Best Holy Knight’s Treasure Event: Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to the best Holy Knight’s Treasure event guide for beginners! Are you looking for guide how to do the Holy Knight’s event? Then look no further because we have all the basic information and tips about this event.

Holy Knight Treasure Rules

Holy Knight's Treasure Event Guide ROK

Here’s basic rules for the event:

  • Governor can pick a favorite treasure to become the core reward in the prize pool.
  • There’s a chance to find your favorite treasure whenever you open an egg.
  • After you open a specific number of eggs, you will get a special bonus reward.
  • Remember to tap the chest icon on the top left corner to claim your bonus rewards.
  • Bonus rewards are not reset daily. As long as you total eggs meet the event’s requirement, you will be able to claim all of your bonus rewards.
  • Today’s Chances reset daily at 00:00 UTC.

Holy Knight’s Treasure Probability

Here’s a probability chart on winning various items:

Chosen Treasure7.526%
15-Hour Speedup x23.225%
3-Hour Speedup x29.677%
8-Hour Research Speedup x27.526%
8-Hour Training Speedup x27.526%
8-Hour Building Speedup x27.526%
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest x25.376%
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest x25.376%
Blueprint Fragment Choice Chest x25.376%
Equipment Material Choice Chest x34.301%
Equipment Material Choice Chest x26.451%
Equipment Material Choice Chest x112.903%
Equipment Material Choice Chest x1517.204%

Holy Knight’s Treasure Extra Rewards

In addition to that, Governors will be also eligible to claim extra rewards during the Holy Knight’s Treasure event:

10 times Legendary Blueprint Fragments Choice x5
25 timesEpic Blueprint Fragments Choice x10
24-hour Speedup x1
8-hour Building Speedup x3
8-hour Training Speedup x3
8-hour Research Speedup x3
45 timesLegendary Blueprint Fragments Choice x6
70 timesEpic Equipment Materials Choice Chest x12
2,500,000 Food
2,500,000 Wood
1,875,000 Stone
1,000,000 Gold
100 timesLegendary Blueprint Fragments Choice x9

With the Legendary Blueprint Fragments Choice item, you will be able to select the following blueprint fragments:

  • “Heavy Armor of the Hellish Wasteland” Blueprint Fragment
  • “Plate of the Eternal Empire” Blueprint Fragment
  • “Dragon’s Breath Plate” Blueprint Fragment
  • “Shadow Legion’s Retribution” Blueprint Fragment

If you open treasure at least 100 times, you will get between 20 to 30 Legendary Blueprint Fragments from the bonus chests. Plus, you get rewards from the main event treasure so it is possible to get a full blueprint after 45 opens!

Conclusion of Holy Knight’s Treasure Event

Holy Knight's Treasure Event Guide Rise of Kingdoms

We hope you found our guide about the Holy Knight’s Treasure event helpful and informative. If you have anything that you think we should add to this guide, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

Additionally, if you have any questions or need help then let us know as well. We are looking forward to helping you out grow to become an awesome free-to-player in Rise of Kingdoms.

Lastly, we highly recommend you to download Rise of Kingdoms on PC or Mac. It is absolutely free to do and you get to enjoy even better gaming experience with no lag, high graphic quality, better user interface and overall easier controls. Here’s reasons why you should play Rise of Kingdoms on PC.

Happy ruling, Governors!

Best Holy Knight’s Treasure Event: Guide for Beginners
Best Holy Knight’s Treasure Event: Guide for Beginners

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  1. Thanks. Needed reminding of the cost per spin/bundle. Spins to reach the incentives and the chances at the items

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