Best Golden Kingdom Tips: Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to our ultimate Golden Kingdom guide for Rise of Kingdoms beginners. If you are looking for a F2P guide on how to do the Golden Kingdom event. Then look no further because this is the right guide for you. Here’s an overview of the Golden Kingdom event and how to do it:

The Golden Kingdom Summary:

  • Players will be put in a chessboard-type map that’s covered by fog.
  • Players will have to defeat the Guardians on each floor.
  • There’s 20 floors in total and you get the event rewards for each 4 floors.
  • Relics can be use once to buff your team or to cast a debuff on the enemies.
  • Open the chests on the map to get Karaku Gold, which can be used to spend on Relics from the secret shop on floor 4 / 8 / 12 and 16.
  • Blessings are permanent buffs to your entire armies during the Golden Kingdom event.
  • For each win, you can choose 1 out 3 Blessings shown on the game screen.
  • Both Relics and Blessings reset when you restart the Golden Kingdom event.
  • Players can view list of acuired Relics / Blessings from the item bag menu.
  • Players can receive up to 5 days of speedups in total.
Rise of Kingdoms Golden Kingdom Event

Best Golden Kingdom Tips for Beginners

Here’s list of best tips for beginners who wants to beat the Golden Kingdom event on their first attempt.

  1. Keep opening all the paths you can without fighting the Guardian, which will increase your chances of earning benefits, unless there’s an arrow tower on one of the floors.
  2. Once you defeat the boss on a particular floor and have no more paths to clear with guardians remaining, go to the next floor and find healing hut to heal your armies. Alternatively, you can search for a recruitment hut to recruit a pair to keep on fighting.
  3. Number of troops healed from the cabin is half of what you started on the march. If your troops is below 50%, use the cabin. Otherwise, do all the fights then heal your army.
  4. Try not to use any of relics until you reach Floor 4. Do not buy anything on Floor 4 either. Save your coins when you reach higher floor level as they contain useful items.
  5.  On some floors, you will get additional troops as reinforcements. The abilities of these commanders will be the same as the commanders that you use in the game. Therefore, pick the commanders that you upgraded and not the ones that’s poorly invested.
  6. Be strategic. Pick the blessings applicable for majority of your armies. A blessing that reduces the enemy’s rear marching speed by 50% is incredible useful as it avoids the frontline and attacks the backline.
  7. If you think you can’t beat the boss, then use one of these relics that deals direct damage. Alternatively, you can use it to weaken the boss until he is easy enough to be slain.
  8. When you are healing your troops, pick the one that deals high damage since they are vulnerable. Unless you have tank commanders that are wounded but resist incoming attacks.
  9. The wheel is pure luck. You can be lucky enough to get good benefits to help you win the Golden Kingdom Event.
  10. Make sure to line up your troops to counter enemies based on Cavalry > Archers > Infantry > Cavalry.
  11. Destroy the Arrow Towers first regardless of level.
  12. You can carry up to 9 relics at once. Make sure you have empty slot before you reach Floor 8 / 12 and 16.
  13. Only use direct damage against bosses and arrow towers.
  14. Siege relics is great for clearing off the Arrow Towers without sending in your armies.
  15. Armor Relics is great for reducing damage taken from a Guardian of your choice up to 80%.
  16. Altar Relics is great for resurrecting one of your fallen army.
  17. Forced Movement Relics is great for chaining the enemy troops and unlocking nearby spaces.
  18. Try to use all relics you get for free on each floor.

Remember, the Golden Kingdom event requires a great deal of patience as you will face Guardians and Bosses. Therefore, you need to be strategic when it comes to picking your best commanders regardless of technology level and skills development.

You will want to have tank commanders, mainly infantry to serve in the first line while your second line will consist of best damage dealers that does massive damage. This ensures you do a lot of damage while minimizing your causalities.

The Golden Kingdom Event Rules

Below is a list of Golden Kingdom event rules that you need to be aware:

  • Requirements: Governors with a City Hall Level 17 or higher can join.
  • Event Description: Clear a path through the fog and reveals random events as you venture forward. Each time you defeat the floor’s Guardian Chief, a portal opens up to the next floor and every 4th floor will reward you 1 Golden Chest.
  • Event Difficulty: Strength of the enemy troops during the Golden Kingdom event will scale your power to ensure it’s challenging.
  • Troops Setup: You will select your own troops and commanders in the battle. Up to 5 armies can be dispatched at a time. Once they are dispatched, you can’t change their equipment, troops, and talent trees unless you restart the event.
  • Troop Strength: At the end of each battle, any surviving troops at both side will remain. Battle results will not have any impact on the Governor’s power outside of the event
  • Boosts: All buffs from equipment, individual technologies, commander talents, VIP buffs,  civilization bonuses, city buildings and special city themes will take effect in the”Golden Kingdom” event.

