Best KvK Farm Killing Guide for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners

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Welcome to the best Rise of Kingdoms KvK farm kills, a guide designed for free-to-play players. If you are a Tier 5 player like me who is tired of getting your farms murdered by enemies, or getting gunned down by swarm of legendary on the battlefield. Then look no further because in this guide, I am going to teach you how to hurt big spenders.

KvK Farm Hunting

This is somewhat a controversial topic because it bothers majority of players. Though, if you do this the right way you will have no issue crippling your enemies from 50M to 100M who usually are mid spenders. I speak this from my personal experience.

There’s a few things you need to keep in your mind:

  • March Commanders
  • Timing the Attack
  • Drag and Drop
  • Enemy Detected, What to Do?
  • Hunting Ground Rotation

March Commanders

In this part, I am going to explain how to dispatch your commanders to farm some KvK kills in the game. Marching your commanders is a very important game factor that you need to take in consideration… in fact you don’t need to dispatch legendary commanders to kill farmers. Here’s a list of what you should keep in your mind when marching the commanders:

  • Legendary commanders is not required as we are strictly speaking for F2P players in this guide.
  • March commanders should be fast enough to mobilize on the map.
  • The commanders should come with solid set of attacks and strong skills.
  • Need to have skills that increases their damage whenever their army strength drops.
  • Your commanders should have equipment.
  • In case of something bad happens, your commanders should be able to escape battles quickly.

Timing the Attack

How to Attack Cities Rise of Kingdoms

Another important factor that you should consider is timing the attack. You will always want to strike your enemies when they are sleeping or inactive. Before you launch an attack, check to see if the target is offline or online.

If that player is offline or online and far away, you can launch the attack. Otherwise, it is not worth the risk because an online player will be able to adjust their strategies and get teammates to pummel you to the ground.

Most spenders will always have max Cao Cao, which is an incredibly fast cavalry commander. Chance of you beating an enemy Cao Cao is pretty much slim. So, be smart about timing the attack and take advantage when things are in your favor.

Drag and Drop

Take advantage of the drag and drop feature for dispatching your marches. When you are hitting farms, you need to be ready to make quick pull back if you need to in case of enemy nuker commander sitting in the farm.

You definitely will not want to get your commanders mowed down in matter of time. Only go full marches against enemy farms when you find commanders that you can kill and when you see your commander marches taking more damage than them.

You can drag your marches at any given time if you need to. So, make sure to use this awesome game mechanic.

Enemy Detected, What to Do?

March Commanders ROK Guide

In some cases you are on farm hunting and one of your enemy detects you. Then that enemy dispatch a march to attack you. There’s two options to choose from:

  • Run to your city.
  • Use ineffective flags and structures for hiding.

Running to your city is a good way to keep your troops protected against enemy marches. If you have a fast commander, you can escape and let him chase you until he becomes tired. It’s also a nice way if there’s plenty of enemy marches and your path to your city is blocked.

Another tactic is to garrison your commander march in an ineffective flags and structure. They provides defense bonus that helps you counter enemy marches effectively. It’s a great and cheap way to farm some quick KvK kills in a short time.

Sounds easy, right? Escaping from your enemies actually sounds a bit more complex than you think because there’s certain commanders like Baibars, RIchard I and Joan of Arc that can slow your marches down. Some of them will have powerful nukers like Saladin and Attila that makes a quick work out of your marches in matter of seconds.

No point in sacrificing your healing speedups just to recover your injured troops, right? Actually, what you should be doing is ask your alliance members to create diversion to open new fronts on the battlefield then slip out in the back of forests.

It’s extremely likely the enemies will keep on chasing you down as they need to focus on fighting your alliance members. This is a good ol’ classic of “no armor is good armor” defense strategy. Work with your alliance members to develop game strategy then execute them in various directions to maximize your farm KvK kills.

Hunting Ground Rotation

As a general rule of thumb, I recommend you to rotate your hunting ground periodically. If you keep on attacking the same enemies, you will quickly become target of the enemy, including their alliance and potentially other allies in your kingdom server.

Do make a habit not to hunt the same enemy on daily basis. Find a specific time when the player goes offline then hunt during that time. Also make sure you reside within your alliance territory in Kingdom vs Kingdom. Otherwise, you will get farmed hard until you have nothing left.

