Best Commander Skill Lock and Reset Guide for Beginners

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Welcome to the best commander skill lock and reset guide for beginners. If you are wondering how to take advantage of the new commander skill lock and reset. Then look no further because you have come to the right place.

Rise of Kingdoms 1.0.45 Update introduces Commander Skill Lock and Reset function as a way for the Governors to arrange commander skills in order. This new feature in this particular is extremely useful and helpful for those players who wants to be able to maximize their commanders’ skills early in the game.

Therefore, if you are wondering how the whole commander skill lock and reset works, we will teach you how to do that in this quick and simple guide!

How Commander Skill Lock works for Upgrading?

Before the new Commander Skill lock was introduced to the game, whenever you upgrade a skill that is unlocked, they will be leveled up randomly. First skill is unlocked at 1 star ⭐, second skill is unlocked at 2 stars ⭐, third skill is unlocked at 3 stars ⭐ and so on.

As more and more governors are spending time on developing their commandersstar level, it has become quite common to wait on upgrading a commander’s star level until their primary skill is max out.

Therefore, the new commander skill upgrade system is out and upgrading your commander’s skills have gotten even more easier than ever before!

All governors will be able to select which skills they want their commanders to upgrade every time they level up. However, they can’t skip early skills.

Rise of Kingdoms Commander Skill Lock and Reset

For instance, if you want to upgrade the first skill, which tends to be an important skill (unless you are leveling up gathering commanders). All you need to do is drag the bar to 1.

You also can set the bar to two to allow the first two skills to be upgraded as shown in the screenshot above. All of the commander sculptures will be used to randomly upgrade the first or second skills.

Rise of Kingdoms Skill Reset Scroll

However, you can’t choose to upgrade second, third or fourth skill if the first skill has not been maxed out. This is to help the governors feel like it is not a mistake to star upgrade a commander too early.

As a part of the recent ROK 1.0.45 update, all the governors will get three skill reset for free via the mailbox. The skill reset item allows you to maintain your commander’s current star level. But all of the skills will be reset to level one so that you can select which available skill to upgrade first.

Conclusion of Commander Skill Lock and Reset

Best Commander Skill Lock and Reset Guide for Beginners Rise of Kingdoms

These three skill reset items are more than enough for the Rise of Kingdoms governors to rese their legendary commanders or any mistake you made. In addition to that, there will be plenty of interesting events in the future that will offer the Skill Reset scroll.

You will not have to worry about not having enough of it to optimize your commanders. Let us know if you found our commander skill lock and reset guide informative and helpful. If you see something that we should add in this guide, let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

Happy ruling Governors!

Best Commander Skill Lock and Reset Guide for Beginners
Best Commander Skill Lock and Reset Guide for Beginners
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