide to learn more about them for free-to-play players.

Honor Roll

One of the most important score in any KVK events is Honor Roll. Basically it is a fundamental statistics that shows how much honor points an individual player, alliance and kingdom earned. Each category have their own ranking system that evaluate them and ranks them to reward awesome items.

How to Earn Honor Points in KVK Season 1 and 2

Luckily as a free-to-play player, it is easy to earn honor points. Here’s how much honor points you will earn for completing each activity:

Honor PointsActivity
5Defeat Lvl 26-30 Barbarians
8Defeat Lvl 31-35 Barbarians
10Defeat Lvl 36-40 Barbarians
3Completing gathering at a resource point
15Destroy a Lvl 6 Barbarian Fort
25Destroy a Lvl 7 Barbarian Fort
35Destroy a Lvl 8 Barbarian Fort
45Destroy a Lvl 9 Barbarian Fort
60Destroy a Lvl 10 Barbarian Fort

Additionally, you can earn Honor Points by occupying Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness in Light and Darkness KVK event.

Individual Honor Roll Ranking

Lost Kingdom Individual Ranking

Each individual player must demonstrate their skills in KVK events. To do this, players must earn Honor Points to position themselves in the best possible ranks and make contribution to their Alliance and Kingdom.

Top 1,000 players will earn rewards and claim them via mail. The higher your rank is, the better the rewards become!

Alliance Honor Roll Ranking

Lost Kingdom Alliance Ranking

The Alliance Honor Roll is based on amount of honor points cumulatively for all of the alliance members within the same alliance.

Top 50 best alliances will get ton of rewards for their own members.

Alliance members can get a lot of honor points by doing these:

  • First occupation of Holy Sites.
  • Keep occupation of Holy Sites and Passes
  • Continual occupation of Ancient Ruins and Altar of Darkness.

Kingdoms Honor Roll Ranking

Lost Kingdom Kingdom Ranking

The Kingdom Honor Roll is based on amount of honor points that all the alliances within the same kingdom. The higher honor points alliances earned in a specific kingdom, the better they are ranked in the Kingdom Honor Roll ranking and the bigger rewards they all will get.

Only top 7 kingdoms will be able to get rewards in this honor roll, while the last place kingdom will get nothing. Forge alliance and choose diplomacy wisely to maximize your chance of being in the top 7 kingdom for these awesome rewards.


Light and Darkness Twilight Rewards

Twilight is an exciting part of the KVK Season 1 and Season 2. It works exactly the same as Monument in your city, which shows the completed chapters of the kingdom. Twilight will allow the players to complete new chapters to obtain powerful rewards.

There are several chapters for individuals, alliances, and kingdoms. Do your best to complete all of them to maximize rewards and grow in power fast.

Crusader Achievements

Lost Kingdom Crusader Achievements

Another important part that all players need to do is complete the Crusader Achievements to earn awesome rewards.

Just like Twilight and Ranking Systems, the Crusader Achievements are divided into three types: individual, alliance, and kingdom. Some of the achievements requires you to help build flags, occupy ruins and altars, controlling holy sites as well as killing enemy players on the battlefield.

Therefore, it is important that you complete all Crusader Achievements. It is definitely a challenge to finish all of them (for majority of the players), but you can become one of the exceptional player.

Past Glory

Heroism Past Glory

Lastly, the Past Glory is one of the most popular stage and loved by many players. It is the most easiest stage to get a lot, lot of rewards!

When your alliance and you capture the Crusader Fortress, you must rebuild the fortress for each of the stages and complete them in different ways. Each stage, the Kingdom players will get powerful buffs for performing KVK activities.


Conclusion of Best KVK Season 1 & 2 Guide

Best KVK Season 1 and 2 Guide Rise of Kingdoms

The next time you immigrant to a new kingdom or create a new farming account, be sure to take advantage of these KVK tips to get a headstart when the Lost Kingdom event opens up on your server.

If you have any questions or think of something that we should add to this guide, let us know by commenting in the comment section below. We are looking forward to helping you out grow and become a better player in Rise of Kingdoms.

Lastly, you can download Rise of Kingdoms on PC for free. It runs a lot smoother, faster and lag-free on computer — especially when you are fighting in massive wars which is something that most phones and tablets can’t handle. Here’s reasons why you should play Rise of Kingdoms on computer if you want to know why.

Hopefully you found our KVK Season 1 and 2 guide for beginners informative and helpful. Happy ruling, Governors!

Best KVK Season 1 and 2 Guide for Beginners
Best KVK Season 1 and 2 Guide for Beginners

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