Best Heroic Anthem Season of Conquest Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to the best Heroic Anthem Season of Conquest Guide for Beginners. Everything you want to know about the new Kingdoms vs Kingdoms (KvK) mode in Rise of Kingdoms for Heroic Anthem: Season of Conquest.

In this guide, we will explain the game rules that you need to follow in order to win Heroic Anthem season of conquest. Be sure to grab a cup of coffee and sit comfortable as we guide you through the basics for this brand new KvK mode.

Heroic Anthem Quick Summary:

  • Players must have City Hall level 25 to join the Heroic Anthem
  • Timeline: Registration: 3 days (automatically) → Matchmaking: 4 days → Preparation: 3 days
  • Pre-KvK Events: Same stages & duration.
  • 10 kingdoms joining the KvK. There is no information regarding the kingdoms of each camp.
  • You will need to clear the fog at the start, just like when we first started playing the game. The fog is individual and offers rewards.
  • Coalition = Alliance; Camp = kingdom in terms of rewards and scores.
  • 2 new buildings: Crystal mine + Crystal Research Centre. Upgrading them costs crystal.
  • It costs resources and time to produce crystals (like producing materials).
  • You can also get crystals by completing different types of quests. Doing quests costs you a lot of AP so ensure you are saving AP!
  • There is no Kingdom research. Only the new individual research available.
  • The new researches cost crystals + time. These researches offer huge buffs such as +20% damage dealt to all troops, +20 basic stats, +100% AP regeneration), etc.
  • Researching gives Season coins, which can be spent in the shop. It’s recommended to work on researches that give boosts to crystal farming. It’s the time to spend all of the speedups you have been hoarding!
  • Players can’t choose camps or kingdoms to be allied with. Alliance leaders need to create/join a coalition.
  • No coalition = no rewards from a bunch of things. All the coalitions receive rewards from some structure taken. Coalition works like a big alliance with people of all kingdoms of the same camp, anyone in the same coalition can join rallies of each other, help each other speeding up the processes, etc.
  • The bastions are fixed on the map and alliance territory needs to touch them to activate the quests and get crystals as well as level up the bastion.
  • When you get the Bastion to level 6, you can unlock the support skills.
  • These skills are correlated to 14 Epic commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. If your corresponding commander skills are not maxed yet, you will not get a lot of benefits from this.
  • The support skills can be added to the commander panel:
  • Ruins are in the middle of the camp. Same rules, open for 1h each 39h, and only one alliance can control.

How to Farm More Crystals

  • Build and upgrade your Crystal Mines
  • Doing Bastion Quests
  • Summon Kakar near your city and defeat him (similar to Lohar).

Heroic Anthem Map

Below is an infographic map of Heroic Anthem for KvK Season 6. This infographic comes with everything you need to know from the bastion locations, camp locations, important building locations so that your alliance and you can plan in ahead.

Heroic Anthem KvK Season 6 Map

Registration Rules

  1. Kingdoms can unite as one to choose their story. Once the king has been picked and registered, all governors in that kingdom will be considered registered.
  2. After the registration period, kingdoms can’t change their story. Kingdoms in the same story will be matched up accordingly to the event rules.
  3. Multiple camps will be placed in the same story and can be comprised of multiple kingdoms.
  4. Kingdoms who did not participate 3 times in a row will be registered to a random story automatically during the next registration period.

Heroic Anthem Rules

The Heroic Anthem takes you on a mysterious journey, following the footsteps of our ancestors. Great generals are stationed that share our dreams and beliefs. With their favors, we can work together to restore our glory and compose the anthem to a new era!

If you visit commanders and gain their favor, then your troops will gain additional support skills from the corresponding commanders.

Rise of Kingdoms Fog
After the season has started, the map will be covered in fog. Governors must send scouts out to explore and clear the fog to truly understand the terrain.
While clearing fog, scouts may come upon bastions. A commander and their troops are stationed at each garrison. This season, there are a total of 14 commanders waiting for governors to discover them.
Complete quests given by commanders to increase their Favor, along with crystal mine work speed. At high enough Favor levels, your troops can use one of the commander’s abilities as a support skill.
Support Skills
Each troop can use an additional two support skills, whose levels will be based on your corresponding commander. If you do not yet have that commander, you cannot use that skill.
Rise of Kingdoms Heroic Anthem

Special Content in Heroic Anthem

In the “Heroic Anthem” Story, governors will experience brand-new content such as crystal mines, upgrading the mines and protecting your resources from the attackers. Crystals is a very valuable resource and an asset to win the Heroic Anthem.

