Best Attacking Cities and Flags Rise of Kingdoms Guide

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Welcome to our guide on how to attack cities and flags effectively in Rise of Kingdoms. Being able to attack cities, flags and even alliance fortresses is one of the biggest game aspect in Rise of Kingdoms. When you launch an attack against cities, flags and alliance fortresses, you lose some of your troops and some will go to the hospital.

In fact, there’s plenty commanders who excels at attacking cities, flags and alliance fortresses. This can be done by rallying your army along with friendly alliance members or to do it all by yourself. Though, if you attack by yourself, you will risk losing out a lot of troops.

Training and replacing the troops you lost ins hard in Rise of Kingdoms. So make sure you avoid losing out a lot of troops, especially if you are new to the game because you definitely will need troops for killing barbarians and to gather resources on the map.

How to Attack Cities in Rise of Kingdoms

There’s two ways to attack cities. First, it can be down with swarming of solo armies on your own. Alternatively, you can launch a rallying army where your alliance members will join you to the battle. Though with a rallying army, you need to use the right troops and commanders to maximize damage done.

Attacking cities is risky and if that turns out to be a fluke, you can lose a lot of troops. Before you attack an city, you must perform some intelligence gathering. To do this you need to scout the enemy city and know the following key points to ensure victory is yours:

  • See what commanders they are using to defend their city.
  • How much troops they have garrisoned.
  • How much resources do they have stockpiled.

Then you can use these following information to decide if it is worth attacking the city.

There are some items that can be used to prevent scouts from gathering intelligence as well as decoying the amount of troops that they have.

All players can pick their own garrison commanders to defend their city. If they pick bad commanders to defend their city, then you will have a better chance at defeating them.

After you check type of commanders that they use and how much troops they have. You need to consider the level of watchtower and wall. If they have high wall and watchtower, it will be even more challenging to destroy the city.

When you successfully defeat a player’s city, they will start burning. During that phase, the player’s city wall and watchtower durability will rapidly decrease. Upon reaching 0%, the player’s city will be randomly teleport.

Here’s some general rules when it comes to attacking cities solo and attacking cities with a rally:

Attacking Cities Solo

In general, you will want to avoid doing this as much as you can. Almost all players will not benefit from attacking cities solo. Regardless of how strong your troops are, if your target have the same power or is stronger than your troops then you will get your troops destroyed in a short amount of time.

How to Attack Cities Rise of Kingdoms

As I mentioned previously, retraining your troops to replace the ones that was killed on the battlefield is time-consuming and painful. So you definitely will want to minimize the amount of times that you need to attack cities solo.

Only attack solo if you find good cities with ton, ton, and ton of resources. Jackpot cities are up for grab and you will want to loot all of their resources.

Attacking Cities with a Rally

This is the only method of attacking cities that we highly recommend. A rallying army can destroy any cities quickly with ease. But do not start a rally if you don’t have a rally commander. Instead, ask a stronger player in your alliance to launch a rallying army.

Rally Army Rise of Kingdoms

If you happen to have a maxed out castle and technology, you can easily assemble a rally army up to 2,500,000 troops. Compare that size to your solo troops, a big rally will deal a lot of damage in short time.

The best troops for attacking cities are siege units as they will demolish watchtower and wall with ease. You do not want to use your archers, cavalry and infantry troops against cities as they will die pretty quickly.

How to Attack Flags in Rise of Kingdoms

Flags are just like cities, except they are used to help alliances expand and stake their claims on the map to gain control of resource points and holy sites. Some flags will not have any defending commanders and some will have depending on the circumstance of the battle in your kingdom.

How to Attack Flags Rise of Kingdoms

Alliance leader and Rank 4 officers with titles can change the defending commanders for each flags. If the flags or alliance fortresses starts to burn, they can be extinguished with alliance coins or gems. Though do keep it in your mind that flags and forts will stop burning after a while, so make sure to attack it once again.

Compared to flags, the alliance fortresses have more durability and is harder to destroy. The only difference between alliance flags and fortresses is that all of your troops will die when attacking fortresses. If you attack flags, a small portion of your troops will die.

As a general rule of thumb, do not attack flags or alliance fortresses all by yourself if they are stacked with enemy troops. This is a very good way to lose your troops pretty fast. Bonus tip, if you see garrisoned commanders that have AOE skills like Yi Seong-Gye and Sun Tzu, avoid them as they are capable of killing multiple armies easily.

Best Attacking Cities & Flags Guide: Conclusion

Best Attacking Cities and Flags ROK Guide

If you are not sure which commanders to use for defending your cities or to attack cities, flags and fortresses. I recommend you to check out our best commander tier list to learn more about each commanders.

I hope you find our guide on how to attack cities and flags helpful and informative. If you have any questions about this guide, please feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

Lastly, did you know you can play Rise of Kingdoms on PC and Mac for free? Here’s guide how to set it up on your PC or Mac. It’s a big improvement over playing the game on your smartphone and tablet. Plus, it makes it easy to manage multiple farming accounts to grow your empire quickly.

Stay tuned for more updates and Rise of Kingdoms news! Happy ruling Governor!

Best Attacking Cities and Flags Rise of Kingdoms Guide
Best Attacking Cities and Flags Rise of Kingdoms Guide
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