Best Crystal Farming in Season of Conquest: Guide for Beginners

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Do you want to know what is the best way to farm crystals in Season of Conquest event? Look no further because we have assembled the best crystal farming guide for all governors who partakes in the Heroic Anthem: Season of Conquest.

In this guide, we are going to teach you the best tips and tricks to make the most out of this brand new resource type.

What are Crystals?

Only available in the KVK: Season of Conquest. This is a new type of resource that can be found in your Inventory Resources tab.

Once you enter the KVK map, you will be able to build two new buildings: Crystal Mine and Crystal Research Center.

This place an importance on gathering crystals to help develop powerful technologies to advance your individual power and alliance power. The technologies found in the Crystal Research Center requires only crystals.

Rise of Kingdoms Crystal MineCrystal MineThis building is used to exploit crystals as the farm or mine in our city works. The higher the level of this building, the greater the production of crystals!It is important to develop this mine if we want to obtain more crystals much faster.
Rise of Kingdoms Crystal Research CenterCrystal Research CenterCrystal Research Center is the building in charge of providing us with the necessary technologies during the “Season of Conquest”. The technology system works similarly to the Academy (but is only available during the KVK).

It has some certain levels of development, requires time and crystals. Each one of these technologies will give “Season Coins” that are used to obtain various rewards from the “Season of Conquest” store.

How to Get Crystals in Season of Conquest

Apart from farming crystals via Crystal Mine, there are several ways to get crystals to a great length. Below we will explain how to get crystals:

  • Eve of the Crusade
  • Exploration
  • Bastions
  • Alliance Territory
  • Forts and Barbarians
  • Kahar the Hidden
  • Bundles

Eve of the Crusade

One of the easiest way to farm crystals quickly is to do it during the Eve of the Crusade event. This event happens before entering Season of Conquest map. Players can secure at least one place in the top 1,000 to get some crystals that will have a big boost in the beginning of the KvK event.

 Rank CrystalsGems Sculptures
1 1,200,0004,000 60
2 1,000,000 3,000 40
3 750,000 2,000 30
4-10 500,000 1,000 15
11-20 400,000 500 10
21-50 250,000 300 5
51-100 150,000 100 3
101-300 30,000 2
301-1000 10,000 1


Another way to get crystals is through exploration. It is done the same way you would dispatch scouts to explore the map and obtain rewards. The cave chests have three type of rarities: Low, Medium, and High.

All three types have a chance to give crystals along with various items depending on rarity. Furthermore, the villages have a small chance to give you some crystals. So make sure to explore them!

Rise of Kingdoms Crystals Exploration


You also can take advantage of the Bastions, which is structures of commanders that appear during the Season of Conquest event. This is another great way to take advantage to increase your crystals pool.

Whenever your alliance or coalition links the territory with these Bastions, they will grant a series of missions that offer rewards of Crystals and Favors. Each time Bastion levels up through favor, your crystal mine work speed goes up which is a win-win situation.

Rise of Kingdoms Crystals Bastion
Crystal Mine Work Speed
 FavorEpic CommanderLegendary Commander
Level 1+0%+0%
Level 2+1.5 %+2%
Level 3+3 %+ 4%
Level 4+4.5 %+ 6%
Level 5+ 6 %+ 8%
Level 6+7.5 %+10%
Level 7+9 %+ 12%
Level 8+10.5 %+14%
Level 9+ 12 %+16%
Level 10+ 15 %+20%

If the coalition manages to capture all 14 Bastions, 7 Legendary and 7 Epic, they will have the potential to increase the Crystal Mine work speed by an impressive 245%. This is a major stat advantage for any coalition that are successful in capturing all the Bastions.

Alliance Territory

During the KvK event, the alliances will have the opportunity to construct an Alliance Crystal Field. This powerful resource spot will provide the alliance members with all the resources they need to build flags and fortresses for the alliance.

The Alliance Crystal Field produce a decent amount of crystals that can be claimed by the alliance members. Be sure to take advantage of this to increase the crystal flow.

Alliance Crystal Mine Farming

Forts and Barbarians

If you love to play an offensive style such as the Vikings civilization and want to pair up with excellent barbarian commanders to level up. Destroying the barbarian camps and chain-farming barbarians can give you crystals along with normal rewards!

41-43 400
44-46 450
47-49 500
50-52 550
53-55 600
Barbarians Forts

Kahar the Hidden

Governors also can get crystals by defeating Kahar the Hidden. This barbarian commander can be summoned via Kahar's Bone Whistle Kahar’s Bone Whistle.

Upon defeating Kahar the Hidden, you will get awesome rewards as well as a number of crystals. The amount of crystals dropped by Kahar can be increased through technology advancement via Crystal Research Center.

Kahar the Hidden Crystals


And lastly, you can get crystals by purchasing bundles through the Supply Depot. We strongly recommend everyone to purchase Premium Season Crystal Supply which gives you +50% crystal mine work speed.

Additionally, you log in everyday to claim 60,000 crystals for a total 3,000,000 crystals.

Each time you level up Crystal Mine and Crystal Research Center, the bundles will appear at certain levels for one hour. These bundles are completely optional if you rather not to spend any money. Then by all the means, let them go. But they are pretty helpful for researching expensive crystal technologies.

Rise of Kingdoms Crystals Bundle

Easy Tips to Farm Crystals Fast

Here’s quick and easy tips to farm crystals fast for free-to-play players:

  • Improve Crystal Mine as fast as you can to maximum level. This will allow you to generate more crystals in less time.
  • Always spend your Action Points on farming barbarians and forts.
  • Take advantage of the Bastions. They give you crystals that can be increased through technologies and improving them is important to accelerating your Crystal Mine.
  • Do Kahar the Hidden whenever you don’t have crystals. Before you do, make sure to improve technologies to increase the amount of crystals to maximize your advantage.

Conclusion of Crystal Farming in Season of Conquest

Rise of Kingdoms Best Crystal Farming Season of Conquest Guide

It is essential that you, as the Governor in Rise of Kingdoms, start farming crystals early in the event. Delaying it for too long will make the whole crystal farming difficult and complicated if you don’t utilize an effective development strategy in terms of researching technologies.

You must balance the crystal flow and farming crystals to take advantage of Crystal Research Center. Growing your amount of crystals little by little each day to net a bigger overall gain for your city.

We hope you found our in-depth crystal farming guide for Season of Conquest helpful and informative. If you have any questions about how to farm crystals, let us know in the comment section below and we will be happy to help you out! Happy ruling, Governors!

Best Crystal Farming in Season of Conquest: Guide for Beginners
Best Crystal Farming in Season of Conquest: Guide for Beginners

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