Crystal Mines
Rise of Kingdoms Crystal Mines
After the season has begun, governors can build a new structure in their cities: crystal mines.
Working the Mines
Working the Mines Rise of Kingdoms
You can ‘Work’ in the crystal mines to get crystals. Working the mines costs food, wood, stone, and gold.
Rise of Kingdoms Upgrade
Upgrading the crystal mine will increase the maximum amount of work which can be ordered. At the same time, completing quests given by commanders will increase the work speed.
Rise of Kingdoms Crystals
The crystals which can be mined here are a precious resource. Governors can use them to open up a whole new frontier of research.
Resource Protection
Rise of Kingdoms Resources Protection
During the season, crystals cannot be plundered by attackers or sent as aid.
Rise of Kingdoms Reset
Crystals will be removed once the season is over. Crystal mines, the crystal research center, and any the effects of any research completed therein will be reset and removed.
Rise of Kingdoms Heroic Anthem KvK

Coalition System

During the “Heroic Anthem” Story, governors will rally their strength and do battle together.

Join Coalition
Join Coalitation Rise of Kingdoms
Governors can join a coalition along with their alliance (coalitions are created by alliance leaders). Alliances must be of the same camp to join the same coalition.
Coalition Features
Rise of Kingdoms Coalition Features
Governors in the same coalition can join each others’ rallies and garrisons, reinforce and repair each others buildings, grant alliance help, etc.
Rise of Kingdoms Teleport
After the KvK “Past Glory” event is over, coalition members can teleport to any member alliance’s territory.
Reward Sharing
Rise of Kingdoms Rewards Sharing
All coalition members will receive first occupation rewards for holy sites and passes.
Rise of Kingdoms Boost
All coalition members will receive boost effects from holy sites and passes, and passes will be open to all member alliances.
Building Occupation
Rise of Kingdoms Building Occupations
All coalition members will share the occupation bonuses from altars of darkness and ancient ruins.

After Heroic Anthem Season of Conquest ends, all coalitions will automatically disband. Be ready to say your goodbyes and prepare for a reunion in the future!

After the season ends, coalitions will automatically disband. Say your goodbyes, and prepare for a reunion in the future!

Rise of Kingdoms Heroic Anthem Season of Conquest

Rewards System

During the Heroic Anthem Season of Conquest story, all governors can exchange season coins and conquest coins for a wide variety of prizes such as legendary commander sculptures and star sculptures that you can use to power level your commanders. Be sure to stack them up so that you can buy plenty of them!

Season Coins
Season Coins Rise of Kingdoms
Complete research projects in the crystal research center to earn season coins.
Conquest Coins
Conquest Coins Rise of Kingdoms
Complete enough Crusader Achievements to earn conquest coins.
Saved Coins
Saved Coins Rise of Kingdoms
Unused season coins and conquest coins will automatically be saved for next season.
Rise of Kingdoms Elemental Camps

Camp System

During the Heroic Anthem Season of Conquest story, all governors and kingdoms will be grouped into different camps. Each camp will contain at least one kingdom. To ensure balanced camps, the power of all kingdoms in each camp will be calculated by the game system to arrange fair matchmaking.

Fire Camp
Rise of Kingdoms Fire Camp
Warriors, honoring their ancestors’ covenant, answer the king’s call. Gathering at the flame altar, they swear allegiance to the ancestors and the flame. They shall be a raging, inextinguishable fire.
Earth Camp
Rise of Kingdoms Earth Camp
Pious warriors rallied to their kings at the earth altar, kissing the sacred land in an oath to restore their ancestors’ honor. Their knowledge of the land allows them to march effortlessly.
Wind Camp
Rise of Kingdoms Wind Camp
Kings lead their warriors toward the sanctum in the eye of the storm. Only those who pass the trials of the winds are worthy allies. For those that do, the blessings of the wind are well worth it.
Water Camp
Rise of Kingdoms Water Camp
On the orders of their kings, the warriors gathered at the surge altar. Dreaming of huge waves each night, they are as relentless and unending as the sea itself.

Heroic Anthem Shop

Here’s first look at the rewards that Heroic Anthem shop has to offer. Using both season coins and conquest coins, you can purchase legendary blueprints, commander sculptures, star sculptures, and even legendary city skin. This has to be one of the most powerful shop containing legendary items that is otherwise difficult to obtain. Be sure you rack up coins so that you can use them to build legendary sets for your commanders.

Rise of Kingdoms Heroic Anthem Shop
Rise of Kingdoms Heroic Anthem Shop 3
Rise of Kingdoms Heroic Anthem Shop 5
Rise of Kingdoms Heroic Anthem Shop 2
Rise of Kingdoms Heroic Anthem Shop 4

What do you think of this brand new Rise of Kingdoms KvK update? Let us know in the comment section below and share your thought with us!

Best Heroic Anthem Season of Conquest Guide for Beginners
Best Heroic Anthem Season of Conquest Guide for Beginners
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