It’s not an issue for P2W players to rebuild their military, but it will take a long time for F2P players. You will have to grind, grind and grind just to recover from military and economic loss.

Here’s some tips to help you keep in your mind when it comes to farming KvK kills:

  • Bait the enemy, force your enemies to chase you and put your alliance member with the strongest march to engage them.
  • Change your hunting grounds periodically, give these players chance to grow, relocate, or you will make a lot of enemies.
  • Trust your instincts all the time, do not underestimate the opponent and never dispatch full march until you are confident you can beat them.

Best Commander for Farming Kills

Belisarius and Baibars Cavalry Commanders

Ever wonder what’s the best commanders for farming kills? You will be surprised to learn the fact that epic commanders are enough. You will need to use commanders that specializes in cavalry troops. Some players in Rise of Kingdoms recommends Archers but I would advise against this as a F2P player because they are squishy.

Basically, I am talking about using Baibars and Belisarius as your main commanders to farm KvK kills. This commander pairing is simple, yet they do insane amount of damage and move around on the map pretty quick thanks to combination of skills.

Why Belisarius as Primary Commander?

Belisarius’s third skill gives your troops 50% increased march speed for 10 seconds after leaving a fight. This is awesome for farming kills because it allows you to disengage quickly in case someone starts chasing you. A nice way to stop enemies from filling up their rage meter.

Next, his fourth skill increases the total damage of your army by 25% whenever its health is below 50%. This is a great way to boost overall damage to dish out some last resort damage and turn the battle into your favor.

Here’s our recommended talent tree build for Belisarius:

Belisarius PvP Talent Build

You also can replace him with Cao Cao as he have same mobility tree — a much superior choice. But do keep it in your mind that only primary commander’s talent build goes in effect for any march. Your secondary commander do not need to be level 60, though you will want to max out their skills.

Why Baibars as Secondary Commander?

Next, Baibars is one of the best epic commander that will fit the role as secondary commander. He does ton of damage thanks to his active skill, which hits up to 5 targets and deals 1,000 damage each. Also, he can slow down your enemies, which allows this pairing to find easy route to escape.

Let’s take a look at what Baibars has to offer:

  • Deals 1,000 damage per target up to 5 targets.
  • Reduces enemy march speed by 50% for 2 seconds.
  • Increases cavalry attack.
  • Heals part of your march and increases march speed by 50% upon leaving a fight.

Here’s our recommended talent tree build for Baibars:

Baibars PvP Talent Build

I don’t have to tell you about how awesome Baibars really is. But you get the point, he pairs well with Belisarius and Cao Cao. Now, you might be wondering why I don’t say anything about damaging-skill enhancers like Osman I.

The point is that I don’t feel pairing a cavalry commander with leadership commander will be beneficial. You usually get the most when you pair two commanders of the same type. In this case, AttilaSaladin, Takeda Shingen, Genghis Khan and Minamoto all are good alternatives

Equipment for Commanders

Another advantage that you should be using to maximize your KvK farm kills is to equip your commanders with gears. You should be doing Shadow Legion every time to farm blueprints and complete the Windswept set. It’s simple, cost-effective and easy to get +4% march speed and +2% attack.

Rise of Kingdoms Farm KvK Equipment

This is the type of equipment that you can make for your commanders as a Free-to-Play player easily.

Extra Tips to Maximize KvK Farm Kills

If you have reached to this point in our guide, we have included some of spicy and juicy tips to maximize your KvK farm kills.:

  • Search for march speed boost runes.
  • Ask for Justice Title of your Kingdom.
  • Take note of your intelligent verification as they can easily throw you off the balance.
  • When fighting opponents, be on the outlook for their farm accounts as they are easy to kill.

And that’s all Governors! I hope you found my guide on how to farm more KvK kills in Rise of Kingdoms helpful and informative. If you have any questions about how to get more kills or want to learn, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Lastly, if you want to have a smooth and optimal gaming experience. I recommend you to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC. It’s faster, smoother and gives you more flexibility to play your favorite game. You also can read my top reasons why I recommend players to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

Until then, happy ruling Governors and stay tuned for more Rise of Kingdoms news and updates at House of Kingdoms!

Best KvK Farm Killing Guide for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners
Best KvK Farm Killing Guide for Rise of Kingdoms Beginners
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