Map Structures

Reinforcement Camp Abandoned troops still reside in the Golden Kingdom’ s military camps, ready and waiting for action. Governors can recruit 1 troop here to help fight.
Healer’s Hut The Golden Kingdom’s Healer’s Huts are home to mystic shamans with great healing powers. Here, Governors can heal a portion of their troop strength.
Altar of Karuak An altar not unlike those found in the Lost Kingdom. According to the Golden Kingdom’ s histories, the legendary commander depicted is Kau Karuak, the first person to discover and conquer the Lost Kingdom. In the many centuries since he brought its numerous treasures back to the Golden Kingdom, his name has become a synonym for “strongest”. Here, his altar stands as a symbol of new life, and can be used to revive a fallen troop.
Disk of Density The positions of the flashing lights in the sky change from day to day, but the High Priests have tracked their movements, learning much about the patterns of the cosmos. The Golden Kingdom used these findings to create the Disk of Destiny, recording the passage of time. It is said touching it brings good luck.
Arrow Tower A Golden Kingdom arrow tower, exquisite in design and powerful in function. Occupied by invaders, it poses a great threat to any passers by. Each time you clear fog, it will deal damage to each of your troops. After clearing the fog from any tile adjacent to the Arrow Tower, you can tap to destroy it.
Mystic Portal Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Go this network of caves, which serves to bot an important role in defense. Filled now w Guardians, the only way forward is to fight
Iden Kingdom’ s varied terrain is h connect its many cities and plays ith greedy invaders and their your way to the Guardian Chief, defeat him, and unlock a portal to the deeper floors of the Golden Kingdom.
Secret Market The Secret Market of the Golden Kingdom may appear to be an ordinary array of tents, but many mysterious and powerful Relics can be purchased there. The Secret Market can be found on floors 4,8,12, and 16, where you can buy Relics with Karaku Gold. Note: Relics only work within the “Golden Kingdom”
Sunset Creepers Dangerous vines covered in sharp thorns which can deliver incredibly potent poison. They call them Sunset Creepers because brushing against one means the sunset of your life. Sunset Creepers will prevent Governors from clearing nearby fog. There’ s no fighting this plant; you’ d be well-advise to simply move past it.

Best Commanders for Golden Kingdom Event

As I previously mentioned, you do need to have at least two tank commanders. This is mainly because as you progress in late game, the guardians will start to hit very hard. Your DPS and Support commanders will not survive these heavy blows in late game. So, I recommend to start the Golden Kingdom event with one of these tank commanders:

  • RichardGood tank due to his self-healing ability.
  • AlexanderGreat tank thanks to his high damage and shield ability.
  • CaesarGreat tank due to flexibility and will do just fine with 5/5/1/1 option.
  • Sun TzuA popular epic commander that’s incredible tanky and does insane amount of damage.
  • Joan of ArcSolid commander thanks to her massive buffs. She will make sure it’s worth your time.
  • AethelflaedA must-have commander due to powerful AoE splash damage and powerful debuffs.

You do not have to max out all of your commanders. I know it can be quite hard to form a good commander team without knowing which one is actually good for Golden Kingdom event. Now that you have the chance to find out which commanders to use, I recommend check out our Rise of Kingdoms commander tier list to get an in-depth understanding of each commander strengths and weaknesses.

Relics and Blessing

In the next part of our in-depth Golden Kingdom guide for Rise of Kingdoms beginners. I am going to talk about Relics and Blessing and how to use them to your advantage during the event.

Rise of Kingdoms Relics and Blessings


Relics are items that can be used one. After you use them, they go poof — bye-bye. Relics can be found on the ground on any floor and can be purchased in the shop with Karaku Gold on Floor 4 / 8 / 12 and 16.

The first few floors on the low level are pretty easy so there’s no point to spend your gold on the relics or to use them. Save them for hard bosses. You can hold up to 9 relics at a time. If your bag is full, don’t worry because you will be able to use one of your relics and pick up the new one.

Save Siege Relic for last bosses since they do stack. You want to be able to kill them quickly.


Blessings are permanent buffs that will strengthen your armies throughout the Golden Kingdom event. After you complete or lose the event, your blessings will expire. If you happen to have bad luck with the Golden Kingdom event, restart until you have good luck.

You get a random blessing for each enemy that you defeat or find it on the map. Also, you will get it after finishing each floor which gives you the option to choose which blessing you want to keep.

How you will pick the blessings will depend on your commanders and how you plan to use them.


Best Golden Kingdom Event ROK Guide

That’s all folks! I hope you found our best Golden Kingdom event guide for beginners helpful and informative. If you have any additional questions about the Golden Kingdom event, feel free to ask us in the comment section below!

For starters, you can check out our guides to help you create winning formation to beat the Golden Kingdom event:

Stay tuned for more guides and tips at House of Kingdoms!

Best Golden Kingdom Tips: Guide for Beginners
Best Golden Kingdom Tips: Guide for Beginners
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