How to Create a Jumper Account & Jump to New Kingdom: Beginner’s Guide

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Welcome to our beginner’s guide on how to create a jumper account and jump to a new kingdom. So you want to learn how to do that? Perhaps you are just starting off or the last time you were in another kingdom and things didn’t go the way you wanted it to be. Whatever these reasons are, I am going to explain what the benefits of having a jumper account are and how to do that.

Basically, a jumper account requires you to max out your City Hall and all of the buildings to level 7. Then find a new kingdom that you want to jump to. If you have noticed a trend in every fresh kingdom, there are several city halls that are already level 8. They are called jumpers and this is perfectly allowed to do that since the game developers intended to have this feature included.

Best of all, when you jump to a new kingdom at level 7, you dominate other players that are just starting off. Typically, players that jump have a burning passion for power, wealth, and to write history as they deem fit in the new kingdom. That can become you as the next ruler of the kingdom. Without further ado, I am going to tell you how to create a jumper account and jump to a new kingdom the easy way.

How to Create a Jumper Account

First thing, you need to create a jumper account. This process is easy and only requires you to go to Settings –> Character Management –> Create a New Character –> Select a Kingdom.

How to Create a Jumper Account ROK
Open your character profile and select Settings.
Rise of Kingdoms Jumper Account
Navigate to Character Management and tap on it.
Create New Jumper Account ROK
Select Create a New Character.
Create New Character Rise of Kingdoms
Choose a New Kingdom that you want to create a jumper account.

This will create a new character on a new kingdom which will start at Level 1. Before you do that, I highly recommend that you learn and understand the game mechanics first.

Once you create a new jumper account on a brand new kingdom, your objective is to max out your City Hall and all of the buildings to Level 7. Make sure you collect all the rewards from caves and quests. Beginner’s Teleport is good for 10 days, so take advantage of time to upgrade and build up your forces.

Things to do while upgrading & building your jumper account:

  • Max out your City Hall and Buildings at Level 7.
  • Explore to discover tribes for rewards and accelerate your economic research.
  • Keep training your troops all the time.
  • Don’t spend speed ups, save them for future upgrades.
  • Join a top alliance to reap in bonuses and gifts from whales (until you are ready to jump, quit your alliance)
  • Collect rewards from quests, including caves.
  • Upgrade your VIP to Level 6

How to Move City Hall to a New Kingdom?

Before you can move your City Hall to a new kingdom, you need to make sure you have a Beginner’s Teleport in your items tab. If you start upgrading your City Hall to level 8, you will lose that item and you won’t be able to jump to a new kingdom for free.

Therefore, my advice for you is to max out your City Hall to level 7 and all of the buildings. If you feel comfortable enough to jump to a new kingdom after reaching your City Hall to level 7. By all means, go ahead. But for the best experience and a better chance to join one of the top alliances, use the 10 days to gain a massive head start.

In order to be eligible to jump to a new kingdom, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Not in any current alliance.
  • City Hall must be under Level 9 (Recommended Level 7 for free jump)
  • Not in any active battles
  • All Commanders are idle
  • There isn’t any reinforcements in your city.
  • No more than 2 City Halls in the targeted Kingdom.
  • Have a Beginner’s Teleport in your items tab.

To perform jump on your jumper account, you need to do this:

  1. Zoom out until you see a small globe button located at the bottom right of your screen corner.
  2. Tab on the Globe Icon to see a list of Kingdoms.
  3. Scroll down to select the newest Kingdom, or if you prefer, any kingdoms.
  4. Tap Beginner’s Teleport to perform a jump to a new Kingdom of your choice.
How to Jump to a New Kingdom
Zoom out and tap on Globe Button to open list of kingdoms.
Jump to A New Kingdom
Select any kingdom you want to jump using Beginner’s Teleport.
Beginner Teleporter Jumper Account ROK
To jump to a new kingdom, you need to have a Beginner’s Teleport.

What Are The Effects of Jumping to A New Kingdom

Of course there are some effects that you should consider when jumping to a new kingdom. While the majority of your progression will be kept like quests and caves are saved. Your map exploration will be reset and you will have to scout again to lift the fog. For more detailed information, I have included a list of effects that will happen when you jump in Rise of Kingdoms:

  • Map exploration will be reset.
  • Progression on Tribal Villages & Mysterious Caves is saved.
  • Quests is saved.
  • Event progression is saved.
  • Items is saved.
  • Commanders get carried over.

How Long Should You Wait Before Jumping?

At minimum, you only need 3 days to max out research and all of your buildings. Beginner’s Teleport has 10 days before it expires. Therefore, the closer you are to the 10th day mark, the better you will be off.

Just like with every new kingdom, top alliances usually list between 100K to 200K as a part of their requirement. It also depends on how many players jumped from their old kingdom to the new kingdom.

At first, it does sound like a crazy requirement. However, I recommend building up at least 200K power before you jump to a new kingdom. This ensures you stay out of high-tier players and gives you a competitive advantage once you jump. It also makes it easy to join the top alliances on your new server.


  • It takes up to 3 days to max out your City Hall to Level 7.
  • Up to 10 days of extra troop training.
  • Up to 10 days of extra resource gathering.
  • Up to 10 days of extra daily rewards.
  • Up to 10 days of extra action points for barbarians,
  • Take advantage of event extensions.
  • Grow in power and snowball your momentum to get in the top alliances.
  • More time to coordinate and plan jumps.


  • After everything is upgraded, it can get a bit boring in the later days.
  • The longer you stay, the more likely you are going to get attacked.
  • Some people see jumping as unethical. I don’t and it is the developer’s decision to include this mechanism in the game.

Conclusion of Best Jumper Guide for Beginners

Rise of Kingdoms Jumper Guide

In conclusion of our best jumper guide on how to jump to a new kingdom for beginners. To jump or not to jump is ultimately up to you. But if you want a head start plus a better chance at winning the game and opportunity to rule the kingdom for yourself.

Then you should take advantage of creating a jumper account and invest your time to grow it. By the time it is ready to jump to a new kingdom, you will have no issue getting into top alliances and reap in all the amazing benefits that they have to offer.

Plus, you get the rights to walk over anybody if they try to bully their way on you. Your starting power will be far stronger and unmatched compared to them. This is the perfect opportunity to gain advantage and the easiest way for free-to-play players to make gaming easier.

I hope our best jumper guide for beginners taught you how to jump to a new kingdom. Let me know if you have any questions regarding creating a jumper’s account and jumping to a new kingdom. Happy ruling, Governors!

How to Create a Jumper Account & Jump to New Kingdom: Beginner’s Guide
How to Create a Jumper Account & Jump to New Kingdom: Beginner’s Guide
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