Best Guardians Farming Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to the best Guardians farming guide for beginners. If you are wondering what’s the fastest way to level up your commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. You can get started by farming Guardians, which can be found guarding high-valued structures all over the kingdom map.

Guardians are a whole different type that are in charge of guarding holy places on the map. They provide a large amount of experience and amazing rewards such as runes, blueprints and resources depending on rarity and difficulty when killing them.

Unlike barbarians that guards the barbarian camps, Guardians only appear twice a day at these hours: 00.08:00:15 UTC and 12.08:12.15 UTC. Therefore, it’s recommended you plan in advance to take advantage of their awesome experience and rewards.

Guardian Tiers

In normal kingdom, there are four tiers. The name of guardians are reference to the location where we can find them on the map.

Sanctum Guardian


Sanctum guardian is an entry-level NPC that guards holy places. They usually are found in Zone 1 regions and grants 2,500 experience upon killing. They also have a chance to drop white runes and Helm of the Phoenix bluepirnt.

Altar Guardian

Altar Guardian Rise of Kingdoms

This is a common-level guardian that guards Altar structures. They are usually found in Zone 1 regions close to the Zone 2 passes. Upon killing Altar Guardian, they give you 4,000 experience, white rune, green rune and Helm of the Phoenix blueprint.

Shrine Guardian

Shrine Guardian Rise of Kingdoms

Shrine Guardian is a rare-level monster that guard shrines found in Zone 2 regions. Killing them will give you 7,000 experience, blue rune, purple rune and Helm of the Phoenix blueprint.

Temple Guardian

Lost Temple Guardian Rise of Kingdoms

Temple Guardian is the final and strongest NPC that guards the Lost Temple in the very center of Kingdom map, which ultimately leads to the Lost Kingdom event. Upon killing them, they give your commanders 10,000 experience, purple rune, orange rune and Sacred Grips blueprint.

Normal Kingdom Guardian XP / Drop Chart

WhiteSanctum Guardian2500White Rune, “Helm of the Phoenix” Blueprint
GreenAltar Guardian4000White Rune, Green Rune, “Helm of the Phoenix” Blueprint
BlueShrine Guardian7000Blue Rune, Purple Rune, “Helm of the Phoenix” Blueprint
PurpleTemple Guardian10000Purple Rune, Orange Rune, “Sacred Grips” Blueprint

Lost Kingdom Guardian XP / Drop Chart

WhiteCamp Sentinel12000Purple Rune, Orange Rune
BlueFortress Sentinel14000Purple Rune, Orange Rune
GreenHieron Guardian15000Purple Rune, Orange Rune
PurpleCircle Warden18000Purple Rune, Orange Rune
OrangeZiggurat Guardian20000Orange Rune

Conclusion of Best Guardian Farming Guide

Best Guardian Farming Guide for Beginners Rise of Kingdoms

Did you find this guide about farming guardians informative and helpful? If you have any questions or think of suggestions that we should add to this guide, let us know in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

If you play Rise of Kingdoms on phone or tablet, we recommend download Rise of Kingdoms on PC. It is absolutely free to do. Plus it runs a lot smoother, faster and better on computer with high graphics quality as well as better gameplay controls — especially when it comes to massive wars. If you linked your Rise of Kingdoms account, you can continue your game progress on computer and from phone anywhere you go.

Again, we hope our Guardian farming guide helps you out. Let us know your thoughts. Happy ruling, Governors!

Best Guardians Farming Guide for Beginners
Best Guardians Farming Guide for Beginners

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